Saturday, December 1, 2012

Instagram Sunday

Instagram is a mobile app where you take and upload pictures. Some people use it for food, clothes, or  business pictures but I think the majority of us use it for randomness. They also have photo challenges where you have a certain picture to take for the day(drink, breakfast, my view, etc) which I usually participate in. I like a challenge and trying to come up with a creative photo 'answer' to whatever the picture of the day is.

If you don't follow me on Instagram yet, you should :) I take the most random pictures throughout the day.
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Gone for the weekend = empty pantry.
(Also part of the photo a day for cupboard)

Went to JCP to find myself a white shirt for Christmas pictures. Ended up buying Madison pjs instead. Mom's life.

While looking through our tree trip pictures, I zoomed in on them to see if Madison was looking at the camera and ran across this gem. I laughed so hard I was crying! Something about her eyes being closed makes it more funny than it should be. My daughter. The booger picker. Gotta love her!

Looking for some Christmas music to put me in the mood for putting up decorations. It wasn't cutting it so I put on 90s grunge on Pandora.. Ahhh, much better!
Does this mean good luck? Duplicates of 2 things in the mail today. Both were addressed to the same person.. weird!

time for a QT slushie(Friday)

And another on Saturday. QT is the devil I tell ya!

A USC bus. Alan seemed to recognize it. Has a painting of Marcus Lattimore on it. Weird.

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