Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday lights

This was part of our Advent calendar for Day 7. This is a huge draw locally. You ride through the zoo and near the end, you get to one point where you can just ride around the Deer Forest at your own pace and the deer, cows, zebras and horses are free roaming. You can purchase food and the will stick their head in the window to eat. We didn't buy any because I honestly didn't want them all over Madison, nor did I want slobber in my car. 

Someone was excited! This picture makes me laugh so much!

An overview. See all those brake lights?

I have mixed feelings about letting animals free roam with cars. On one hand, it's fun, hands on experience(with the chance of getting bit :( ). 
On the other hand, it has to be so stressful on those animals! Even though you are supposed to have your headlights turned off, some people don't. Also, the deer kept running, in packs, at full speed, back and forth. So scary! I was just waiting on one or some to run up on a car hood. It didn't happen but there was some sort of incident where a couple of ambulance were out there. I overheard someone say "They took the baby to the hospital" so I'm not sure what happened :/ I hope whoever it was is ok. 

See the zebra? Probably not. Hard to see.

 This cow was massive. mass.ive.

See? He towers over that car!

Petting zoo time.

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