Thursday, December 20, 2012

Organized chaos

People always say they think I'm pretty organized and I have to admit, I get a tad OCD with things. When it comes to our house, everything has a place. I'm not overly picky about it but I don't like clutter. Madison's playroom is another thing. I will let her play and throw things around and maybe once a week I will straighten it all up but I'm not picky at all about that room. Here are a few pictures of how our house is organized:

This is Madison's bathroom closet. I moved all of these bins from the hall closet when I racked up at the candle outlet sale here in town.

I need more matching bins but this does for now. The small box is a diaper box wrapped in wrapping paper and holds extra sheets. The beige bin holds garden flags and gift bags.

I like to recycle good food containers so I keep a box of them. Madison also likes putting things in them and taking the lid on and off.

Our candle closet. The white box on top holds light bulbs. The blue bin holds work towels/rags. 3rd shelf is all jar candles and envelope sachets. 4th shelf is diffuser oil and on the floor is more jar candles and an orange container that holds votives, votive holders and more jar candles. This closet smells good to say the least :)

Our 'junk' drawer. Our island has these dividers.  It holds our bills, stamps, address stickers/book, notepads/scrap paper, note cards, menus, etc. All kinds of things but they are sort of organized.

Our pantry. This space really needs help. To be worked on soon

Madison's goods in her bathroom.

Our very small stockpile in our bathroom.

I bought these little dividers from The Container Store when we first moved here and love them.

and here are some ideas I want to do over the next few months/year.

Love this for the attic. How annoying is it to have to move totes around to get the tote underneath.

Love these shelves for the sides of the pantry!

I want all my dry goods in glass containers with labels. I drool over these pictures.

Tension rod to hang bottles and clear up shelf space


  1. Thanks! I got them at Bed Bath & Beyond! Love the 20% coupons :)


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