Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Staying organized for a new baby

Her changing table has a bin that holds diapers, wipes, sanitizer, lotion and qtips. I restock these items twice a week or so. Her top drawer has burp cloths for easy access. The second drawer has bibs. The left top drawer has her booger sucker, fingernail clippers and diaper rash cream -all for easy access if I need it while she's on the table. The second drawer holds breastmilk bags and disposable breast pads.

In the living room, we keep a Boppy, burp cloth, bib, blanket and nursing cover on the chair for easy feedings, cleanups, coverups etc.

On her Pack N Play in the dining room, I also keep a blanket and burp cloth and a burp cloth inside for her head to lay on. Easier to clean a rag than the bottom of the pack n play!

At the rocker in her room, I have a Boppy, burp cloth, blanket(for propping her head) and bib. I also keep my breast pump and phone charger plugged in for easy access. I'm having to pump once or twice a day because I tend to get engorged late at night. I already have a few days worth of milk in the freezer and that makes me happy!
On her crib, I keep a burp cloth and bib draped over the side. Sometimes I feed her sitting in the daybed and I use those for that. She also lays on a burp cloth for the same reason as above. 
The blankets, Boppy covers, bibs and burp cloths gets replaced every couple of days. Obviously if the bibs or burp cloths get dirtied, they get replaced right then. 

-Boppy's are a parents best friend. Not only for breastfeeding but for holding. We use them to help prop her up in our lap. I also use it to prop her up sitting beside me in the chair. Keep one in every room you handle the baby in. We have one in the living room and her room and I have 1 more in the closet for back up ;)

-You need a TON of burp cloths and bibs, if you're anything like me. At any given time, I have 4 out in the rooms. Not to mention the ones in her diaper bag. I suggest having at least 10 of each.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Photo an hour

I saw this on another blog. It's similar to a Day in the Life, but a lot less detail. This was on Friday.

Trying to get Little Miss Sunshine to fall asleep so I can go get ready. She looks asleep here but keeps opening her eyes.

Eating breakfast, drinking coffee and catching up on The Talk while watching the girls on the monitor and waiting on Madison to get up.

Getting Madison's shoes on and getting ready to leave for school.

At the Dr for my 2 week post op checkup.

At Toys R Us getting a birthday gift.

On the way to pick up Madison
Feeding Riley (I don't do BFing pics)

Sitting by the fire with both girls

 2:30pm AND 3:30pm
Took a much needed nap while both girls were sleeping.

Wrapping a birthday gift while eating a snack 

Put supper on stove(forgot picture)

Eating taco soup while watching tv.
Giving Madison a bath.

Sitting by the fire holding Riley.

Forgot to take a pic but I was drinking hot chocolate, eating Greek yogurt and watching Shark Tank

Feeding Riley

Typing up some blog ideas and hoping Riley isn't up all night.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Currently loving...

..this song. The first time I heard it, I thought Savage Garden had a new song out! I loved them in the 90s.
One Republic Counting Stars

.. that I haven't had to cook in 2 weeks. We have been so blessed by friends and family bringing meals and frozen dinners after we got home from the hospital. I have cooked 2 meals but only because I had bought the groceries before having Riley and I didn't want them going bad. I think we are still good on food for another week! Thanks anyone who has helped us with this! If you know new parents, take them food! The last thing we want to think about is cooking! 

.. A lavender reed diffuser. I put it in Riley's room and I love it. I am sleeping back there with her and I swear I have slept better since having it in there. It smells so good!

.. Not breast pumping full time. By 3 weeks with Madison, I was exclusively pumping and man was it a pain! Riley has been doing great and I, surprisingly, have done great with her in public. I'm not one to breastfeed in the middle of the mall but I have nursed her in the car and even in the carrier when I wear her. I do have a ton of respect for ladies that do nurse in crowded places.. It's just not for me :)

.. This sound machine. I will have to buy one for our room when I move back in there. So soothing!

Friday, January 24, 2014

More hospital pics

It's amazing the similarities. Madison on the left, Riley on the right.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2 kids, 2 weeks in!

What a 2 weeks of serious changes!

-I can't believe Riley is already 2 weeks old! Some days it seems she's been here for 2 months and some days it seems like I just left the hospital. She is very sweet and calm and perfect, just like her sister. She only cries during diaper/clothing changes and when she's hungry. She sleeps all day and can soothe herself to sleep(for the most part). She grunts a lot, which is really cute(except at 1am and I'm trying to sleep).

Happy 2 weeks, Riley!

-Going from 1 to 2 kids has been a huge adjustment! We are now man on man and it's go, go, go from 6:30am until about 10pm. I feel we are getting in somewhat of a groove but it's still insanely busy.

Life with a busy toddler and a sleeping baby.

 -God was looking out for us when he gave us a sleeping baby. Riley sleeps most of the day, like most newborns do. Madison slept about as long as Riley is awake during the day(about 2 hours spread out) Riley is waking at night anywhere between an hour and a half to 4 hours. Sometimes she will give me a 4 hour nap when we put her to bed around 9-10pm and then sometimes she's awake after an hour and half. Luckily, she only eats about 10 minutes so I'm back in bed within 30 minutes usually.

-Madison is adjusting. She seems to adore Riley when Riley isn't crying. If she is holding Riley, she just kisses her all over and tells her "It's Okay" if Riley grunts or whines. She talks about how 'pretty' and 'tiny' Riley is. However, she is very jealous of Alan holding Riley and a hair more clingy to me when I'm holding her, though that seems to be fading away a bit. If Alan is holding Riley, Madison has to be sitting right beside them. She had a major meltdown a couple of days ago when she came walking through the house and Alan happened to be holding Riley. She just started bawling. I know it will take her some time. She doesn't understand that Alan is Riley's Daddy too and she has to 'share' him. She has also reverted on her potty training. She started having accidents while we were in the hospital but once we got home, she went back to normal. Then this past weekend, she had more accidents than she did when she was learning to potty train. She also had some at school Tuesday and one at home yesterday. We are in the process of retraining her with another sticker board, lots of potty trips and positive reinforcement.

 This picture makes my heart explode.

-I(Crystal) am doing well. I am under my pre-pregnancy weight(yay!!) and wearing normal clothes again, which feels good. My surgery incision is healing well, which was the worst part of the whole having a baby/surgery thing. I do have some sharp pains inside my belly and my incision is starting to itch. I have my 2 week post-op checkup Friday so I'm anxious to see what she says as to how I'm healing. 


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Going home from the hospital!

 It's amazing the difference I felt this time compared to after having Madison. I could hardly function after Madison. The only thing bothering me this time was my surgery incision(I had my tubes tied Thursday). We were discharged on Friday, 2 days after I had Riley.

This car ride looked a little different than the last time we did this.
Those straps make Riley look even more tiny than she is!