Wednesday, October 30, 2013

30 weeks pregnant with Riley

Date: October 30

How far along - 30 weeks

Growing Baby- Her skin is getting smoother. But her brain is getting wrinklier -- to make way for all that essential brain tissue. She's now strong enough to grasp a finger!

How big is your baby?

Symptoms- staying really tired. Feet hurt. Feeling a bit 'off' lately. Feeling stronger movements and more hiccups. Feeling huge. More Braxton Hicks and some cramping. Been emotional lately.

Weight- 123lbs

Total weight gain/loss: +10lbs

Belly measures- 36" at belly button

Craving- sweets, Dr Peppers and Pepsi.

Bought- crib mattress, closet clothes size dividers, monthly onesie stickers, toy bin and night stand for Riley.
I also bought this very cute necklace from Groopdealz for my family of 4!

Done- Nothing other than what I bought.

Looking forward to
- taking Madison trick or treating!

Other thoughts- This pregnancy has flown by. I can't believe I have 10 weeks left. I felt I was pregnant for 18 months with Madison and only 3 months so far with Riley.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wish list

-a computer. My computer is so.old. It's bogged down with photos and now has a virus. It takes me for.eve.r to do anything on it so when I do boot up, I'm on it for like 3 or 4 hours trying to get something done. This will be at the top of the next thing to buy for me. It's so annoying! Any recommendations on a brand? It's a Gateway laptop and I've been happy with it.  I have never used a Mac so I'm not into getting one of those and an Ipad won't work for the things I do on my computer. 

-a hair dryer. Madison no longer likes her hair being towel dried so we've been using my hair dryer. We decided she needs her own. I've been wanting a new, updated one for a while so I figured I'd by myself one and pass down mine to her. I'm going to make an Ulta and Sally trip this week to look at them. I need some recommendations for a dryer that helps frizzy, thick hair dry really fast! I actually bought the BaByliss Ceramic dryer last Wednesday from. It had great reviews online and with my Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, I was able to save $12 on it. The cashier mentioned she had the same dryer and loved it(and her hair was gorgeous!) I have since used it for almost a week and I really like it! It has cut my drying time in half!

-Kitchenaid mixer. I hardly bake but I've always wanted one. I know I can use it for mixing other items as well. While I am in love with the hot pink one, it doesn't match our kitchen.. I will settle for this gorgeous blue one though.

-Fiesta dinnerware. I would love to mix and match all of the bold, bright colors that they have but I have always eyed this Peacock color.. I love it!

-an organized pantry! From all the clear containers for dry ingredients, to racks for my spices and canned good and hooks to hang aprons and all of that. This picture makes me swoon! I only wish our pantry was that big.

-Ninja blender. Most mornings, Madison eats a smoothie. I have started freezing different varieties of fruit combinations and kale cubes to throw in the blender with milk so it's good to go. She's not typically a morning person and doesn't like eating right away but she will drink a smoothie, usually.

-a big crock pot! I use ours about once a week and it now has a crack in it. It's still usable but I do need a new one, bad. I need a bigger one and wouldn't mind having this one!

-A new purse. Not necessarily this one, though I'd gladly take it! I've been a faithful Nine West carrier for quite some time and I keep rotating between 3 bags. It's time for an update. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm frugal. If I'm going to spend a couple hundred dollars on something, it won't be a purse. I'd rather do something for the kids or house or if I do spend it on me, I'd rather get a mani/pedi and massage.
 I could go on and on and on! What's on your wish list?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Madison's Baptism

We officially joined our church 2 weeks ago in front of the Session and then in front of the church last week. We scheduled to have Madison baptized October 27, 2013. We did not have a church home when she was born and finally found our church in the Spring of this year. We had a great day with our friends and family! Thanks to everyone for coming and making her day even more special! She was so funny while the Pastor was talking during her baptism. She was pointing things out and being so silly! We had a lot of people come up to us and tell us how cute she was. We agree :)

This girl's beauty is crazy!

With her Grandma(my mom) before church

In the church parlor before meeting with the Pastor

If anyone has any more pictures, please make me a copy! We didn't get anyone to take pictures with our camera during our service.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

House updates

In getting Riley's room ready, we realized that Madison's room needed a 'big girl' update. 

We moved her tree down the wall a bit so now it is more over her bed instead up up the wall.

 We also added the "M".

Replaced these
with these..

I also spotted this picture and got it for our bedroom.

..and this for the kitchen

I've also replaced the throw rugs in the laundry room and by the back door. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A peek into Riley's room

This is not the finished product, but a sneak peek into what we've been doing. Thankfully we finally found a trundle bed last weekend! They are really hard to find. We didn't buy the trundle but will at some point for extra sleeping room. The mattress is very comfortable! My plan is to sleep in this bed until Riley sleeps through the night. Since I'm breastfeeding her, it will make things much easier and I don't want her waking Madison up and Alan will be able to get more sleep. All of this will come in more helpful when Riley gets here. I will be sleeping when she sleeps and Alan will be on his own with Madison a good bit after he gets home from work. Everybody needs their rest! I found the comforter at a consignment sale for $3.50!! I got the bed skirt and sheets from Target. The glider was moved from Madison's room. Pink curtains came from Walmart. The "Live Love Laugh picture" the "R" and owl picture came from Hobby Lobby. We are on the lookout for a small table to fit between the glider and bed to hold any supplies I need while nursing and also a table to go between the right side of bed and the crib to hold glasses, a clock, sound machine, etc.

A closeup. Not sure where this will go. Likely above the right side of the daybed.

Things waiting to be hung. The bird cage came from Hobby Lobby, 3 white shelves and blackout liners for the curtains came from Target and the 4 birds came from Babies R Us and they will go on the shelves. The shelves will go in the space to the left of the closet(see pic below)

 Madison passed down her crib, Boppy and breathable bumper(in the crib) to Riley. I got the crib skirt at a consignment sale(it is Pottery Barn and still had the tags on it!) The 'sweet dreams' came from Hobby Lobby and is a decal that is taped up. The white will be gone once we stick it to the wall. I just hung it up to see what it looked like. Crib still waiting on a mattress.
Her closet is a mess! I need a dresser to organize stuff but basically all of her pjs and pants for the first year, along with sheets, blankets, nursing covers and Boppy covers are seperated in the cubbies. The cubby is from Target but I bought it from a girl online and saved a ton. Alan painted it and it looks brand new. The pink cubbies are from Target as well. The shoe organizer came from Walmart and holds her shoes, socks, hairbows and hats.

I will post an up to date picture once we get a dresser and get everything hung up!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

29 weeks pregnant with Riley

Date: October 23

How far along - 29 weeks

Growing Baby- She's getting a little cramped in there, since she's growing so fast. She's growing white fat deposits under her skin, and her energy is surging because of it.

How big is your baby? 
Symptoms- heartburn, nesting

Weight- 122.6 lbs

Total weight gain/loss: +9.6 lbs

Belly measures- 36"

Craving- sweets

Bought- a trundle bed(and sheets) for Riley's room for me to sleep in, crib sheets, a couple of maternity shirts, a trash can, a tote for the dresser to hold diapers and lotion, a curtain blackout liner and shelves for Riley's room and art to hang in both girls room(and a piece for our room). I also got Madison and Riley "big/little sister" iron ons and shirts to use for our maternity pics. 

Done- Put up the day bed, moved the litterbox to another room(it was in Riley's room), hung artwork in both Madison and Riley's room(more on that later)

Looking forward to- A supper date with Alan and volunteering at a church event this week. Taking a mountain trip this weekend and Madison's baptism on Sunday.

Other thoughts- This nesting bug is pretty annoying. I am getting things marked off the 'to buy' list and getting things done but man I'm tired! I've shopped all 3 hours of every day this week while Madison was at school. I'm looking forward to the day I drop her off and can come home and rest or get things done around the house that is getting neglected!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, May I?

Monday May I...

Lets see how I did on last week's goals..

 -Plant the flowers I bought 3 days ago.
Umm.. I've had pansy's sitting in their black planters since last Monday!?! I will get them planted tonight! I have been keeping them watered! I did plant the mums and other flowers I bought for the front porch containers. That counts, right? :)

-Work on cleaning Riley's closet out. It's quite a mess!
This is hard to do considering most of the stuff thrown in her closet need some drawers to be put in. We did do some dresser shopping this past weekend and found 2 contenders. We did buy a daybed for Riley's room and now we are confused on the setup. Once we get the daybed, crib and glider situated how we want it, we will likely go get one of those 2 dressers so she will have a changing table and some space to put things!

-Do a craft with Madison and play outside more

We have been playing outside a bit more. It's been absolutely gorgeous outside and Madison loves being outside. We haven't crafted yet though. She's been painting and doing lots of Halloween/Fall crafts at school though! 

Hopefully this weeks goals will go better! I'm getting that nesting bug again so I'm wanting to organize and clean everything! Here we go!

Mail some gifts to our World Vision child. It's been too long since I've even written him, much less sent him anything! We got an update on him recently and he's doing great. I need to let him know that we haven't forgotten about him!

Take a mountain trip. Alan will be happy to see this one. We live an hour away from the gorgeous mountains and we haven't been in a few months. The leaves are at color change peak this week.  I have no idea when we will find time to go. We only have one small window to go this weekend so we would have to get up really early and go. May be worth it! We all need a breath of fresh, mountain air!

Buy and carve pumpkins. Alan's company is having a family fun day at an apple/pumpkin farm this weekend but I'm not sure that they will have any left.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coffee station

If you don't have a Keurig or some form of a single cup brewer, go get one! We got ours almost a year ago and it has paid for itself! We have the Keurig Elite and are very happy with it. 

Alan no longer stops every morning at the gas station for a coffee and I no longer have to make a half a pot for just me and then toss the rest of what I don't drink. 

Here is our setup:
Our maker, k-cup tower, creamer, sugar container, coffee mug and rag for messy spoons. We love the Aladdin brand travel mugs because they are about the only brand we've found in stores to be dishwasher safe. I have gotten a cup at Walmart and Target(Walmart's is $4 cheaper btw!)  The k-cup tower has made it easy to see what types of coffee we have. Since I drink mostly decaf, I have one whole side for just decaf. I buy what's on sale at the time so we have a vast assortment of brands :)

BzzAgent sent me this pretty awesome Bzzkit last week. It came with 12 K-cups and 20 50% off coupons for a Keurig. After posting on Instagram, a friend bought one and then posted on Facebook that she had gotten the code from me and I was able to give away every single coupon code! People were getting Keurig's for $63 shipped!! That's a great deal! Green Mountain Coffee is a Fair Trade brand which allows farmers to get a fair price for their beans, which leads to community development projects like new schools, improved roads, and safer drinking water. Plus the coffee tastes really good too!

If you want to get great free samples and coupons, email me by clicking the envelope on the right and I will send you a link!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

28 weeks pregnant with Riley

Date: October 16

How far along - 28 weeks

Growing Baby- She's starting to develop more fat, so her wrinkly skin will start to get smoother. Her lungs are mature enough that she'd probably survive if she was born now. Wow!

How big is your baby? 

Symptoms- heartburn, back hurting(much less now thanks to a great massage therapist!), hard to get comfortable

Weight- 122 lbs

Total weight gain/loss: 9 lbs

Belly measures- 35"

Craving- sweets

Bought- (not a mattress like I'd planned!) 6 maternity pants, 5 maternity shirts, Madison 5 pj sets, 2 pants, 4 shirts, a sweater, a dress, some toys and books. Riley a pack of diapers, a hat, 7 pjs, 4 outfits, 2 shirts and 2 pants. 4 Boppy covers, a crib skirt, bedding set for the trundle/day bed, a seat protector for the car seat, a nursing cover and 7 bibs.

Done-trying to get our registries ready updated.

Looking forward to
- Dr appt tomorrow for heart rate, hopefully finding a trundle bed.

Other thoughts- not too much..  So glad my massage therapist relieved some of my back pain. I was having so many problems getting comfortable and was about to make a chiropractor appointment since it felt like a bone issue. I told her about it at my massage and she worked on it good! It didn't hurt at all laying down last night! Now I know to make an in between massage appointment if it acts up again instead of waiting 3 weeks until my next massage!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crazy October!

It seems like our months have flown by and we've been crazy busy! I was checking out my calendar on my phone the other day and saw this and immediately got exhausted.

Each dot means I have something for that day. Here's what the rest of our October looks like

-massage for me(yay)
-music classes and supper at church
-Dr appt for me
-bonfire at a friends
-shopping for trundle bed
-presented in front of church as new members
-volunteering at church for movie night for a school they help out
-pumpkin farm
-no school for Madison
-Madison baptized and lunch after
-Halloween party at school 
-trick or treating

Throw in a couple of birthdays too.. Our November is just as busy. What does your October look like?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday, May I?

Monday May I...

First, last weeks goals...

-Manage my time better. With Madison, while she's at school, etc.
I feel like I got a lot accomplished this past week with a lot of things.

-Print some recipes from Pinterest and organize mine and Madison's recipe folder.
I got some printed, put in her recipe binder and pinned some more!

Fail. My back has really been hurting.

Now for this week's goals!
-Plant the flowers I bought 3 days ago.

-Work on cleaning Riley's closet out. It's quite a mess!

-Do a craft with Madison and play outside more.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Baking granola bars with M

As part of the October challenge, day 6 asks for you to make  or buy their favorite food. She doesn't have a favorite food, other than the food packs, so I thought we would make granola bars from scratch and hoped she will eat them!

 Here's the recipe:

2 cups quick oats
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 stick butter, softened

Preheat oven to 425. Combine all ingredients and mix. Grease 9x13 pan. Press mixture into pan and bake 10 minutes. Allow to cool and break into pieces. Add chocolate chips or nuts, if desired.

To make this really easy, I measured everything out while she was napping and had it ready to go when she got up. She enjoyed pouring the ingredients into the bowl and mixing it. I then poured it into the pan and let her press it down. She liked it until her Daddy came home while we were doing it and she promptly said "wash hands". I actually really like these. Probably because I'm starting to crave sweet things. I gave her a little piece after they cooled down a bit and she kept asking for "more" but they needed to cool a while and she had to go to bed before getting more. They  fell aprt so I'm not sure why. I guess they didn't get mixed well enough (I let her do most of the mixing)
Madison the next morning. She actually asked to eat one!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

27 week pregnancy comparison

27 weeks with Madison
119 lbs and 35" belly

27 weeks with Riley
121.8 lbs and 35" belly

I look so much rounder, even though my belly measures the same with Riley as it did with Madison. I was 117 pre pregnancy with Madison and lost down to 110. With Riley, I was 113 pre pregnancy and lost down to 108 with Riley. I have no idea why I weigh more this time when I weighed less pre pregnancy. Oh well! At 27 weeks with Madison, we were looking for a dresser/changing table and a glider. We still need a dresser, mattress and trundle bed for Riley. I will plan on sleeping in her room until she sleeps through the night so she won't wake Madison when she's waking up every 3 hours to eat. Plus we also need some room for guests in case someone wants to stay over.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

27 weeks pregnant with Riley

Date: October 9

How far along - 27 weeks

Growing Baby- She's practicing inhaling and exhaling with her rapidly developing lungs. It's official: Baby's showing brain activity! And her brain will keep on getting more complex.

How big is your baby? 

Symptoms- heartburn, staying tired, hips spreading=lots of pain.

Weight- 121.2 lbs

Total weight gain/loss: +8.2 lbs

Belly measures- 35" at belly button

Cravingsweets, salty things

Bought- 3 packs of diapers for Riley

Done- nothing

Looking forward to
-  my massage next week. Getting Riley's mattress and crib sheet. I keep saying it and never order it!

Other thoughts- I can't believe I only have 13 weeks left. I will say this every week probably.