Sunday, December 9, 2012

My picky eater

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I'm going to link up with Holly at When Two Became Four, and post some of Madison's latest meals/snacks. Holly is a mom of twin toddler girls, so I asked her to blog about her mealtime/snack favs. Every mom is different and believe it or not, it's hard to come up with healthy ideas for toddlers, without feeding them the same thing all the time.

Madison will love something one day and hate it the next, so I always need 2 ideas when it comes to meal times. Mostly for her lunches, we will both eat leftovers from supper the night before. She doesn't seem to like meat so we don't force her to eat it (or anything for that matter). I think it's important to let M try new things without forcing her to eat them. She's just like adults and knows when she does or doesn't like something. The two things she seems to hate are eggs and green beans. I'm not a huge fan of eggs myself, unless they are on a sandwich or in something. Alan despises green beans. So she has a little of us in her :)

For breakfast, she always eat a whole banana. I will then give her a couple of strawberries, orange or toast.

On this day, I spread peanut butter on a wheat tortilla, rolled it up and sliced it. She seemed to love it.

For lunch, she eats leftovers. If we don't have any, here are my go-to meals:
  • sweet potato fries (sliced, sprayed with olive oil spray and baked)
  • chicken nuggets (chunk chicken breast, dipped in butter, rolled in Panko bread crumbs and baked)
  • frozen peas and carrots or beans
  • mac and cheese
  • crescent dough topped with cream cheese and chopped broccoli(Holly mentioned this and Madison loved it!)

 For snacks:
  • Goldfish
  • Cinnamon pinwheel cookies (sold in the baby food aisle)
  • Homemade Vanilla Wafers
  • Puff snacks
  • food puree pouches
  • string cheese
  • yogurt 
I will leave with a cute video of Madison moaning while she eats. If you've ever been around her when she's eating, she does this just about every time she eats and has done it for as long as we can remember. It's so cute so turn your sound up to hear it!

What are your go-to snacks and meals for your kids? 

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