Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving-Part 2

This is a continuation of my Thirty Days of Thanksgiving post.
These are in random order as well as the first part

Day 15-Heat and a/c
Something we take for granted and complain about the bill but lots of people aren't as fortunate to have power, much less heat and a/c to stay comfortable.

Day 16-Food
Other than the obvious, I also enjoy it :) (and so does M)

Day 17
Thankful for our home. If we hadn't moved here, we wouldn't have Madison, Wilma, Toby or Sierra. Our house is big enough for our family and we've made good friends and feel safe here.

Day 18
Thankful that Micki has been alive for 10 years today! I got her when she was 9 months and she's been through more than a dog should. She's been there through my happy and sad times and I can't imagine her not being around. Happy Birthday Micki!!

 Day 19
Thankful for our other 4 crazy animals, Wilma, Toby, Sierra and Cameron. Given the chance Toby would eat Madison but he is Micki's best friend and I'm so glad they loved each other from the second they saw each other. He's so loving and sweet, except to Madison :) . Sierra runs when M gets within 10 feet but she is Cameron's girlfriend. Wilma and Cameron have also been through a lot more than any animal should, right along with Micki. Madison still loves all of these animals regardless and laughs at them constantly!

Day 20
 Thankful my Dad isn't in pain on his 62nd birthday today. Also that we had a relationship for a few years after not speaking for 10 years. His death last year was the hardest thing I've ever went through. 

Day 21
 Thankful for medicine, Allergy eye drops, a Pedi that worked us in and an understanding photographer who rescheduled our pictures for the second time :/ Hopefully Madison feels better very soon! 

Day 22
 Thankful I stood in line over an hour to get most of Madison's Christmas! I saved as much as I spent so it was well worth it! It also gave me a chance to talk to my BFF on the phone for a bit while standing in line
Day 23
 Thankful for a best friend like no other. We've been best friends for years and every year it seems like we get closer and closer. She's trusted me with her son if anything ever happened. We don't see each other or talk often enough but when we do, we talk until Amanda's phone gives her the "battery too hot" warning. Ha! I know more about her than I probably should and no conversation is complete with a "tmi" or "What did Dr Google say?" Involved. I wouldn't know what to do without her!
Day 24 
 Thankful we found a cabin to go to the mountains. Thankful we are able to go.

Day 25
 thankful that M loves music as much as I do! 

Day 26
 Thankful for gorgeous mountains and that we live close enough to go see them

 Day 27
My phone and the internet

Day 28
 Thankful the cashier gave me a $4 off coupon today. I needed it :/ 

Day 29
 Thankful for Mommy time which means I can finally get decorated!

Day 30
Thankful for good smelling stuff

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