Wednesday, December 5, 2012

O Christmas tree

During Madison's nap on Saturday, Alan wanted to put lights on the tree outside so I decided to put the ornaments on the tree alone. This is usually our thing but when you have a baby, time is of the essence :) After she goes to bed, we are usually both wanting to just relax.

Our tallest tree yet! 8.5 feet!

The outside tree. This is a coral bark maple, hence the red branches. 

Now onto the ornaments... I didn't use my flash on these cause I'm anti-flash. Sorry some are a bit dark.

~Special ornaments~

 Where we got married.

We bought this the first Christmas tree trip after we got married. I love this ornament. 
I love that her dress fits like mine did. Except mine was sleeveless :)

Our first home. Been here almost 5 years! Time flies.


Andre was Cameron's brother and he died from cancer shortly after we started dating. I loved that cat. He was so sweet and so gorgeous. I miss him. 


so true.



Poor Sierra doesn't have a personalized ornament. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a solid black cat ornament? This is the only one we've ever found! The ball says "Meowy Christmas". Cheesy? Yes, but at least Sierra has an ornament.


~Places we've been~
We went here for July 4 a few years ago. It was a quaint little town and we had a really good time doing nothing!

One of the stops on our cruise 5 years ago. It was the one stop where we didn't have an activity planned and we wanted to just lay on the beach. It rained the entire stop. Sigh.

Barbados. Our honeymoon spot. Though I'd never go back, there are lots of good memories there.

Oh Vermont, how I miss you. I think this is my most favorite place ever. We went 2 years ago. I was 17 weeks pregnant and Alan had a business trip planned so I decided to go with him. So glad I did. Such beautiful country. Loved it. Can't wait to go back for Fall when Madison gets older.

Ben and Jerrys. Also a Vermont stop. Yum.

One of our favorite places to visit for the day.


USC Santa

Duke snowman

These aren't nearly all of our ornaments. All of our ornaments are my favorite. They all symbolize family, friends, places, memories, Madison, and things we love.

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