Sunday, July 31, 2011

34 weeks

July 23-30, 2011

Madison is now the size of a honeydew! She weighs about 4.7-5 lbs and is measuring roughly 18" long! Most babies have blue eyes when born and the color will change, if it changes, a few weeks up to a year after birth. I have a good feeling Madison will have blue eyes forever though, even though Alan has a little green in his eyes. Her fat layers — which will help regulate her body temperature once she's born — are filling her out, making her rounder. Her skin is also smoother than ever. Her central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well. Alan has also started reading to Madison at bedtime this week. He reads 1 or 2 stories a night and I love that part of our day. To hear Alan reading to our daughter makes me so happy! He even does hand motions sometimes! She always tends to wake up after the story or while he's reading, so I know she's enjoying it!

This has been my worst pain week to date. Sunday, the 24th, I had a major meltdown at bedtime, crying my eyes out since I couldn't get comfortable and my back was really hurting. I have finally found out how to get comfortable using 5 pillows surrounding me. Alan has been rubbing my back almost every night since then. My ankles are also staying a little more swollen but my main pain is my back. Doctor appointment on 29th showed Madison's heart beat was 144 and I am still measuring right on track with my weight, blood pressure and belly measurements. I had my last test done - the Strep B Group test- and I will get those results back at my doctor's appointment this coming week. Speaking of which, we will now be going to the doctor every week until Madi makes her appearance! My weight this week is 126.2 and my belly is measuring 37.5" That brings my total weight gain to date to 19.2 lbs and 7.5" gained in my stomach.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

33 weeks

July 16-23, 2011

This week Madison possibly weighs a little over 4 pounds(pineapple) and has passed the 17" mark. She's rapidly losing that wrinkled look and her skeleton is hardening. The bones in her skull aren't fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for her to fit through the birth canal. These bones don't entirely fuse until early adulthood, so they can grow as her brain and other tissue expands during infancy and childhood. She is rolling around a lot and she loves sticking her butt out! Something I hope she grows out of the next 6 weeks.... Her schedule is still on track. She is up around 7-7:30am, up again around 10-11, then 3-4. Then she goes down a while until around 6:30 or so.. Then between 9-11 she's rolling around a bit. I'm usually in bed by 11 and I don't typically feel her until I am up and ready for work around 7:30.. Hopefully that means she's sleeping from 11-7.. Ha!

We had our baby shower this week, which I posted about last night, and it was fantastic! Alan also put together her stroller and we got her car seat ready to go. We will probably put the seat and bases in our cars this coming week and I will likely pack our hospital bag in the next couple of weeks. We have also been getting those last minute items we need to have for her arrival and we got the last thing we needed tonight-her swing, which should be on our doorstep this week! I took a breastfeeding class yesterday(23rd) morning and we took a Newborn Care class yesterday afternoon, which was helpful. My brain seems to be working less and less these days. At least I have an 'excuse' for the next 6 weeks - pregnancy brain. They say it's a true symptom and I didn't believe it until here lately. I feel so out of it sometimes! I will be in mid conversation and just forget what I was talking about or not understanding what someone is talking about. Or my walking into a room and forgetting why I'm there has gotten a lot worse. My heartburn is also worse , the back aches are miserable and bending over is near impossible! My ankles have been swelling a lot more too. I still think I have it pretty good though, compared to a lot of people. I gained 2 lbs this week, making my weight 124.2. My belly stayed the same at 37".

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby Shower - July 16

From the day I told her I was pregnant, my best friend Amanda(to my right) started talking about throwing me a shower. She was so excited to plan this and kept everything a secret from me! My mom, Alan's mom and Amanda's mom all helped her so much with getting and planning things and helping put together and clean up everything. Here I am with all the hostesses!

(L to R)My mom, me, Amanda, Alan's mom, Amanda's mom

My diaper 'cake'. Taking it apart, it seemed to have 100 diapers on it! Much needed and so cute!
Me and Alan
Some of my wonderful gifts! Clothes, blankets, diaper bag, bottle warmer, carrier, and everyone signed the little white bear at the shower.
My other gifts! My nursing pillow, diapers & wipes, picture frames, car mirror, bottles, pacifiers, books, changing table organizer, bibs, hangers, towels, bath products, gift cards, cash and a few baskets. We also got our stroller/car seat combo and pack n play(playpen). I may have forgot to list something but it's been a week and I have a serious case of pregnancy brain. Forgive me if I forgot to list something!The shower turned out beautiful and I appreciate everyone that took time out of their day to help me celebrate our little angel :) It means so much to me that you all came!

And to all the hostesses of the shower-thank ya'll so much for your time, money and energy spent on putting this shower together. Our little girl is so loved and we see it even more through things like this. The details were perfect! Alan and I are so thankful! Love you all so much!

Friday, July 15, 2011

32 weeks

July 9-16

By now, Madison is 3.75 lbs and 16.7" long. She will gain about half of her birth weight over the next 7 weeks. She now has toenails, fingernails and hair! Her skin is becoming more smooth. Everywhere online says I will gain a pound a week from here on out.. Whoa.

We got the wall art up this week. We also took a Prepared Childbirth class at the hospital last Saturday. It helped us learn labor symptoms, what to expect during the birthing process, they showed us the birthing center and taught us the security measures and what to expect if you have an emergency c-section. We got the joy of watching a video of a woman delivering a baby and the process she went through up until she delivered.

We also had my 32 week 6 day checkup today and things went really well. The doctor said my belly, blood pressure and weight look great. Madison's heart rate was in the high 130s. We go back in 2 weeks and then every week until delivery after that. It's getting closer! We also found out we have been switching weeks on the wrong days - Thursdays instead of Saturdays. I asked the nurse to tell me again what my due date was based on my period and she said September 2 but my first ultrasound measured September 7. She said since I was sure about the first day of my last period, the doctors left it as September 3. Long story short, due date hasn't changed and is still September 3 and we are now changing our weeks on Saturdays instead of Thursdays like we have been. Confusing enough? :) My weight this week is 122.2 and I gained a full inch in my belly, bringing me up to 37"!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

31 weeks

June 30-July 7, 2011
Madison is about 3.3 lbs(about 4 navel oranges) and 16" long! She can now turn her head from side to side and her arms and legs are plumping up! Here's a look at what she may look like in my tummy:*Image from

We had a doctor's appointment on the 1st and it showed that everything was still right on track. Her heartbeat was in the high 140s. We are now going to the doctor every 2 weeks. My weight went down 2 lbs to 120 and my belly is still 36". I am still doing very well but even though I didn't gaining weight or inches this week, I feel like I'm getting bigger by the day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Artwork for Madi

We got Madison's tree in from Amazon this week and put up last night. I found this and knew I wanted it for our little girl, before I even knew we were having a girl. Luckily it really matches her bedding. We played around with the animals and flowers a bit, putting them all over the room, but we love the way it turned out!

Flowers to the left of her crib
We put these flowers and hedgehog/porcupine to the left of her changing table

The pics I got from Babies R Us. They are above her changing table/dresser. The lighting in her room made the colors come out dark.
Here are pictures from the website. All in all, it looks great. There is one more piece of art I'm going to buy or try to make and we'd also still like to find a rug. But for now, we are both happy with how it turned out! I hope she likes it!

Friday, July 1, 2011

30 weeks

June 25-July 2, 2011

Madison should be 15.5" long and 3 lbs. It's hard keeping up since she weighed 2 lbs back in May. Online said she should just now be 3 lbs but I've been guessing. I'm going to stick to the weights online from here on out. Her eyesight continues to develop but is not very good. Her fingernails and toenails have finished growing and I bet they are super cute! The developments this week have mainly been in her brain. She is staying really active. She gets the hiccups at least twice a day and they last about 15 minutes each. Sometimes I will feel her head hitting my belly and her feet hitting at the same time when she has them. It's really cute.

We finished up her room this week too, which was a huge project. It had consumed our weekends the past few weeks. We are really happy with how it turned out and will be glad when we get the artwork that we've decided to get, which will be in the next few weeks. Hopefully by the end of July, we will have it all ordered and put on the walls! My emotions are in full force this past week. I will hear a song and cry or just the slightest thing will make me cry. It's the weirdest feeling to be so emotional about everything. My ankles are staying swollen and my current maternity clothes are getting smaller each time I wear them! Sleeping hasn't gotten any better so I'm catching up on the weekends, sleeping till 11-12 each day. I guess I will just have to do that until she's born. It's just hard to find a position that I'm comfortable in.

We had our routine doctor's appointment today and everything is looking good. She says I'm measuring correctly, my blood pressure and weight is great, and my cervix is still closed, but she did put me back on medicine since there was blood in my urine again. She also said it looks like I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions. Those are where your uterus contracts in preparation for birth. My belly will get super hard and tight for a minute or two and then ease off. They are very normal to feel in the last 3 months. She also told us that we were changing our weeks on the wrong day. We were counting from the first day of my last period(Thursday, Nov. 25) so we were changing weeks every Thursday. When I went in, the nurse said I was 30 weeks 6 days which means I would be 31 weeks tomorrow(Saturday) and not yesterday(Thursday) like we thought. The doctor said that since September 3(her due date) is on a Saturday, we should change our weeks on Saturdays. Oh well.. We will now be going to the doctor every 2 weeks until I get to 36 weeks and then we will go every week until I deliver. It's getting close!