Monday, April 30, 2012

Week in the Life - Day 5 - Monday

This will probably be my last 'Week in the Life' post unless you readers are so interested, you can't stand the thought of not seeing 2 more days. I can't believe average 20 of you are keeping up with this :) I appreciate it! I had a whopping 40 readers on the 1st day post! Crazy!

10am - Madison got up at 9. I got up, fed and let Wilma out since she slept on the bed last night, started a load of clothes and got Madison's food ready.. She has been fed (2 oz apples and prunes and 5 oz milk), played with her sippy cup, which had apple juice in it but she didn't seem to figure that out and she has played in her toy. I have also eaten(peanut butter wheat toast and coffee).

12:30 - I got her dressed and we played in her room for a while. I read to her and she laid down at 11:30 and I started another load of clothes. I got myself ready, ate lunch(leftover pork chop) and scheduled some blogs for later in the week on the local blog, while catching up on some tv.

1pm - I go in Madison's room to check on her and she's wide awake..I get her up, change her diaper and give her a bottle first since I heated up her food too long and it was boiling haha.. I empty the dishwasher and start another load of clothes while she's eating and then I give her 2 oz of squash and corn. I let her play in her toy while I load the dishwasher and wash my first load of bottles and pump parts.

3:00 - She plays in the floor while I put up her clothes and Pandora plays in the background. Then it's cuddle time on the couch while I watch some tv. After lots of eye rubbing, I put her down for a nap. I watch an episode of Khloe and Lamar and 16 and pregnant while eating a fried egg sandwich and putting up coupons that I clipped from yesterday's paper.

5:30pm - Madison got up at 4:30. She has eaten and played. I fold 3 loads of clothes while Madison plays in her Pack N Play. I started supper and fed the animals about 5:00

6:30 - Alan came home and left to take the trash and recycling off and I decide to workout while reading my book. He comes home and waters the trees. I played with Madison for about 30 minutes in her room before putting her down for a nap at 6. The chicken is ready and now we are waiting on the pasta and veggies to get done.

7:45 - Madi ate while we ate. Her and Alan played for a bit and we got her jammies on around 7:45 and she was read and in bed. by 8. Alan is working on the lawnmower and here I am. It'll be ice cream and tv time till bed when he gets done.

Hope you enjoyed my Week in the Life. Even though it was only 5 days.. It gives me the blogging bug since I don't blog way too much. I will try to blog more!

Week in the Life - Day 4 - Sunday

9:40am - Alan got up around 8:45 and I heard him get Madison up around 9, but I stay in bed. I had some nightmares and didn't sleep great. I get up about 9:30. Alan has fed Madi and fixed coffee so I fix my breakfast of bagels. Alan then fixes his breakfast of bagels and cereal. We both eat and watch tv(Spongebob of course) while Madison plays in her toy.

10:20 am - Madison has played, worked on crawling and gotten dressed. We read her a book and she's down for a nap. I vacuum and get ready for the day while Alan works out.

 (Can she get any cuter?)

1:30pm - Madison got up at 12.. Alan fed her lunch while I clipped coupons. We eat lunch on the porch(soup and salad). Then we take Madison and Wilma on a walk(notice her rosey cheeks, even though she had on a sun hat). We get back and I read a book and put her down for a nap while Alan fills up Micki and Toby's pool outside.

3pm - Madison is up and has ate. I watched the end of Hope Floats while Alan worked a little bit while she was asleep.

5:30 - Madison laid down at 4:30, 30 minutes after failing at getting her to nap with us on the couch. I started some beans on the stove and Alan hit some golf balls in the yard and I walked around with him after I got done. We then sat I the porch for a few and I started supper(pork chops with onions, beans and rice).

8pm - Madison got up at 5:30. She ate and then we ate. She played, got a bath, we read a book and she's down for the night. We are enjoying our nightly ice cream on the porch and then relax time until bed! This is her eating her strawberries while we eat supper. She loves her mesh teether. Even though it's super messy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Easter Bunny

We had planned on visiting a church on Easter since we have yet to find a church home but we figured it would be really crowded and since we would not be putting her in a nursery, we were afraid it just wasn't a wise choice to take her into church on a holiday. We watched 2 services on tv and read Madison the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. 

Madison's 1st Easter basket.
 In it are these things:

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Sea Horse.
We have been looking for something for Madison to sleep with without the 
risk of her choking or suffocating herself! When you press the belly, it plays ocean sounds and music and glows for a little bit. It's a little bulky and the music is pretty loud but she'll do for now. Hers is purple and we are trying to figure out a name for her. Alan calls her Boo-boo but I'm trying to change his mind.

Sassy Teething Feeder
 I had read about these online but had never seen one until we were shopping for her Easter basket. At only $6.99, I figured it was worth a try and not much money lost if she hated it. It has a gel bubble in it so you can keep it in the fridge and it keeps the food cool. We put some watermelon in it the first time and she sucked them dry! She loved it! So then I put 4 pieces of strawberry in it and she loved that even more! I would say it's a score! I tried apples yesterday but I think the softer fruits work better. I am going to try some veggies in it when I cook too. I love it cause she can eat raw fruits or cooked veggies while we are eating and I don't have to worry about her choking!
Tommee Tippee 9 oz Trainer Cup

We haven't tried this one yet but I'm hoping she likes it better than the first one we got. The first one was NUK brand and you had to actually suck on the spout like a bottle. She hated it! I think this one will be easier and we will try it soon.

 Here we are playing with her Sea Horse

 Boiling eggs so we can dye them
Dye kit

 Our eggs. Madison's is the purple one in the back with white scribbles. She scribbled all by herself!

Not kid friendly dye.. It took both of us to get this off her hands!

Seahorse again.. I just love this look!

One of her 2 Easter dresses

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy 7 months, Madison!

This blog post is video and picture overload :)You have been warned.

March 8- Finally saw her roll from back to belly! She had done this 3 times before but no one ever saw her do it. I tried getting my camera our for video but she wouldn't roll over again. She only does it on her time!

March 20- She started to balance sitting up for a few seconds.

This is her 'fussing'. She has started doing this recently and does it sometimes when she gets frustrated with something. She was playing her piano the other day and I guess she got bored and started yelling at the top of her lungs while banging her piano.. It's still cute.

This is her favorite toy! I found it for about $2 at a consignment shop and she loves it! It has really helped her sitting too.

One of her favorite things is dancing. She loves dancing on your knee or lap to music!

We keep playing with her eating schedule, trying to figure it out. Here's her basic schedule:

9am - Up. Eats 7.5 oz milk
11am - story and naps 1 hour
12pm - 4 oz jar baby food with 2 tspn rice cereal + 5 oz milk
1pm- story and naps 1 hour
3pm - 7.5 oz milk
5pm- story and naps 1 hour
6pm - 5 oz milk snack
7pm - 4 oz jar baby food with 2 tspn rice cereal + 5 oz milk
7:30pm - bath and pjs on
7:45pm - story
8:00pm - bed

In between naps, we continue to work on her sitting up, which is getting better everyday! We also work on her crawling, dance around to songs on Pandora or the tv music channel. We also go on walks in the neighborhood if it's nice out.

I am still taking her to the library once a week for story time which both of us enjoy. The lady reads a book, does nursery rhymes on the felt board and there's usually 3 songs the kinds dance to. Madison likes watching the older kids dance around and I enjoy the bonding time and getting out of the house!

I think me and Alan both agree that this month was probably the easiest month for us. Sleeping through the night, plays on her own good, sitting up helps us when we take her out now since she can sit in the buggy. I just feel like things have come a long way since a few months ago. She is gaining such a personality! She smiles so much and laughs at the weirdest things! Like yesterday we were banging a toy on the table(to get it to work cause it stopped chirping)  and she thought it was the funniest thing! She talks non stop when no one but me and Alan are around. If other people are around, she's as quiet as a mouse! It's so weird! We love you so much, Sunshine!

Here are pictures from her 7th month:

Her other favorite toy. She loves standing and playing with the toys. She even knows how to turn the seat 360* to play with all the toys. She's a genius, I tell ya!

Found this Spongebob cup at Target. Too bad I put it in the dishwasher and ruined it.
Maybe the Easter bunny will bring her another one.

St Patrick's Day

Very first tennis skirt. Nike, which of course, means Alan loves it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birth-6 months

Alan mentioned a while back he wanted to see Madison's pictures side by side from birth to now. I didn't do a 0 month onesie but the first picture is her at 2 days old. I can't believe she was so tiny!