Friday, December 21, 2012

Instagram Friday

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I took a lot of pictures this past week.. Have fun peeking into my week :)

Got up before Madison this morning so I'm taking a chance to eat warm toast, drink hot coffee and find toys for her.

She spotted her book after getting up from her nap and wanted to hold it. I went to take it from her so she could drink her milk. She pitched a huge fit! So she drank her milk one handed. Crazy girl.

We are so 2012, finally.

First pair of Nike!

Wilma don't stand a chance with this little girl. She makes a good step ladder.

A little tree infatuation

Somebody had too much fun with the blackberries!

Rainy day view from the play room.

This is what happens when your daughter refuses the healthy food you fixed and you are out of ideas. PB and J it is. I hesitated with the jelly cause I knew this was going to happen. Fun.

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  1. Haha she is soo cute!
    I love the Keurig! We are still old school. :/ but I'm hoping we will get one soon!

    1. Thank you! That's okay.. You have that awesome mixer while I use a hand mixer...


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