Monday, December 24, 2012

Advent activities - Days 17-21

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Day 17-Donate to needy
We decided to donate toys to local kids at our local Dollar General. They had some great toys on the clearance table for 50% off so we were able to buy more gifts than we'd planned!

Day 18-Make grandparent craft
Since not all of the grandparents have received theirs yet, I will keep what it is a secret :) I will post a picture after everyone has gotten theirs, which will be after Christmas.

Day 19-Finger paint
I made my own paint from water, corn starch and food coloring and we put her in the bathtub to save ourselves a mess.

Day 20-Donate to Salvation Army
I didn't take a picture but the volunteer was so very friendly. She was shaking everyone's hand, even if they weren't donating. 

Day 21-Read Bible story about Jesus' birth

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