Monday, October 31, 2011

Maybe I'm Mommy's twin?

Remember the 'twin' blog with Alan's baby picture?

Well, my mom brought me one of my baby pictures...

So who do you think she looks like?  This picture was taken when she was 2 days old.

And here's a picture of Madison taken at 7 1/2 weeks old.

I think she looked like Alan's baby picture when she was born. I think she looks like my picture now. She's changed so much!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wilma update

We took Wilma for her 12 week checkup to see how things were progressing with her leg. At her 6 week visit, the doctor said where the bone was broken was healing but there was a crack around one if thr external fixtures. In the past 6 weeks, Wilma has used that leg more and more, swatting with it, running out the door, putting that foot up on her crate when she gets excited and laying on that side. They x-rayed it and said it looks great! Showed us where thr bone was healing nice and said one of the pins is loosening around where the crack was. The dr decided to leave it alone and he wants the original surgeon to look at it in 2 weeks and he feels they will start taking the fixture off a little at a time! This is am xray of her leg.. Looks scary! All of this will eventually come out. Thanks for the prayers! So glad for good news!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Madison's 2 month checkup

 So Madison had her 2 month checkup this morning.  To say I have been really nervous about this appointment is an understatement.. I think Alan was secretly nervous too. I even cried yesterday just thinking about her possibly crying for hours after getting her shots. To my defense, I was watching "My Sister's Keeper". Which I highly don't recommend if you a) have kids and/or b) hate crying.. If you like crying, I highly recommend it. So anyway, Madison did great at her appointment! She weighs 10.6 lbs (8.1 at birth) and measures 22 1/2" long (20 3/4" at birth). She is 40% in her weight, 50% in both her length and her head circumference. The doctor said everything looked great with her and said how pretty she was. I'm sure they call all babies beautiful but I like to think they don't and only thinks Madi is beautfiul :)

Then come the shots. She was already fussy when we went in since she was up from 6-8am and she was napping when we left at 8:30 and I woke her up then she fell asleep in the car only to be waken up and stripped down in a cold doctor's office. It's a cruel world, I tell ya.

They gave her one shot in her right leg and 2 in her left and an oral dose.  She did cry with each shot but by the time the nurse was ready to give her the next one, she was done, only to cry again, stop and cry again. We both did fine with it and Madison is sporting some pretty cool band aides to show how tough she is! She was asleep by the time we checked out and is still asleep 3 hours later! Maybe she should have shots everyday? :) Kidding... kind of.

The shots given were:
-DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) 

-Hepatitis B

-Haemophilus Influenzae Type b (Hib) 

-Pneumococcal Conjugate


She goes back for her 4 month shots(same round she got today) December 28 and we are seeing the doctor that saw her the first day in the hospital, which I'm excited about because I really liked him, even though I would like for her to have a woman doctor.  We are in a practice with 9 doctors. At this stage in her life, I don't think she minds either way. 

 I leave you with cuteness :)

One of her favorite things to do. Sit in her Boppy, looking out the window. This allows mommy to do things around the house. I was folding clothes during this session. 
7 weeks 1 day.

 I thought this was funny. I'm not a huge fan of this outfit because she looks like a boy but I bought it before we knew she was a girl. Plus Halloween is coming up so I can get away with it.  We were sitting on the porch - another favorite activity of hers- and she made this face.. Scarier than the monster on her shirt. 
7 weeks.

 This was taken this morning about 7am. She's such a morning baby!  Little did she know that she would be getting shots in a couple of hours. 
7 weeks 2 days.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tahoe no more....

 As I blogged about before, Alan bought a 2011 Tahoe in January.  It all started with the day we bought it. We had to wait about 3 days to get it since we bought it just before the big ice storm. In a 4 week span, he had taken it back to the dealer 3 times to fix some rattles, popping noises and a tear in the leather in one of the seats.

Then in February, he got rear ended at a red light. That started the chain reaction of events. He took it to another Chevrolet dealership to get the bumper replaced from the wreck(where we bought it doesn't have a body shop). When he went to pick it up, they had just painted over the spot on the hitch, without sanding it down. It was the first thing he spotted, of course. He went back inside, got the Manager, and showed it to him.  He took it back in to fix it and when he was done, brought it back out and pointed out a paint run on the back passenger door handle (manufacturer defect). This is when my phone rang and he was livid! They called Chevy to set up a time to get that spot fixed. They sanded the paint run down, Alan saw it and did not approve, so they decided to sand and paint the entire door. Went to pick it up, seemed to look okay and drove it home to only notice that the window on that side looked like it had been sanded as well. And upon looking closer, the paint job was very crappy with bubbles all in the paint. At this point, he was beyond frustrated with the body shop and went back to the dealership we bought it from, complained to the sales manager and he said he had a body shop that he could send it to. He left it at that body shop for a week so they could repaint the door and replace the window(which still squeaks to this day).

About the time it started warming up, Alan noticed the air conditioning wasn't getting cool enough. Took it in for service and they said the thermostat was bad, so they replaced it. Then the 'penny in a can' rattle started... oh boy. He spent many a night driving around our neighborhood trying to pinpoint it, even having his very pregnant wife leaning over the console and in the floor trying to find it. Took it back to the dealership where they replaced the fuse box with no luck. Then replaced replaced the entire parking brake assembly with no luck. The rattle was still never fixed. Over the next few weeks, a wind noise started developing on the drivers side. Took it in for it's oil change (Alan noticed this was the 3rd service manager he has dealt with since January-he probably got them fired) this past Monday and told them it was still rattling. He came out and said he found 2 areas and repaired them... Alan had hope.  He texted me and said "Optimism, I think they found it" and I texted back "Who, you? I doubt it's fixed". He got in the car to come home and it was still rattling. Turned around, took it back and they wanted to replace a piece of trim. Went back Friday to get trim put on and it still wasn't fixed.

That brings us to 9 months later and the reason for this blog:

Alan has a new toy..

3 days later and no rattles yet. Here's hoping!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daddy and me

Alans baby picture and Madisons picture at 4 days old. Twins? Me thinks yes!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Madison's schedule..

I want to preface this with this;

We know Madison is only 6 weeks old and a schedule sounds crazy. We are in no way starving her if it's not one of the times we would like for her to eat nor are we keeping her awake if she's sleepy. Example-she ate every 2-3 hours today and napped afterwards every time. We are mainly focusing on her sleeping in her crib for bedtime and will worry about her routine(or lack thereof) later. We just want her happy and full! :)

With that said, she seems to be adjusting to sleeping in her crib at night. The past 2 nights haven't been perfect but they are getting better. She will lay down around 7 or 8pm, wake up around 10pm to eat then lay back down and sleep till 2-3am, then fall back asleep till 5 or 6am. After 6am, she doesn't want to sleep in her crib, so we have let her sleep in our bed.  This morning she slept from 7am-10am and yesterday she slept from 7am-12pm in our bed. Not sure what it is about that time frame that makes her unhappy about sleeping in the crib but we are working on it.

I actually slept in our bed last night with Alan for the first time since Wednesday. He got up with her around 1 or 2am and stayed in her room until 6 this morning. Once we move her to our room she's perfectly content. Now if we can get her to nap in her crib during the day, I would feel much better! She will nap fine in her little rocker bassinet but once you lay her in the crib, within 5 minutes on the dot, she's crying.

We are taking baby steps to reach our goal of somewhat of a routine.. I know everyday isn't going to be perfect but I'd like to start at least getting her up and having her bedtime at the same time every day/night. But right now, if she wants to sleep till 12, fine by me cause that means I can sleep till 12! I'm still catching up on sleep from the pregnancy!

I'll end with this picture I took today in her Carolina Cutie outfit a friend of Alan's gave her. She's growing up so fast and I swear she gets prettier every day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Madisons schedule- Day 1.

So I had my 6 week post delivery checkup yesterday and everything went great. The Dr had a counseling session with me, as I'm sure he does with all new moms. Or at least I hope he does. He really emphasized for us to stop rocking her to sleep, for her to start sleeping in her crib and putting her on OUR schedule versus the other way around. You know, all the wrong things we were doing that every parent does.. Every parent, right? Right?

After coming up with a schedule for her with Alan, I put her down for a nap in her crib at 12pm. She cried for 45 minutes, slept for 10, then cried another hour. I got her up at 2, even though she hadn't slept. I fed her and we played, went on a walk and sat on the porch until 4 when I put her back down for another nap.

She cried for 2 hours. I got her up at 6 and me and Alan played with her until his mom came over at 7, then she played with her until Madison wiped out around 7:30. They left and we gave her a bath and put her to bed at 8. I decided to sleep in her room so I could keep an eye on her if she choked.

She cried until 8:20 and just laid there, quietly looking around until 10, when she fell asleep! We decided we would get her up at 12am and 4am to eat. Well when she started whining it was already 2am! She slept 4 hours in her crib! I got her up, fed her(she only ate an ounce) and put her down at 3. She cried for 10 minutes and then was back asleep. I knew it was too good to be true. She woke up crying at 3:30 and didn't stop until I got her up to eat at 6:45. she would stop if I put the pacifiar in her mouth but she can't hold it great yet and it falls out every 10 minutes and I decided I can't get up and down to put it back in every few minutes plus I don't want to teach her that she can't sleep unless she has it in her mouth. So I let her cry... She has now ate 2 ounces and is knocked out in my arms( I'm on my phone blogging) since we have to hold her upright 15 minutes after she eats because of her reflux.

So her schedule today is to get up in 20 minutes at 8am. Stay up till 12(have a HUGE feeling she wont make it) Sleep from 12-2 in her crib(HA!) Up till 4. Sleep from 4-6(ha!) Up until bedtime at 8. Up to eat at 12am and 4am.. Repeat. I have such high hopes.. Give me strength!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 month milestones

I know she is only a month and not much happens that young but there have been some changes in her short life!

-Appearance. She changes daily! She barely looks anything like she did the day she was born. Her eyes are getting lighter around her pupils and I think they will be like Alans, dark blue with green around the pupils. Her hair has went from strawberry blonde in the hospital to blonde to light brown. Her eyelashes are long and turning brown. Her eyebrows are still blonde though.

-Sounds. She hasn't starting cooing yet but she has definitely added some different noises to her vocabulary.. And speaking of noise, she has really become the cryer. We bragged so much about her in the hospital saying "she's only cried 3 times in 2 days!" Well now shes not afraid to cry. Granted she only cries when she's sleepy or hungry so it could be much worse.

-Bathtime! She seems to actually enjoy baths now. We got her very first bath on video(blackmail?) and she was NOT a happy camper.. Now she just sits in her tub relaxing..

-Growth. She's growing like a weed! She is now 10 lbs(8.1 at birth) and much taller! She has outgrown the newborn pajamas her Nimmie(Alans mom) bought her the week she came home. Its the length that is too small, not the size.. She can now wear some 0-3 months clothes and even some 3 months.. She has also gone from a newborn diaper to a size 1..

Sleeping/eating- she did great her first week with napping during the day. Then the 2nd and 3rd week she didn't nap at all and wanted to eat every hour. So the 3rd week(last week) we assumed she wasn't getting enough food. I was exclusively nursing so we didn't know how many ounces she was getting and she tended to fall asleep while nursing. So I went and bought a daily use pump and have been exclusively pumping and bottle feeding this past week and it's really helped I think! We now know she eats 3-5 ounces every 3-5 hours. It has helped her napping during the day a LOT! It has also allowed Alan to feed her if I have things to do and also help feed her at her 7pm and 10pm feedings so I can get some sleep.

Schedule- we have been trying to keep her on a loose schedule so she is not eating or napping all day and it helps keep her days and nights straight. She goes to bed roughly 7pm. Wakes up at 10 and sometimes wants to eat and sometimes just wants to be rocked back to sleep. She typically eats 0.5-2 oz during her middle of the night feedings. She is then back up at roughly 1am, 4am, 6am and I will finally get her out of bed and change her clothes at 9:30am. Then I keep her awake about an hour. She loves sitting in her Boppy pillow looking out the window so I will do that while I shower, eat, pump, read to her or play with her stuffed animals with her. She usually then naps from 11-12 or 1. Then awake for another hour where we usually sit on the porch or go on a walk in the neighborhood. She loves being outside! She's usually back down around 2 for another hour or so and then back down at 5 for an hour and half. I usually lay down with her at her 5:00 nap since I'm usually running out of energy by that time. Then Alan gets home between 5:30-6. He usually holds her a while, feeds her at 6:30 and rocks her to sleep around 7-7:30. Repeat.

-Movements. She is now moving her head with her eyes. She watched me walk out of the room the other day and when I returned she was still looking at the doorway so I walked to her opposite side and she turned her head to follow me. We also think her vision is becoming more clear, that she can see further now. She loves looking around and is very alert when she's awake. She is also holding her head up pretty good. She is still a little wobbly so shed not ready for her Bumbo seat but it won't be long! Her arms and legs are constantly moving when she's awake. And even asleep sometimes! If you are holding her, watch out cause she will likely punch you!

Smiling/laughing. She started smiling in the hospital. She typically smiles the most when she's falling asleep but has become more of a social smiled this week. Certain times when we give her kisses or make funny faces she will smile. I have heard her laugh 3 times and they gve all been in the middle of the night at a feeding and she is usually nodding off asleep.

In other news, she gets her first round of shots on the 27th and we can't wait! We will be so glad to be able to take her places!

In Wilma news, she went for her 6 week checkup the week Madison came home and the bone that was broken is healing good but it appears she has a crack in the bone around the bottom pin on her leg so the doctor stressed we keep her as confined as possible, which we have been. She goes for another xray on the 28th, her 12th week since the accident. Hopefully we will have good news and maybe they will start taking that fixture off. Be thinking of her and us as we go to the Dr. Hoping that crack is healing!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy 1 month Madison!

Alan's thoughts on Madison being 1 month old:
"She has as much gas as a normal person. Louder than I can imagine. She's a beautiful thing- looks like her mama. It's been an amazing month. I'm tired. Reality has not hit. Favorite time is sleeping on the couch with her on my chest and her pooting. Her gas is serious."

Crystal's thoughts on Madison being 1 month old:
"I can't believe it's been a month! Seems like yesterday and forever ago, at the same time, that I was pregnant. Parenthood is nothing like I thought it would be. I thought she would sleep a lot more during the day and I had no idea I would be this exhausted. And at the same time it's not as hard as I thought it would be. I love spending time with her during the day. She is so fun and I love her so much! I wonder if she gets tired of me kissing her? I bet I kiss her 432 times during the day. I forget what it's like to wear a shirt that doesn't have spit up or drool on it... And as I've told everyone I know, if you think you love your husband/wife/bf/gf before you have a baby, just wait. Seeing Alan with her makes my heart melt. He's the best father in the world and he's such a huge help to me, taking over when he gets home so I can get some rest and do things that I can't get done during the day. Even feeding her sometimes at her 10-11pm feeding so I can sleep an extra 3 hours without having to get up. And these days 3 hours may as well be 12. I love hearing him talk to her. She loves him so much! I never knew I could love a person that can't even talk this much. She's amazing and we are so blessed!"

I did a mini photo session with her and her monthly sticker today. When I went to post the best one, I couldn't decide.. I love all of her looks!

Probably my favorite..

Enough already, mama!

Sitting in the shade outside.. She loves being outside!

Crazy hands..

This is what she does in her sleep.. She tends to scare herself and and her arms go straight out. It's so funny, even though it usually wakes her up.

Looks like something scared her..

Random pictures of Madison - Month 1

These are just some very random pictures of Madison through out her first month that I've taken with my phone.. Some of these ya'll have seen. Notice how she looks so different from picture to picture.

I love her look in this one. 

 Ms Wide Eyes

Madison and her Aunt Amanda(Crystal's best friend)

Sweet sleeping angel

This is how she sleeps if she's not swaddled.. She has crazy hands!

On a walk in the neighborhood with her mommy

Bedtime with daddy.. Notice the hands.

Crazy hands again.. In a zoned out sleep and the arms are just a goin'

..and then she found her thumb.

Another crazy hands example. Even when she is swaddled, she manages to sneak her hand out.. 
Maybe she'll be a magician.

Madison laying in my lap on her Boppy pillow and Cameron crawled up to lay with her.

If this isn't a "Crystal" look, I don't know what is.

Showing off those mile long legs.

Having a hippie day

 I could snuggle with her all day!

  This is so funny!

Our Baby Gap model in her first pair of Gap jeans.

I love when she wrinkles her forehead.. It gets all squishy and kissable!

 With her Poppy (Crystal's dad)

The cutest butt you've ever seen! Love these pants!

"I'm the other woman in daddy's life besides mommy"