Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Movies watched lately.

I've had a pretty good movie kick lately but Alan, not so much. We don't go to the movie theater but we do have Netflix. No movie is worth roughly $45(tickets/popcorn/drink), plus if we do date night, I'd rather actually talk to my husband instead of sitting in an annoying theater watching a potentially horrible movie.

Here are the movies we've seen lately.

Crystal's list
Madea's Witness Protection - I love Tyler Perry but this one started out slow for me. I didn't even finish it.
Think Like a Man - I turned this one off too. I'm sure it is funny.
October Baby - SO good. I mean I cried my eyes out. Good from the beginning to end. Recommend!
A Little Bit of Heaven - Another great tear jerker! Kate Hudson is lead and I love her anyway. A bit sad..
Fireflies in the Garden- Pretty slow. Pretty sad but okay.

Alan's list
Mission Impossible: Ghost Patrol - decent. 3 out of 5 stars.
Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood - Not good

Seen any good movies lately? We are always needing recommendations to add to our movie list!


  1. We don't have cable but we do have Netflix and Hulu plus And amazon instant video. We don't see the point in spending $50 for a date in an uncomfortable movie theater either. Lol.
    I would rather cook dinner at home, eat at home, and snuggle on my couch! :)

    1. Yeah it's just ridiculous that movies cost that much!


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