Monday, September 30, 2013

Madisons 2 year pictures

Our photographer came a little early to take some family pictures before the party started. 

 "Big Girl!"

Monday, May I

Monday May I...

This link up consists of 3 goals for the week.. I'm not planning on doing much this week...

-Spend no money other than gas and groceries. We have really had a lot going on the past week or two so it's time to settle down a bit and buckle up!

-Watch a movie(Admission). This is a given. I rented one today(free redbox code!)  and didn't watch it yet so I will watch it while Madison is at school tomorrow.

-Catch up on my cleaning! My back is hurting pretty bad to only be 25 weeks pregnant and I'm staying really tired. That means I would rather sit/lay down than do just about anything else. Alan is a huge help but things need to be done so he doesn't have to do them after working all day. 

What are your weekly goals? 


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Madisons 2nd birthday party!

Madison's party this year went so much smoother than last year! We started decorating the house 2 days beforehand and Alan's mom watched Madison the night before to give us some time to do finishing touches. All we had to do on Saturday was put the food out and get the balloons and put them up. We were actually waiting around when our photographer showed up! A far cry from last year! Here are some pics of the party decor and a few of the birthday girl! I will post another blog in a couple of days of the family pictures she took before the party!

The yummy cookies and cupcakes! We did a dozen and half of each item and did half vanilla/vanilla and half chocolate/vanilla cupcakes. Oreos for Mickey's ears and bam! Easy Mickey cupcakes. I did not make these! In the cooler were 3 kinds of ice cream cups. I bought a $5 cupcake stand at Hobby Lobby and glued ribbon around the layers.

My friend, Melissa, did this gorgeous banner for me with her Silhouette machine! I saw one online and the girl wanted $18 for it! I texted Melissa a picture and within a week she had it done! All I did was tape the ears onto ribbon and done! Thank you, Melissa!

The food! We decided to do Hot Dogs, plain ruffle chips with french onion dip, veggies with Ranch, fruit salad and tortilla chips with homemade salsa. It was all a big hit! We did the hot dog weiners in the crock pot(low on 4-5 hours) which made it so easy and kept them warm through the party.

I decided to name all of the food after Mickey things. Hot Diggity Dogs, Chip N Dales Chip N Dip, Goofy's Fruit, Daisy's Garden Veggies, Clarabelle's Sweets, and Pluto's Drink Station. I just printed the names on cardstock and taped it onto polka dotted cardstock. I then taped those near the food onto the tablecloth.

Pluto's Drink station. 
We did Hawaiian punch and bottled water(in a bucket on the floor). Red Solo cups and markers for people to put their names on the cups. Easy enough.

Another birthday banner

The Mousketool table.

My mom had just given Madison a bunch of Mickey character plastic statues so we placed those around the food for a little added touch!

I found a 4 pack of Mickey ears at Walmart and thought it would be cute for the kids to wear them. I printed out the sign and put it in a frame and we put them beside the couch which is near the front door.

I got this sign at Walmart! We put it on the laundry room door which is to the immediate left when you walk in the front door.

We put up red, white, black and polka dotted streamers around. I got the red fans from Hobby Lobby.

The Dining Room decor. We put up more streamers and I found these polka dotted lanterns at Hobby Lobby. We had another lantern in the kitchen doorway.

Us singing to the birthday girl. You can see the Mickey hanging on the door. I got a two of these from Walmart. 

Yay! What a great party! She got a ton of great gifts that she loves! I got her shirt from Ebay.

Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday

(1) I need a new blog header. 3 birds for a family of 4 doesn't cut it anymore. Also been thinking about changing the name. Thoughts? Ideas? My Instagram shop is Four birds and it's kinda catchy.. Sigh.

(2) We got the official word in Madison's baptism date in October. I'm anxious for this day to see how she does in front of hundreds if people with the way they do it. She will either talk up a storm or be super shy.. Either way, Alan will cry ;)

(3) I lucked up and found 3 basically brand new maternity jeans at Goodwill yesterday! $12 for all 3! I have a hard time finding them being 5'3" and all. Plus they tend to run $40 or so in stores.. I'm not paying that for 3 months worth of use.

(4) A local high school must have had a parade yesterday. On one of the busiest streets in town. At 6:00. Seriously?! It took me 15 minutes to go half a mile! 

(5) I tried the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte yesterday at Starbucks. Not bad but I won't order again. Then I come home to read a DIY version that includes the ingredients of said Latte. 49 grams of sugar. 12 teaspoons of sugar. TWELVE! That's a 1/4 cup!! I had just barely passed my Glucose test earlier in the day so I am sure this put my Insulin into panic mode! If I did like it, I wouldn't order it again just for that reason. Geez!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

25 week pregnancy comparison!

Everyone loves a good side by side, amIright?

Here's me at 25 weeks with Madison

This is the week I had the bladder infection with Madison. Almost exactly the same time that I had one with Riley. Crazy! We had just bought and put together her crib(we also just moved the crib to Riley's room and got Madison her toddler bed-creepy!) Weight was 118 and belly was 34" around.

.. and 25 weeks with Riley

Yep, definitely bigger. Rounder, heavier. Weight is 119 and belly is 35.5"! 1 lb heavier and 1.5" bigger. Crazy!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

25 weeks pregnant with Riley

Date: September 25

How far along - 25 weeks

Growing Baby- During month six, the average fetus measures about 13.6 inches to 14.8 inches and weighs about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. She's enjoying her new sense of equilibrium -- she now knows which way is up and which is down. She's growing more fat and more hair too!

How big is your baby?

Symptoms-Braxton Hicks contractions, achy back/hips, really tired, heartburn, feeling kind of blah.

Weight- 119lbs

Total weight gain/loss: +6 lbs

Belly measures- 35.5" (up 2.5" from last week!!)

Craving- nothing much. Staying really thirsty and I'd rather have salty snacks than sweet.

Bought- video monitors for both Madison and Riley, a NB long sleeve shirt, (2) 0-3 months pajamas, (1)0-3m dress, (1)0-3m pant, (1)0-3m coat, (2) 3m pajamas, (1)3m long sleeve shirt,  (2)3m outfits, (1)3m dress, (4)3-6m pajamas, (1)3-6m long sleeve shirt, (2) 3-6m outfits, (2)3-6m dresses, a 3m hat, a breastfeeding cover and a ton of maternity clothes.

Done- Moved Madison's crib into Riley's room for her to use.

Looking forward to
- Heartrate and my glucose test on 26th. Anxious about that since my GP said I may fail my glucose according my my physical results :/

Other thoughts- I feel huge. I have been told I'm now waddling.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toddler bed transition

A couple weeks ago, M woke up crying-from a nightmare I suppose. Alan went in to get her and she had her leg thrown over the side of the crib, trying to climb out.  She had already been sleeping in our bed for about a month anyway since she would wake up crying around midnight every night.  We went to IKEA a few weeks ago, before the climbing incident, while on our anniversary getaway and spend probably an hour around the toddler bed area. We were thinking "Either buy Madison a toddler bed and pass her crib to Riley, or buy Riley a crib and then end up buying a toddler bed in a month or so." We didn't love any of the IKEA ones(we needed dark wood) but Madison had a ball climbing and going "night night" on them. We walked away empty handed. While Madison's crib does convert to a daybed for toddlers, we didn't like the look of those white toddler safety rails. When she tried climbing out, we kept looking around but had no luck finding the color we needed. We didn't want those plastic character beds and all of the wood  ones were white or light wood. I got online and found it! It was just what we were looking for! Ordered and it was here 2 days later! I got her rug and bedding set from Target.

The first night, she slept from 8pm-11pm and woke up crying and ended up in our bed. The second night, I attempted to put her down for a nap in it with no luck. She screamed for a minute and then stopped and I heard her in there reading and playing. When I went in there, everything from her bed was on her toy box and everything on her table was in the floor. We decided we needed a video monitor! On the hunt we go. The first one we get is The First Years. The monitor was tiny and VERY grainy. We could barely see her! We took it back and got a Summer and it was just as bad. The view range wasn't very good. We didn't want to hang it on the wall and all we could see from that camera was her bed. We need to see most of her room! Back that one went! I had gotten an email from Toys R Us Sunday about the monitor below. You get a $60 gift card with the purchase. It was more than we wanted to spend but it pans left to right and up and down. The parent panel is 3.5" and it has 2 cameras! We will be able to put the 2nd camera in Riley's room! So far we are really liking it! If it only had a voice activated system instead of hearing white noise constantly and if the camera came on with movement instead I'd be 100% happy. I haven't played with it much so it might have that but I haven't found it.

Motorola MBP43-2

 The second night she slept from 9pm-5am. The third day she napped 2 hours and slept from 8:30pm -5am and the fourth day she napped 2 hours and slept from 9pm-7:30 after reading in her bed for an hour! She did wake up when I went in to turn off her "aquarium" so I sat with her a few minutes and then walked out. We let her cry and she cried for 15 minutes and went back to sleep. Tuesday she had to be woke up at 8:10am without waking up in the middle of the night! It's amazing that she is having zero problem laying in her new bed! We are so impressed with how she's handled the transition! Also, watching her on the monitor is so funny.. She just sits on her bed and reads or she will grab her Mickey, Minnie or Bunny and just hug and talk to them. It's so cute!

This night she woke up and moved her head to the bottom of the bed.

Friday, September 20, 2013

In August, I did...

 Gosh I didn't realize I had not done my update. I know you were waiting on pins and needles!! I keep saying this but I'm for reals this time. I haven't felt good the past few days and I am feeling just kind of blah. Like I'm missing something. That something is a little walking in the neighborhood. Getting my heart rate up and maybe listening to some non-Barney or Mickey music.

Done.. sort of. I hate exercising but I am walking in the neighborhood a bit more.

-Along with that goes eating better. For us and Madison. I would like for us to snack on fruit and nuts instead of Doritoes and Sprite.  I picked up lots of fruit at the store and got Madison some healthier snacking options. Her snack bowl was being overrun by sugar filled gummies, pretzel and cheese dip-its and goldfish. I blame thank Kari over at Better Together and Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life for posting their Munchkin Meals weekly post today.(Click their blog names to see what their kids are eating!) I will be finding, printing and making Madison some healthy snacks as well in the next couple of days. Go to A Healthy Slice of Life for some really great, healthy food/snack ideas for your kids. I will be pulling some recipes from there and will review them in the upcoming weeks/months.

Done. I have stopped buying chips, snacks and sodas. I stocked our fridge with bottled water and now buy more fruit and nuts than I did before.

-Figure out the route we want to go with Riley's room. Her walls are a silvery blue and I'm thinking hot pink accents. I found some cute polka dotted sheets at Target and thought that'd be a cute route to take. I love Madison's vinyl tree in her room(see below) and would like some sort of non-tree vinyl for Riley's.
Pretty much. The same color walls with hot pink accents. She has hot pink curtains and bins in her cubby. The owl picture has hot pink in it and the birds have pink. I don't do cartoon themes. I want the girls to be able to grow with their decor.

(This is now hanging on the wall)

-Schedule another date night with Alan. In July we went out to a seafood restaurant while his mom had Madison. Royal at Royal Proclaims told me about a yummy newish restaurant in our area that we need to try.
Done! We went out for our birthday's the middle of August. We did go to the restaurant that Royal recommended and it was SO yummy! It's probably a new favorite. It was nice enough to sit outside and there was a guy playing live music. The food was great also. 

-Try to schedule a mini-vacation or a week long vacation before December. Also, book our annual Christmas tree trip.

Not done. Trying to figure out exactly what days we want to take our tree trip.

-For goodness sake, get Madison's 2 year photobook caught up and possibly start Riley's 1st year. I need to get with it!

I haven't even looked at it! With all of her birthday planning and party going on, I've just let it slip my mind. I will hopefully be done by Christmas :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

24 weeks pregnant with Riley

Date: September 18

How far along - 24 weeks

Growing Baby- Her see-through skin is gradually becoming more opaque. And it's got a new pink glow, thanks to the small capillaries that have recently formed.

How big is your baby?

Symptoms- back hurts from the weight of my belly.

Weight- 118.2lbs

Total weight gain/loss: +5.2lbs

Belly measures- 33"

Craving- nothing

Bought- a newborn outfit, (2) NB shirts and a pair of NB jeans, a 0-3m sleeper. (3) 0-3m outfits, (3) 3m sleepers, (2) 3m shirts, (2) 3m outfits and a 3m dress, (2) 3-6m outfits, pair of 3-6m pants, (2) 6m sleepers, a 6m outfit and pair of 6m pants, (1 each) 6-9m and 6-12m sleepers, 12m outfit and 12m shirt, and a hat. I also got Madison 2 long sleeve shirts and 4 pair of pants all for $33! I love consignment season :)

Done-Bought Madison a toddler bed so Riley will get Madison's old crib.

Looking forward to
- getting her mattress and sheets and seeing the room come together more. Finding a trundle bed for her room for me to sleep in until she sleeps through the night.

Other thoughts-  I am so ready to get Madison's bed and get her to sleep in there. She has been shacking up with us for roughly a month now. She grits her teeth, kicks, squirms and wants to sleep sideways. She gets up about an hour earlier and wakes up grumpy. I am very nervous about this crib to bed transition but it needs to be done since she tried climbing out.

Monday, September 16, 2013

A and C updates

This happened last night..

  • We finally broke down and ordered Madison a toddler bed. She woke up screaming the other night and Alan went in to get her and she had her leg over the rail. She's been on the very bottom position for probably a year now. We had been looking around trying to find a dark wood bed that had the wood rails on it, but have had zero luck!  Her crib does transform to a daybed and then converts into a Full size bed later but we figured we would pass down the crib to Riley and just buy a toddler bed for Madison. We were actually going to buy the same crib for Riley anyway so it just made sense.  I am very nervous about this process as Madison is a wiggle worm and she does not like to sit still. We should have the bed Wednesday. I will be making a trip to Target to see if I can find a cute bedding set and a pillow. I am really liking this one since it matches her room with the owls and trees.

  • We started our Welcome Class at church last Sunday. I had no idea what to expect since I'd never even heard of such a thing. It's an 8 week class to get you familiar with the Presbyterian Church. Being raised Baptist, it has helped me. The pastor leads the class which is nice because we get to know him a bit better than just listening to him preach every Sunday.
  •  Wilma had a knot that popped up on her ear last week. We watched it a couple of days and then took her to the vet. He said it was a hematoma(collection of blood outside the vessels) and it needed to be drained. 30 minutes later, she was done and ready to go. She has also had an eye allergy that hasn't cleared up so they gave us some cream for that. They suggested we keep an E-collar on her for 3 weeks until they take the drain tube out of her ear. Madison thinks Wilma's "hat" is funny.. Poor Wilma.

Madison calls the drain tube her "earring" 

  • Sunday after our Welcome class, I went to the restroom and noticed I passed some blood. I called the hospital and they told me to come in to be checked. I told them I had this same issue with Madison at right around the same time in my pregnancy. Alan's mom met Alan to get Madison because the last time we were in there at least 4 hours. They got me in and took a sample. I think I was able to take a 30 minute nap and they were coming back saying it was a bladder infection, which I figured it was. The Dr also said I am on the verge of getting kidney stones. She gave me a prescription and we were on our way. I am not in any pain, thankfully. I'm trying to drink more water and basically staying in the restroom all day from doing so. :)'