Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Advent Activities Days 22-25

If you receive email updates, this was sent out earlier. I made the mistake of scheduling it to post and I hadn't had a chance to update it. Day 24 had to be changed.

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Day 22 - Breakfast out with parents
We went to a local French themed restaurant. It's so yummy!

Day 23- Make Gingerbread House

Day 24- Get 1 present early
Our original plan was to visit DSBG to see the lights, but it rained the entire day. Since you get out and walk around, that was impossible.
This is a bath toy that is supposed to be kid friendly. The red ball goes in the water and you push the blue star and water comes out of Elmo's mouth like a shower. Except the blue star is quite hard to push and impossible for Madison to push on her own. Wish I had read the reviews first. She does love that Elmo is in her bathtub though. Fail.

Day 25- Make hot chocolate

We had a good time doing different activities each day with Madison. I think we will continue this tradition.

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