Saturday, October 18, 2014

Play room redo!

We finally bit the bullet and went to Ikea to buy some things for the play room. 
We will start painting this weekend. Here's what we have so far..

These curtains from Walmart..

We got 12 of these canvas bins from Ikea. We will leave the other 4 open
We got 2 of these from Ikea. We will put them on their sides and use the cubbies above for storage.

We got 4 of these cute chairs from Ikea! go with this table from Ikea
Tonight, we picked out this paint color and got a quart to test it out..

I'm excited to get started and already tired! I have a ton if ideas from Pinterest. I will keep you updated as we move along!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vacation to Edisto, SC

I am way past due on writing this blog... With crazy napping schedules and hectic days, there isn't much computer time lately.

We went to Edisto Island, SC  September 7-14. We left the day after Madison's birthday/party and were there during our 8 year wedding anniversary! Riley also turned 8 months while we were there. It was a good time frame to go.

Madison wasn't crazy about the beach and the sand. She did love the pool though! On the first day she wore a life jacket swim suit and felt very comfortable in it. She would just float around the pool all by herself(with us nearby, of course). So the next day, we just let her use swimmies and a regular swim suit and she did the same thing. She would jump off the side and go underwater. She only got water in her mouth a couple of times. She's a natural swimmer like her Daddy! We had a nice time!

Here are a ton of pics from our trip!

Our anniversary looks a tad different this year ;)

She was so independent! 

 Tram ride to the pool!

 Alan took Madison to the beach alone a few times so I spent some time resting with Riley.

The first day out at the beach in the tent.

On a walk and she had to splash in all the puddles

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy 9 months, Riley!

Starting crawling.. Scooting is more like it. She can get to where she wants, whatever you call it!

-wearing 9 months and some 12 months clothes. Size 3 diapers and size 4 at night.
-Sleeps all night from 7pm-7:30am
-Naps every 1.5/2 hours for 1-2 hours. (napping 30 minutes this week. Booooo)
-Says "mamama, byebyebye, dadadada and babababa". If she's eating and wants more, she says "mamama"
-Hasn't had a food she doesn't like. Eats like an adult, really.
-drinks from straw cup great
-had first beach trip

Tram ride to the pool on vacation

Enjoying quiet time together while Alan took Madison to the beach

Hanging by the pool with Daddy

Attempting a nap on the beach

I think Alan was running from that ginormous mosquito at his back.

How Riley rides most of the time so she can see Madison

Riley really is such a happy baby. She smiles constantly and at everyone she sees. She only cries when she's tired or hungry and that really is it. She loves Madison so much. She is a Mama's girl for right now. She's so laid back and likes to play on her own a lot. We love you, Riley!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday Social- October 5

Yes, a day late.... This is sadly the next to last Sunday Social.

1. What is your favorite month and why?
September is Madison's birthday, our anniversary and it has been our vacation month for the past 8 years but we will no longer vacation in September due to school. October is nice because we love the mountains and the leaf colors. January because it's Riley's birth month. August because its mine and Alan's birth month.

2. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Thanksgiving and Christmas are both tied. I love our annual Christmas tree trip and starting last year we included Thanksgiving day in our trip and we enjoyed it so much, we will make it an annual thing to include Thanksgiving day in our trip. We already have our trip planned for this year. Next year we are thinking of going somewhere different but we will see! We waited too late this year to change it up. Christmas is because buying presents and watching the girls get excited is a lot of fun!

3. Are you getting the new iPhone, or are you more of an Android person?
I'm an iPhone user and I may get the 6 at some point but I'm in the middle of a 2 year contract. Maybe next year.

4. What is the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received from someone?
I don’t know! I feel like I’ve received a lot of really thoughtful gifts!

5. What is something you can’t wait to splurge on?
The playroom. I have tons of Pins and ideas in my head. We just have to put them all together so it looks good and not like a jumbled up mess!