Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Upgraded cleaning tools!

We finally bit the bullet and bought a Dyson this weekend. After much consideration and talking to people who have them and swear by them. Along with that we also bought a Shark Steam mop. I'd been wanting one for a while and Target was running a great deal. You get a gift card when you purchase a Dyson. So we figured we would buy a steam mop with the gift card. We decided to get the Animal Complete. With 3 dark haired animals living inside, we need all the help we can get!

Our old vacuum had really stopped working. It was pushing hair and litter around from room to room instead of vacuuming it up. The suction on the hose was barely there. I am very pleased with the amount of hair and litter and overall dirt it's getting up. It came with a pack of powder for the floors that you leave on for 30 minutes and then vacuum up. I used that and the house smells so good! I feel like the floors look cleaner after using it too. It's easy to push around and empty the container. The one thing I've found that I would change is the hose. You have to take out the really long part that goes down into the hose before you can use it on something closeup like furniture. I guess it keeps from having another hose on the side of the vacuum and it's not a big deal. Just the only thing I've seen that I'd likely change but it's not like you use the hose every time you vacuum. I have been using it because I feel the old vacuum didn't do a good job and I've been trying to deep clean.

We decided to go with the Shark Plus Steam mop
 I feel like the floors are much more clean. The steam mop is so much easier than worrying about a mop and water/cleaner. The Swiffer Wet-Jet didn't work for me because it streaks too much. The other cloth pad mop I got was too much trouble.. Too much taking the pad off, rinsing and dipping in cleaning solution(water and vinegar in my case) and repeating.. It took too long to dry on the floor and I just didn't feel like the floor was clean enough. With a 15 month old walking around, most of the time bare foot, I need the floors as clean as possible. 

After using the steam mop twice, I think a mop with automatic constant steam or an easy to push button on the handle would be a lot better. This one has a pump motion on the handle. So when you push and pull(the motion of mopping), the steam comes out that way. It's not hard to do but when you flip the mop over(the pad has a scrub side and a shaggy side) it seems a tad harder for the steam to come out. I am very happy with it and feel so much better already that the floors are cleaner.

Alan said "You know you've been together a long time when you get excited about getting things that clean the house". Yep! And who says women don't want appliances for Christmas? I do! 

What's your review on your vacuum and steam mop?


  1. Love, love, love our Dyson. We never liked our steam mop though. We felt like it didn't work and it broke just after a year. :(

    1. Aw man! Did ya'll ever get a different one or just skipped it all together?


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