Friday, September 26, 2014

Madison's 3rd Birthday Party

We had Madison's party at Gymboree Play and Music. She had the best time! We loved watching her have so much fun!


Giving Riley a taste of cupcake

Getting tired...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy 8 months, Riley! (10 days late)

In her 7th month, she..

-started sitting up very well on her own
-is scooting on her tummy
-started saying 'mamamama' and 'baabaabaabaa'

-stayed in the nursery at church for the first time this month and did very well.

-6-9 and 9 month clothes
-size 3 diapers and 4 at night
-naps every 1.5-2 hours for 1 hour
-bedtime at 7pm and up 1-2 times(usually 4am and 6am) before I wake her at 8am.
-eats every 2-3 hours except at night.
-working on her pincher grasp/picking up small items, feeding herself small items like Puffs or Cheerios, clapping, waving 'bye bye', crawling, saying 'dada' and 'sissy'

Testing out sissy's toy.
With her great grandmother, Gimmie

At Madison's birthday party

The night of Madison's party. Out like a light!
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Riley is really the sweetest, happiest baby there can be. She constantly smiles and laughs. She is very easy going and only cries or whines if she's hungry or tired. She will sit and play for a while on her own. She loves Madison so much and is constantly watching her, laughing at her or looking for her if she can't see her. The best thing is seeing Riley lean forward in her car seat to see Madison in the car. It's so funny! We are so blessed to be her parents. We love her so much!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Madison! (11 days late)

This year has flown by. She has learned so much and is doing things well beyond her age. She is hilarious and sweet and loving and she absolutely adores her sister. She is a little mama to everyone, including Riley. She constantly teaches Riley things. She has a memory like you wouldn't believe. It's incredible the things she remembers. She loves pretend play and will sit and play Barbies or dolls for a while. She talks to them like she's their mom. It's really sweet. I constantly get stopped by strangers telling me how pretty and smart she is. How well she talks and how great of a sister she is. She is a very happy girl! We are so blessed to be her parents. She's everything we prayed for all those years ago..

-potty trained at 2 years 2 months. Regressed a bit when Riley was born but hasn't had an accident in 6 months probably.
-knows all basic colors including peach, silver and gold.
-knows all shapes including pentagon and hexagon
-counts to 15 and recognizes numbers 1-10
-says alphabet and recognizes most uppercase and some lowercase letters.
-Writes capital A, draws triangles and circles.
-loves preschool.
-loves singing and dancing and learning.
-likes Minnie Mouse, Curious George, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake and Daniel Tiger.
-loves blueberries, grapes, oranges and peaches
-loves sweets more than anything
-favorite toys are her 'people'(those plastic figurines of cartoon characters or animals), Barbie, stickers, play doh, books
-just found out she is not a fan of the beach(and we are completely fine with that!)

Some pictures from her 2nd year

the fair

Her baptism October 27, 2013

 Halloween 2013

Tree trip 2013

February 2014

January 2014

April 2014

January 2014

First Day of Pre-School
August 2014

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It's a lot of videos but most are less than 1 minute long.
Taking Barney on a ride
2 years-September 2013

Saying ABCs
2 years-September 2013

Playing guitar
2 years 1 month- October 2013

Singing "Jesus Loves Me"
2 years 1 month- October 2013

Riding the train
2 years 1 month- October 2013

Running around
2 years 4 months- February 2014

Counting to 15
2.5 years- March 2014

Playing pretend
2 years 7 months- April 2014

Squishing Riley's cheeks
2 years 7 months- April 2014

2 years 9 months- June 2014

Saying blessing
2 years 9 months - June 2014