Saturday, December 8, 2012

New blog things

I'm trying to revamp the blog. Trying to gain more followers and get my current followers to comment, give me suggestions and invite their friends. I have started a Facebook page strictly for the blog and turned my Pinterest and Instagram accounts to Alan and Crystal accounts. This is my only hobby and I've grown to really enjoy posting more and more. I'm no decorator or chef but I like writing.

All that said, I've change the background color and fonts again. I know most of my followers are by email and you don't see it. If you want to see it, go here:

I also added an "About Us" section that allows new visitors to learn who we are in a nutshell. Married and parents, basically. I have added keywords to all of the posts and you will see those listed on the right. See that big bubble of words, some bigger than the other? Those are keywords. If you remember there's a post with a recipe or if you just want to read all the posts about Madison, just click on whatever keyword you want. Madison is obviously the biggest word because she's the most talked about. You can also type in keywords at the top right in the "Search this blog" bar.

Don't forget, my email suscribers, that you can simply reply, as some of you have, to the blog update email and I will respond in email. I am also getting emails now when someone comments and I try to reply within a few hours. If you want to comment, just scroll down to the comment box and enter your comment and then on the "Comment as" dropdown box, click on "Name/URL" if you don't have any of the accounts listed at the top. Tada! You can comment! You can also comment anonymously if you don't want me knowing who it is. I don't secretly see it, it's totally anonymous.

Is there anything you'd like to read about? I know I blog a lot about Madison and lately I've been trying to blog more about other things but sometimes I get in a rut! Give me some ideas if you have them! I'd love to hear from you!

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