Monday, April 27, 2015

Magic Kingdom tips

-download and keep an eye on the My Disney Experience app. It gives you wait times and links your tickets and any dinner/character/dress up reservations you have.  We booked our fast passes based around the wait times.

-Pull up the rides on YouTube and let your child watch them. There is a video for every ride on there from start to finish. This will tell you how silly/cheesy/scary a ride may be and whether your kids will enjoy it or not.

-Book Fast Passes! Dumbo has a play area. They will give you pagers if you want to play and it will buzz when it's your turn in line! I wouldn't waste a pass for this.

-take a picture of the sign/the row number where you parked. The lots are Disney characters and the parking lots look the same. The tram stops at each character and depending on your character/row, it may be a shorter walk to get off at the previous stop..

-Winnie the Pooh is very strange. Not worth the stand by wait time of an hour or more. If you insist on this ride, I would use a Fast Pass for this.

-Madison's favorite ride was Under the Sea. It's a great ride with great detail to everything. Inside in the cool air and very colorful. Lots of sensory. With wait times of an hour or more, worth the fast pass!

-Take empty water bottles/sippy cups and drink flavor packs. There are water fountains all over the park but the water isn't great so it needs some flavoring. Drinks at $3 a pop, you can spend a small fortune on drinks alone. It gets HOT walking around. Also take some snacks. I kept Puffs poured in the cup holders in the stroller and the girls snacked on them as they wanted. Puffs, Goldfish, Teddy Grahams. Loose, not sticky snacks will be best.

-Be aware of stand by wait times, even if you have fast passes. We had a fast pass for Under the Sea but needed 15 minutes to waste but the stand by time was only 15 minutes according to the sign. We decided to go ahead and go through the line and actually walked right in. All of the time spent was weaving through the line to get to the ride. All of the rides have a super long, weaving way to get to the actual ride. Some rides have interactive things for the kids to do if the line is long.

-After our first day at MK, we marked off all rides that we had already rode or rides we couldn't or wouldn't ride, plus any restaurants or shops that we weren't interested in, had ate at or wouldn't go to. This gave us a visual of what we actually needed to do and we found that we had completed the whole right side the first day, so the 2nd day was mostly spent at the left side of the park.

-Carry a stroller. As much of a pain as it is and as little time as they use it in between rides, back packs and kids get heavy. Between cameras, change, water bottles, snacks, hats and autograph pictures then add a 35lb kid and a 17lb kid.. By the end of the day, Madison wanted to be carried... It was a lot. You can take the stroller on either the Ferry or the Monorail. You can also fold the stroller up and ride the tram.

-Attach a balloon or a big bow or ribbon to your stroller. Stroller parking is insane and most strollers are black. Some rides have 50+ strollers and a few of them a cast member continuously moves the strollers down to make more room. Attaching a balloon will help you spot it quicker.

-Take cash! Those balloons are $10 and $12, cash only. We forgot to get cash out. Glad Madison didn't want a balloon.

-The Big Top Souvenirs store in Fantasyland is the best deal in the park. They have snack and all kinds of souvenirs at pretty good prices.

-Stay for the Electrical Parade. It's really great. I hate Madison fell asleep during it but we stuck around to see most of it.

-Don't hesitate to leave the park for a couple of hours for naps or rest time. Book your fast passes around a time that you think will be good for you. We left the first day around 2. The kids were okay from snacks until then. We stopped after we left the park and got something quick to eat to take back to the room. It is a lot of work leaving the park because you don't just walk out of the gates into the parking lot. You have to take a Ferry or the monorail to the tram and then the tram to the lot(unless you parked very close to the gate-close being a relative term since you still have to walk a ways) Don't let that hinder you from leaving. It was worth leaving for a bit to let Riley take a nap. She can not make it through the day happily without a nap. Madison can. Just make sure to allow for around 30 minutes time to get to your car/to the park from your car.

I also came across these great tips today!  Click HERE

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Orlando- Day 7- Thursday- Headed home!

We get up at normal time and start packing up. I take the girls down to get breakfast while Alan is loading the truck. We leave the hotel around 10:30am, stop and eat lunch somewhere in Georgia around 2 or 3. We finally get home around 8:30 or so, slightly unpack and crash! :)


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Orlando- Day 6- Wednesday

Our last day! After Alan feeling like crud Tuesday night and not sleeping well, we slept in until the girls woke up. We go down and get breakfast and bring it back up to the room. We all sit on the porch a while and then Alan goes and lays down while Riley naps and me and M stay on the porch a little longer.

We go out around lunch to eat Mexican at Chuy's. Sometimes eating out with the girls goes very well and other times it goes like this time ;)

We go back to the hotel and hang out for a bit. I take Madison down to happy hour(free snacks and drinks) and we hang out down there a bit while Riley naps and Alan rests at the room. We hang out the rest of the night and head to bed at normal time.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Orlando- Day 5-Tuesday- Chef Mickey's and Magic Kingdom

We had a breakfast at Chef Mickey's this morning at 10:40. We get up and get a small breakfast at the hotel to hold us over until then. This breakfast was quite different than Cape May. It was a lot more loud and small. It was a hot buffet but luckily different food! All of the tables the characters visited were in one small room. It was pretty overwhelming for the kids. The tables were closer together and at one point they played "Celebration" and everyone was to wave their napkins and the characters danced a little bit.

Minnie was first to come in!

Mickey's turn! Celebration time!

Signing his autograph




After breakfast, we went straight to Magic Kingdom. It ended up being close to 1:00 I believe. This time we took the monorail into the park.

This day, we went to Adventureland. I wasn't a big fan of the left side of the park. Most of the rides had longer waits and were a little bigger. We did ride the Magic Carpets, Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise. She also played in the treehouse. We used on of our Fast Passes for Magic Carpets and as soon as we sat in the carpet, they closed the ride due to lightning near by. They gave us another fast pass and we decided to get lunch and wait it out. We went to Paco Bill's. After that, we went and got the Dole Whips and by then the rides were back open.

Later that night, we had a Fast Pass to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel. We were hoping to meet Anna and Elsa but the wait at that point was 70 minutes.

I think we left right after that.. We were back to the hotel by 11 I believe.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Orlando- Day 4- Monday

This was supposed to be our 2nd day at Magic Kingdom but everybody was tired and Alan and I were sore from carrying around the girls Sunday night since we decided to leave the stroller at the hotel when we went back to MK that evening. Then Madison fell asleep and Alan carried her for about an hour while we watched the Electric Parade and then carrying her back to the car.  We got on and moved our Fast Passes to Tuesday, went and had breakfast, came back and Riley took a nap around 11:30. We started a load of laundry(yes, we are those people) and made our daily plan..

We decided to go to Wonderworks

That lasted a few hours. We don't recommend it for kids under 7 or so. I asked the cashier was there things to do for a 3 year old and she said yes.. I beg to differ. It wasn't worth the money we spent. Luckily the girls were free. That should have been our first sign that it's not meant for preschoolers. 

We came back to the hotel and got in the pool for a while and then the girls went to bed and we went a little later.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

{one} Yes, I do realize I didn't blog Riley's 14th or 15th month. In a nutshell, she's saying about 5 things(Wilma, thank you, this, cat, bye), she's roughly 17 lbs- girl is teeny tiny. Not walking. Walks great with her walker toy and when you're holding her hand but isn't taking steps yet. She no longer wants to be fed but loves feeding herself.
Those curls, though.

{two} Alan and Madison came back from Disney World with the flu. Alan started symptoms Tuesday night while we were there(and he's still sick). The doctor confirmed it Friday morning. This past Sunday, Madison was fine until 10am then laid down and went to sleep in our bed. She never does that unless she's sick. She slept all day. Doctor confirmed her Monday afternoon. Kept her out of school all week until today.
on the way home from the doctor

{three}I've got to keep up with printing pictures. Before Disney, I wanted to clear my memory card because I was unsure if I would take 900 pictures or 10 so I wanted room. I like writing on my pictures for later on in life when someone looks at a pic, they know who it was, how old they were and what month and date. Now I have over 100 pictures that I have to go through Facebook and find out the age and write on them all. I guess it's better than playing Candy Crush.

{four} Alan got another new wedding band. The blue/black one he got starting chipping the Thursday before we left Disney(notice how everything is After Disney/Before Disney now?) so we took it and found out the ring had just been recalled and they are no longer making them. He ordered 2 rings to see which he liked best. Here's similar to what he chose.
{five} Got this today for my Essential Oil storage. I had them in my bathroom drawer but the space they were in was getting too crowded. I use a handful of these daily and then different ones in between. It became too clustered. This one is 54% off currently for less than $16 with Prime shipping. Get yours HERE