Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy 15 months Madison!

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Madison is now walking all over the place! She hasn't learned to stand up from sitting but she will pull up and just wander around! She wanders around all day long! She has now figured out how to stand in place! Woohoo!

New words this month:
what she says is in quotes.

Santa Clause "Kaw Kaw"
Pretty - "Pity"
Balloon - "Boo"
Elmo - "Mo"

This was hilarious! Wilma was on the porch since it was so nice out. Madison got up from a nap and saw her. She started busting out with this evil laugh. By the time I got my phone, she had slowed down doing it. So funny. Crazy girl!

A little singing and dancing

A baby's laugh can cure anything...

Not many changes this month other than the standing still part and a few new words. She has finally stopped screaming at the top of her lungs while we are in the store. What a relief!

She loves telling people "Hey".. Every person she sees. Even over and over again. A friend visited this week for lunch and she probably told her hey about 75 times in the couple of hours she was here. So funny. Most people love it and eat it up and some people ignore her. That makes this mama mad! It's hard not telling those people that my baby was being nice to them and they need to talk to her! I usually just tell Madison that they didn't hear her. Poor child!

She had her wellness check this morning and here are her stats:

Weight-23.81 lb (82%)
Height-31.25" (75%)

Happy 15 months months sweet girl! I can't believe it's been 3 months since your birthday! Time is flying! You get funnier by the day and you are so curious. Everyone talks about how you can see your brain wheels turning and how you inspect everything you see. You are such a good listener, saying "nonono" to things you get near that you aren't supposed to touch. I can really trust you to walk around the house because I know you won't get into anything that you aren't supposed to. I left you playing in your room for a bit yesterday while I did something in the kitchen. You were quiet but I wanted you to know that I trusted you. I peeked in there after a few minutes and you were sitting in the floor with 3 books, flipping through them. You still love reading and flipping front to back through the books and feeling them if they have textures. You are so sweet and your Daddy and I are so very blessed. We love you beyond words!

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