Monday, December 17, 2012

Advent activities Days 11-16

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Days 6-10 here

Day 11- Local Christmas parade

Day 12-Mommy/daughter lunch date

Day 13-Pick out new toy
She loves her new microwave!

Day 14-Christmas lights
These were at a Science center in the next town over. We met Alan's dad and Stepmom for supper and then headed out. Madison loved it. She "Ooh'd and Aah'd" and giggled. It was so sweet.

Day 15 - Do something nice for someone.
In light of the tragic events in Connecticut on Friday, we decided to pay for the next 2 kids to ice skate at the local ice rink in town. Though we weren't there to see the kids, it felt really good to show someone there are good people in the world still.

Day 16-Read "Night Before Christmas"
Our original activity was to go to the botanical garden we got married at but it was raining all day so we had to switch up another activity for when we will be in NC again and can go see the lights that night instead.

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