Saturday, August 27, 2011

38 weeks

August 20-27, 2011Madison's organs are fully developed now. And we know, since our ultrasound yesterday, that she is weighing over average roughly. Her development is nearly complete as she tends to a few last-minute details like shedding the skin-protecting vernix and lanugo. She's also producing more surfactant, a substance that prevents the air sacs in her lungs from sticking to one another once she starts to breathe. Most of the changes this week are small but important: She’s continuing to add fat and she is fine-tuning her brain and nervous system.

This week we got Madison's car seat base in Alan's car and her sunshades in both cars. Since we are transporting Wilma back and forth to the vet using my car, we have just put the base for my car with Madison's hospital bag and car seat. I also got both of our hospital bags packed as much as I can, adding my travel bag with bathroom must-haves and a 0-3 months outfit into Madi's bag just in case she's too big for a newborn outfit-which might be the case, if the ultrasound measured right! I also had my last massage before she comes too. I decided that's what I wanted for my birthday and I'm so glad I did! It was MUCH needed and highly recommended for any pregnant girl! I go every 3 weeks anyway but during my pregnancy, massages have been like a little slice of Heaven for me. I'd have my massage therapist in the room with me massaging me during labor if she'd do it! :)

Doctor's appointment on the 26th showed her heart rate was in the 130s. I am also still 1/2 cm dilated, which is no change from last week. It's also where we got to see Madison with 4D ultrasound pictures and got to see the little fat rolls on her legs and the little bit of hair on her head! My weight is 128(down a little which is normal) and my belly measures 38". I am 39 weeks 1 day today(Sunday) so we only have 6 days left until her due date of Sept. 3. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back off boys!

We had our 38 week 6 day appointment today and they did an ultrasound to see how big Madison was. She is weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz! They said to give or take a pound since it's hard to get an accurate measurement-that it's a rough estimate. Here are some of the pics:

This is a regular profile picture. You can see her mouth open. We saw her moving her mouth like she was sucking a bottle. See all the stuff floating around in front of her face?
Here are the 4D pictures:

Mouth open! So cute!
All that stuff floating around is why you can't see her right eye very well. You could see it just swirling around! So weird! That is her arm up by her face.

Those lips. To.die.for. I mean seriously! That is her arm and you can see 3 of her fingers. The cheeks. Oh dear.

This one makes her face look squished :)
Look at those cheeks! The chin!
So peaceful.
We can't believe how cute and perfect she is! I'm so glad they did another ultrasound, and that she did some 4D pictures so we can picture what she looks like. I am still 1/2cm dilated which is no change from last week. But it doesn't mean I can't go into labor tonight since everyone dilates at a different rate. It may take me another week to get any farther or it could take a few hours. We will see! All I know is that we can't wait to meet her!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

37 weeks

August 13-20, 2011
Madison is now full term! That means if she's born now, her lungs are likely mature enough to adjust to life outside the womb. She weighs roughly 6 1/3 lbs and measures a little over 19" from head to heel.

We had our 37 week 6 day doctor appointment yesterday(19th) and the Dr said I am already dilated 1/2 centimeter(4 is active labor and 10 is delivery) and my cervix is 1/2 effaced (thinning to prepare for labor). This doesn't mean that she will come tonight though. She could or she could wait 2 more weeks. My belly measurement went down an inch by the way the doctors measure-they measure from chest to pelvic bone, I measure circumference- which means Madison is dropping to prepare for delivery. The Dr also ordered an ultrasound for next Friday to see how much Madison weighs and to make sure everything still looks great. We haven't seen her since our scare at 25 weeks, so we don't mind seeing her again!

My weight is 130.4 (23 lb weight gain) and belly is measuring 37 1/2".

Monday, August 15, 2011

36 weeks

August 6-13, 2011
Madison is now the size of a honeydew! She weighs roughly 6 pounds and 18 1/2" long. She is shedding the hair and vernix(the waxy substance that helped her not to wrinkle in her 9 month bath) that covers her body. Her gums are rigid and her liver and kidneys are now working! Her circulation and immune system are also good to go. Her lungs are the only organ that isn't fully developed yet but she's getting closer to that every day.

We had a doctor appointment on the 11th. I finally got to see my actual doctor this time! She said that everything looks great and it looks like Madison is head down still. We were a little concerned because the thumping of her hiccups had moved from my low belly to the middle of my stomach. We also rearranged the living room to make room for her Pack N Play(playpen) and her swing. Now Wilma's crate is taking up her Pack N Play spot so we will have to figure that out when she gets here. My weight is 129.6 and belly is measuring 37 1/2".

My last day at work was the 12th. I am officially a stay at home wife & mom. It was bittersweet since I've worked with those girls for 3-7 years and I will miss seeing them everyday but I'm so excited and blessed to be able to stay home with Madison.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet Wilma

As most of ya'll know, our dog Wilma was in an accident a last Sunday. When Alan cuts grass, Wilma free roams and follows him. The past month or so, she's gotten bad about chasing after white trucks. Well a white truck came down the road pulling a trailer and she chased it and clipped her leg on the trailer. I was inside visiting with a friend and a guy came to the door and told me that Alan needed me. We took her to the emergency vet/hospital in the next town over. We called them on the way and they had a room ready for her when we got there! She seemed to do okay on the way over there, wagging her tail and giving Alan kisses. They x-rayed her and told us her leg was broke, which we already knew it was. Said they were going to keep her overnight and a specialist would do surgery Monday morning on it. When we left her, she was very sedated but doing okay. We went back the next morning to speak with the surgeon and he went over what he would do. He said it wouldn't be a good idea to come see her that day so she can rest. After the surgery, he called to say it went well and she was resting. He said he put a rod in her leg and they decided to put an external fixture on her leg. He said we could go see her the next day and he was pleased with the way she turned out. Tuesday morning he called to update me and said she seemed to be a little behind in progress but was overall using the leg a little, but stated she was in a lot of pain and that could be a lot of reason why. We decided to go up there around 3:00 and she gave us really big smiles when we got to her! She stood up, using that leg and the nurse asked us if we wanted to take her out to potty. When we took her out, she mainly used the 3 legs but stepped on her hurt leg every few steps. After she pottied, we let her lay in the grass for a good bit and she really enjoyed that! After we were done visiting, the surgeon told us they would probably keep her until Thursday. We requested he update us on her condition Tuesday night. He called around 7:30 and said she was doing great- much better than that morning. He said her face was a lot brighter. He said he would call us Wednesday morning with another update.

He called around 9 Wednesday morning, and much to our surprise, he said she could come home! He said he personally took her out to potty that morning and she used her foot every step she took, as long as she walked slow. He said as long as we had some blankets to switch out since she was draining a little and watched her carefully, that she was fine to come! He said her progress was where she should be at that point and he was very pleased! We went to pick her up around 2:30 and she was so excited to get to go on a car ride!

It is now 7 days since since her accident and we think that today has been her best day yet. She's been doing really well overall though. She is slow going in the mornings but we think it's because she's been 8 hours overnight without medicine and her leg is stiff since she's crated while we sleep. We take her out again around lunchtime, around 5-6 and then again before we go to bed around 10. Alan rewrapped one of her screws last night because the drainage has collected and was really smelly! Below is a picture of Wilma's fixture. I didn't take a closeup of it for obvious reasons. And we want to thank Melissa for moving our lawn mower out of the front yard and say we are sorry she had to be here to witness the whole situation.. And for the use of her crate so Wilma can sleep in the room with us at night.

Wilma will have to be confined for at least 10 weeks. We take her back to the Dr for a checkup this Thursday so we are hoping for a good report! Just keep praying for her healing!

Monday, August 8, 2011

35 weeks

July 30-August 6

She is now the size of a honeydew! From now on, Madison's growth will mostly be in plumping up! She is probably at the length she will be at birth(probably around 18-21") and will likely put on a pound or more of fat before birth. She probably weighs roughly 5 1/2 lbs now. Her hearing and kidneys are fully developed and her liver can process some waste now.

My weight this week is 127.2 and my belly measures 37". That's 1/2" smaller than last week, all you people that say I'm getting bigger :P It also could have been the way Madison was laying when I measured. We got her swing put together and her and some of my hospital bag packed. I do have a checklist printed out for when we get ready to go so I can check off things I need to throw in last minute. Yes, even with labor I am organized! I got a much needed massage last week and it did wonders on my back. I mean it still hurts a little but my comfort level is much better. I'm hoping to get one more massage before Madison makes her appearance in the next couple of weeks.

As some of you know, Wilma had surgery Monday on her leg. We visited her around lunch today and she smiled when we went in. We took her outside and she pottied on her own. She walked down the hall on her own and put weight on her hurt foot every few steps she took. She also drank lots of water and wagged her tail a lot! She was very excited to see us! I just got our evening update from the surgeon and he said she's doing great. He said her face is bright, she's giving everyone kisses, she went out on her own and pottied again. He said she is also standing up in her crate on her own. He said he feels a lot better about her now than he did this morning but he feels she was still so groggy this morning that that's why she was a little out of it. He sounded very positive about her which makes us feel great. We just want our dog home! Thank you for your prayers. Please keep praying for her healing and recovery and our ability to take care of her and making her comfortable!