Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and Friday...2 days late :)

Happy Easter!

 Hope ya'll have a great and DRY day. It rained this morning but has cleared up. Madison got up and saw that the Easter bunny stopped by. We will dye eggs when she gets up from her nap and then go out and hide them.
Here's her basket:
A Mickey mouse book, a book for bathtime, Minnie Mouse bubbles, sidewalk chalk and some bracelets and rings.

 We got home from the beach Saturday but I wanted to include my weekly Friday post. I didn't take my computer so I couldn't add pics.

-A week trip to the beach
-Madison's first time in a real swimming pool
-Madison LOVED the beach!
-Got my dentist appointments set for my temporary partial and Implant scheduled. Super nervous but at least I know when it is.
-Real nice weather at the beach

-Power outage at the condo Sunday morning
-Having to come home from the beach

Week in pics 
(I'm not posting all of my weekly pics since I will share some in our beach trip blogs.)
Anybody that knows Alan, knows he loves all things Nike(except their shoes) So naturally while shopping, Madison kept pointing and saying "Nike" over and over. I looked over and saw this. It's obviously a Nike check.. duh.

Wilma on the way to the beach

Pretty much

This girl loves to swing.

Found a new game

Did this while Madi was napping. It was SO nice out that day. That's juice, not wine.. :)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Playroom perfection.

Another reason I love Pinterest. I came across a pin of the most perfect playroom and clicked on it. We have been on the hunt for ideas of storage, toys and paint color but have had bad luck finding what we(I) wanted....until this pin.

The colors, the sensory boards, the discovery bottles, the art, those rings! Not to mention the girl is a cutie!
So I clicked the pin and it took me to this fantastic site - Fun at Home with Kids

Once I clicked on the pin and it brought me to the site, I was so excited to see the playroom was neat, organized(with toys!!!) and primary colors. The mom also posted where she got everything in the room. My Amazon wish list has to be roughly $6000(I even added some toys she posted)

I already had in mind to get a(or 2 or 3) Ikea Expedit shelf  to put on it's side for books and toys. Those colorful totes affirm my decision. Love it as a room divider too!

Since moving Madison's playroom table down to the kitchen for her to eat at, I'm not on the hunt for a nicer table. This one is exactly what I was looking for(but a bit more pricey). I love the clean lines and that she made it a lego table by adding the base for legos on the top.

She also loves totes as much as me! I love these colorful totes to hold blocks, legos and other small mass toys.

Go here to see a lot more pics, where she purchased things and even their rock wall. Yes, there's a rock wall in the play room. Her kids must be in Heaven :)

She is a former Science teacher and stay at home mom of 2 kids and also posts really great baby and toddler activities. RUN to her site if you are a mom, dad, grandparent or caregiver. Follow her blog, Facebook and Pinterest. She's SUPER nice(I've chatted a couple of times on Facebook). 

All photos are courtesy of Fun at Home with Kids and permission was granted to use for this post. 
This is not a sponsored post and I have no affiliation with this site other than I'm in love with her site and her playroom. :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

5 years

We moved in this house March 25, 2008. We had been married a year and a half. I moved into Alan's 800 sq ft townhouse when we got married and then we knew pretty right away that we wanted a family someday and that house wasn't big enough to hold us all(and have a dining room at the same time) 

Alan had the house on the market before we even started dating and we kept it on there after we got married. One day a lady called and said they were interested in it for their son who had just graduated college. They looked at it, fell in love, and wanted to move in a month later.

We looked at around 20 houses before settling on this one. I wanted an older Colonial type house with a nice kitchen, big bedrooms and a front porch. Alan wanted a newer, move in ready house that we didn't have to worry about. We both knew we wanted land.

While looking at houses one day, the realtor had a few MLS sheets in her back seat and I asked about this house. We looked at it and Alan fell in love. I wasn't sold on it as it didn't have the front porch and was just different than what I had envisioned. We kept looking at houses and nothing was fitting. This house just kept sticking out. It had the land(almost 3 acres), in the country, big rooms, a great view, a side garage and a great school district. We decided to make an offer and it was accepted. We had to move in with Alan's mom for a week since the previous owner is deceased and there was some issues on his end.

While we have an ever growing to-do list, we've come a long way.

Irrigation system and sod on the muddy hill
(Original post HERE)
New paint in every room but the bonus/play room!
(Original post HERE)

Getting our baby girl's room and bathroom ready!
(Original posts HERE and HERE)

We've arranged and rearranged
(Original post HERE)

We've also:
-added tile backsplash in the kitchen
-painted and repainted the back deck
-added a 3rd wall to the deck(one side was completely open when we moved)
-added a fence for the dogs
-planted lots of flowers, bushes and trees
-built a raised garden
-bought lots of furniture
-turned our empty bonus room into a playroom

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter/Spring pictures

Our photographer never fails. These are SO good! She also did M's birthday party. I love them all! She even captured Madison's many expressions, including her sneaky look.



All gone!

Friday, March 22, 2013


-Did some yard work Sunday. Yard work is good for the soul.
-Did some rearranging of our house. Amazing what a difference it make. See changes here
-Had some girl time on Saturday with my BFF. Always needed.
-Blog got a facelift thanks to XO Gingersnapps! She offered to make me a header and even included one for my blog Facebook page! Make sure to look at it here and make sure to go follow her blog here.
-picking up our Easter/Spring pictures today
-started Jillian Michaels killer abs. My buttbone was sore for 3 days. Not my abs.. my tailbone. weird.

-Alan and I both still have a bit of the crud. Aggravating. Go away!
-Found out Tuesday I have to have a tooth pulled and an implant put in. Not looking forward.
-I have had a pretty hard time finding a place to put my phone videos on a cd/dvd. My computer is too old to handle it so I've been using our video camera to record them off my phone. Horrible but at least I will have them if Youtube ever shuts down :)

Instagram pictures(follow me here)
I have done a horrible job of Instagraming this week. I've only kept up with my March challenge.

Love driving Alan's truck for the XM radio only. The 90s station takes me back to High School.

Trees and sun

Cameron and Sierra blanket.

Dip baby dip

This stage of toddlerhood is fun. She's trying to form sentences. This sentence?
"Mama, coat, cold, pretty" So cute.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

New look!

My friend, Lauren, over at Xo Gingersnapps, kindly offered to make me a blog and Facebook header. I had no idea the direction I wanted to go but I knew I wanted 3 birds. After putting the tree decal in Madison's bedroom before her being born, I have loved birds. Her bedding had birds on it and I'm just drawn to them now for some reason. Lauren added all the other pretties on there for me. Pretty well for not knowing me in person, right? I've always wanted a header but never had access to make my own. I appreciate it SO much, Lauren! Please go visit her page by clicking her name above. She's a very religious wife and stay at home mother who also bakes and cooks yummy things! She's very sweet and I know you'll like her!

I also added an Instagram widget so now it shows a preview of my past few pictures on the right side of the page.

If you get email updates and want to see my new blog's face, click HERE

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What we have been up to

I apologize in advance for the horrible dark phone pictures and then brightened so you can actually see them. I was too lazy to get out my big girl camera.

Rearranged our bedroom. Brought our extra tv down to put in there. Madison likes it ;) 
(Wall color is Sherwin Williams  Mystical Shade 6276-2nd pic a better true color)
Madison approves

Moved Alan's grandma's chair from our bedroom to his office. I miss it but there was no room.

 Moved this table from our BR to the kitchen. I actually really like it here and it matches the table.
 Wall color SW Krypton 6247

Took this picture from our Laundry Room and hung it in the kitchen

Got this fishing basket from Alan's grandma's lake house last year. I had it under a table for decor but who knew it'd make the perfect toy box?

I found a big tote at a consignment sale for Madison's books so I used that one for the playroom and brought this basket down to hold her books in the living room
-worked in the yard a bit Sunday. Alan cut the side grass while I cut our roses down and then he finished cutting them down to the ground. I'm about a month late but these roses have taken over! Got the 4 rose bushes in the front done. 2 more in the back to do.

-Tried a new church out Sunday and liked it. Plan on returning.

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