Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve!

Alan said he doesn't have any resolutions....

Here are mine in random order:

-Be a better mom and wife.
-Find a hobby. I'd love to learn to knit.
-Make more friends.
-Take more pictures with my camera
-Organize the pantry
-Start redoing Madison's playroom.
-Wear clothes that are outside my comfort zone.
-Grow my hair out.
-Workout better/longer/more often.
-Get more creative with Madison's activities.

What are your goals? Any plans for the night?

Madison has not been sleeping well the past week or so. She is crying when we lay her down for naps or bedtime, which is very unusual for her. Last night she went to bed at normal time and around 11:30 she woke up crying. I went to check on her and she was sitting up so I picked her up thinking she had had a nightmare. Rock her till she fell asleep, went to put her down and she screamed so I rocked her again. Same thing. So I let her cry. She kept crying her hard cry and not slowing down so we brought her in our bed, where she just wanted to play. Thinking she was hungry(we ate earlier than normal) we gave her some milk but she refused. Around 2:30 I finally took her to rock her so Alan could sleep since he worked today. She fell asleep by 3. I rocked her till she was limp and knocked out and went to put her down and she cried. So we set up fort on the couch. She fell back asleep and I promptly heard Alan snoring like a bear. I couldn't fall asleep and didn't want to wake M by getting up to tell him to roll over. Luckily the heat knocked on and drown him out. It was 4:30 by then. Around 6 Alan was up an we moved to the bed where she slept till 9. All that said, I'm likely going to bed early and he will stay up to watch the bowl game. We have no idea what'd going on with M. I noticed while holding her that she flails a lot . Twice she was sound asleep and would flail her entire body. One time she raised her head up. Maybe she's having nightmares or the teething is bothering her too much.. Maybe it's a growth spurt. Whatever it is, mommy and daddy need their 12-13 hour sleeper back!

Happy New Years Eve and Happy 2013!


  1. Great goals and resolutions. I'd love to learn to knit too! :)

    1. Thanks Kristi! We will see :) I did pretty good last year with my goals. Not sure my pre-arthritic hands can handle knitting but I'd love to try!


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