Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm dreaming of a ...

These pictures were actually taken on Sunday when I took Wilma out to play in it.

The next 3 pictures were taken in the field across from our house.
There's something about this massive tree that I love!
This is the same tree but I love the effect of the sun peeking through.
This is straight out of the camera. I'd love to say I did a trick to get this shot but I just got lucky!
And here's stinker. Wilma loves the snow! I love the snowflake right below her right eye and her gray beard. I threw the ball for her and turned that gorgeous blanket of snow into a mess! She had a good time though!
And here she is after digging in the snow to find her ball. The cold doesn't phase her at all! ... as seen here!

Hope ya'll got out and played in it like we did! There's still a lot of it on the ground but the roads are clear. It'd be nice to see this every year at Christmastime!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A mountain Christmas

This year we did a little something different. We left on Wednesday and headed up to Brevard, NC. We got up there around 7 that evening. We go into our cabin and got situated then went out to eat. On Friday we decided to head to Asheville to finish up our Christmas shopping for each other. This year we both had things we both knew we wanted. Alan wanted the Nook(the e-reader) and I wanted a zoom lens and a Keurig(single cup coffee maker). Who says women don't want appliances? :) And we both also wanted clothes and shoes. Well, Alan needed clothes after all the weight he has lost. We spent a few hours in Asheville and then headed back to the cabin. On Friday we had decided to not do anything and just relax! We did leave and had lunch at a place down the road and we also bought some soup for supper that evening since it was Christmas Eve and most places were closing and we didn't bring food to cook. After we ate lunch we decided to ride to an outfitters and then I spotted a nail salon. I had been wanting us to get a mani/pedi on the trip so we went in. After that I had to go in Bilo, which was right beside the nail salon, to get some stocking things for Alan. There I picked up all the goodies to make gingerbread houses as a surprise for us to do at the cabin. We then headed back around 3. We sat around and watched tv, played Wii and just relaxed a bit. I then secretly set up the gingerbread supplies in the kitchen and told him to come in. We then had fun, and made a huge mess setting up our houses! Here are the pictures:

Here's Alan putting together interesting house.
This is my finished house.
And Alan's finished house. The front
The back. The red and blue thing is a slide to the pool. He's very creative.

Saturday morning, we woke up to snow! It was so pretty and coming down quick! We thought we would stay until around 11 and head home but we left before 10! These pictures are taken off the back deck of our cabin. There's a creek that runs right behind it.All in all, we had a great, much needed trip away. We don't take for granted the times we are able to get out of town and we cherish every moment. Especially when it's in the mountains! :) It started snowing at home around 4 or 5 Christmas Day. It's now 12pm on the day after and it hasn't slowed down yet! It's so pretty! I'm shocked we still have power and satellite! I'm trying to make it a pajama day but of course Alan wants to go into town. I may meet him halfway and let him take me around to take some pictures. Here's a picture of us from yesterday when it was snowing. Not sure why Alan looks so confused. And he's wearing Pop's old coat. We miss Pop so much, especially around the holidays! We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So we brought our tree home the Monday after Thanksgiving. We got so busy the week after that we finally got a chance to decorate it this past Saturday. I always look forward to pulling out the ornaments and reliving each memory. We always go "Oh, remember this?" "Remember this vacation?" or whatever. And since I collect ornaments, we have a ton of them! We have to remember to get a taller tree from now on so they will all fit! Here are some of my favorites:

For obvious reasons - our honeymoon destination, Barbados. And another obvious one. We got this one in Blowing Rock, NC on our
first Christmas tree trip as a married couple!

I guess these are all obvious.....This one is for our new house. March 25, 2008.This was our first ornament that we bought. It is my absolute favorite one. And here's our tree! Closeup of the ornaments in our transom windows.Our buffet with my sweet kissing angels.Our mantle. The cats have a stocking and the dogs have one.
We have since put wreaths on all of our windows outside and are working on putting garland with lights around the deck on the back. We were doing that tonight but when I plugged the lights it, they glowed gold instead of white. Ooopsie. Tomorrow it is!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who wants to go swimming?

Sunday we-and by we, I mean me- decided to take all 3 dogs to the nearby lake. We have taken Wilma there before but I wanted to have a family outing and take them all. We have never had all 3 dogs in one car at one time so it was an adventure. I do not, however, have any pictures of them actually swimming since I had to take reigns of one dog, Alan had one and Wilma was free roaming since she's under voice command.

Here's Toby(l) and Wilma(r) enjoying the ride...

Here's Toby watching the truck behind him. We decided this day that Toby has very severe ADHD. So much so, he couldn't focus on the lake to go swimming. He would rather be looking around at every little thing.. bird! squirrel! tree! stick!

 Here's all 3 of them together. Micki can barely balance in a car on 3 legs so she lays down most of the time. She can, however, swim with the best of them!

 And this is how Wilma was most of the time. She, being the Princess she is, doesn't like riding in the car with the Peasants! So she laid her head on her daddy's shoulder most of the ride. Pitiful.

Micki and Wilma had an absolute ball! They saw the water as soon as we pulled up. We opened the door and they both just sprinted to the water. You've never seen a 3-legged dog run so fast. I was able to get Micki on a leash(I'm scared she may drown if I don't have some type of control if she starts going under) and Wilma did a Superman dive into the water. Toby did not like it as much. He stepped in up to his...elbows? and stepped out and didn't think about getting back in. He was just as happy sniffing the ground all around. I wish we had taken the video recorder. Wilma was hilarious! She was run at full speed and just jump in the water. Needless to say, the ride home was not pleasant.. Mud and water everywhere! We got it all cleaned up and I think they are all still recovering!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yard goings-on. Is that a word?

You know you are married when a night out means a trip to Lowes. Alan worked all day Saturday in the yard cutting grass and spreading seed. It looks really good. While he was doing that, I went to the Farmers Market with his mom. Then we had lunch and went shopping. I then had to go to the grocery store after I dropped her off. I pulled in our driveway just as he was weedeating around the last tree. Timing couldn't have been better..... The yard looks great and with these weekly trips to Lowe's, it's starting to look better and better. Here's some of the Workman happenings in the yard.

 Aren't these gorgeous? We went to Lowes to get a stake for my 5 feet tall cucumber vine. As we were talking, we saw a buggy with 2 of these bushes on it. I stopped and sniffed and patted it and looked for a price and of course nothing. So I walked around trying to find them on the racks. Couldn't find them. 15 minutes had went by at that point and the buggy was still sitting there so we took one off to see how much. $3.50 the lady said and I told Alan to grab the other one. They are so pretty and I'm in love. This one is out by the road and the other is in the landscaping in front of the house.

 Lowe's also had their trees 50% off so we snagged this Redbud...

..and this Maple tree

I was excited to see this tiny tomato sprouting! Yay!

 And my hydrangeas! It doesn't take much to get me excited, people! We transplanted 2 plants from my dad's last year and I'm glad to see some blooms so I know that we didn't kill them both!

And lastly, a picture of supper tonight. It was so good! A sausage and egg mcmuffin with bacon, hash browns, blueberry muffins and tomatoes from our neighbors. Yum! It hit the spot!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is this my house?



That was my thought when I was able to see the yard from coming down the road after work today. It's an amazing difference! The stripe of mud at the bottom of the picture is where they trenched for the irrigation pipe. Alan will seed that this weekend and hopefully it will grow fast to cover it up! 6 pallets of sod went really fast. It wasn't enough to go all the way around so Alan will seed that area too. I wish we had gotten another pallet to finish it off.
Now I'm ready to get rid of all those mud stripes where the pipe was layed and actually have a green lawn, minus weeds. I know Alan is secretly excited that he doesn't have to water our 6 lilacs or 3 trees anymore. Not to mention my garden will be getting water for 40 minutes every day the next 2 weeks. Then 20 minutes 2 or 3 days a week after that. I'm secretly excited about that part.

This is the other project we've been working on. The landscaping at the back of the house. This past weekend we rearranged some plants and lost one butterfly bush in the process but it's okay, it was too big anyway. My mom gave me the Gardenia to the right of the roses. The butterfly bush was in the corner but died so we pulled it up today and planted the yellow and purple roses(below) behind the Gardenia and the pink rose bush on the right. I also pulled up most of my strawberry bush. It had gotten about 3ft wide and just overtaking the garden. You can see it on the left of the picture. We also moved one hydrangea since it wasn't in full sun. Now we need to find something to plant in the actual corner. I was going to do a bunch of rose bushes....and who knows, I still might. Lots of yard work going on here lately!

Speaking of garden, here's a full picture of my tiny, sickly garden. All the sprigs under the strings are onions, not weeds. The 2 with the yellow plant tags are squash and okra. The one in the dead center is a..who knows? Then there's my tomato in the left corner and my cucumber on the right and my zucchini at the top center. I was going to try to plant some more things to fill it up but my dad said it looks like we didn't put enough fertilized soil down and didn't till it deep enough. I don't want to waste any more money on plants. I know that I'm going to be dying to plant some more things so I may put some soil down on top. Ah, who knows?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Never been so glad to see such a mess!

It was so nice to come home and see this today! We've waited 2 long years to have an irrigation system put in the yard and get that nasty muddy hill sodded!

It looks like a maze with all the trenches!

My poor garden was traumatized with all that digging! See the one big plant? That's my bell pepper...or is it a cucumber? I can't remember.

Here's a closeup of it. I'm not sure why it's the only plant that is doing well. Even the okra that I just planted this weekend have already died. What am I doing wrong?! At least I'll have whatever this turns out to be. Next year I will mark what it is.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

infatuation? Methinks YES.

(written by Crystal) For Christmas this past year my present from Alan was a new Canon Rebel XSi. I have since grown a slight infatuation with this camera. I'm always looking for something to take a picture of. I bought a book teaching me how to use it but I got about 50 pages in and got overwhelmed. I am going to start reading up on it next week to try to get familiar with all the settings. I've done 2 'photo shoots' with our Godson, Malachi. One was just a fun day at the park and the other was Easter at a local garden. He's such a cute subject, but has quite a short attention span :) Our local photo center offers classes and I make take one of those depending on when they do it. I went to Walmart yesterday and had almost 800 pictures on my memory card! So I have a lot of favorites but here are a few:Our cat, Cameron. I don't think I need to explain why I love this picture. Doesn't he just look so sweet?
This is my BFF Amanda and Malachi(our Godson). They were having so much fun laughing. I love that he was looking at the camera. Something about this picture makes you stress free for a brief moment. I think it's the innocence of a 3 year old.

This is Amanda's favorite picture of the day, and it wasn't even staged! He had picked a flower(shhh!) and just laid down on the bench and I started shooting away. It helps to have such a cute subject :)
One of Malachi's Easter pics. Definately everyone's favorite that has seen this round of pics. Isn't his suit the cutest thing you've ever seen?

This picture is not in focus at all but I love it. This is my sweet Micki and it just looks like she's laughing! I love this picture and it makes me giggle when I see it. She's the happiest dog in the world and she's pretty darn sweet too!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

First post! - by Crystal

Hey ya'll! This is the first post to our new blog. This past year has brought some new hobbies for both of us, great things and some major changes in our lives. I (Crystal) keep up with a lot of blogs and love keeping up with people that we know personally and I even keep up with people that I've never met but feel like I know them in real life. I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I like following other people's blogs. I will try to update as often as possible without boring you to tears. Sometimes we go months with no activity in our life and sometimes it seems there's never a dull moment. This week took a major turn for us. We have had a complete mixture of emotions from sad to confused to angry back to sad to angry to relieved to happy to I will give you the very short summary below-

Crystal lost her job on Monday. The owner of the company I was working for came in around 10am and said that she has decided to move to Charleston to open a retail shop. That she would be closing our doors that day. 30 minutes and a small box of my personal belongings later, I was leaving that office for the last time. 4 years doesn't seem like much. But I made some great friends there. Friends that I miss so much! Well enough about that. I'm moving on and not going to give it any more room on this blog than that!

So this week has been a roller coaster of emotions, needless to say. I have the most amazing husband ever. He took time off, without notice, on Monday to spend the afternoon at the Unemployment Office. Then on Wednesday when I had to apply at One Stop. He's patted my arm every time he walks by or just lets me cry without asking questions. He's been so supportive during this hard time. When I thanked him for doing all of that, he simply said "I haven't done anything". He's so humble and selfless and I'm so thankful for him. I'm not quite sure how I snagged such a great guy but not a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars that I have him. I love you babe!

I promise the next post won't be sad or sappy or depressing :) Happy almost Sunday!