Thursday, August 25, 2016

First day back at preschool!

The girls started back preschool yesterday! Riley moved into 2K and Madison is now in her last year there at 4K! Still can't believe this is her last year before Kindergarten!

Ready to go after breakfast!

I, obviously, cut off any personal info like their preschool name/teacher's names... 
The rest of Riley's sign says;
28 lbs
34" tall
I am 2.5 years old

Madison's says;
I want to be a MERMAID when I grow up
I am 4.5 years old
3'7" tall
I *heart* PJ Masks, dressing up, chicken fries, pink

Both girls fantastic going into their class on the first day. They both gave me a kiss and just walked right in and played.. well... okay.

After drop off, I had a busy morning of parent orientations, chatting with a few friends, getting  church ready for dinner guests tonight, ran to the grocery store and to QT to get the girls an after school treat. Then it was pick up time!

After school, we came home, ate lunch and the girls played together in Madison's room for a bit before splitting up. Riley went in the play room to play and Madison wanted to rest in her room while watching her tablet. Riley stayed in the play room for over an hour! After that, they wanted to watch a movie so I fixed some popcorn and they laid in the floor watching Lilo and Stitch until supper time! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Our dollhouse project!

Remember that easy project I mentioned last week? I keep forgetting to blog about this one..

A coworker of Alan's gave our girls this dollhouse. Apparently, someone built it for her when she was little. Well, she got married recently and was cleaning out. She thought our girls would enjoy playing with it and told us to fix it up how we wanted.

I didn't get a picture of it before I ripped all the flooring and wallpaper out. It is in great shape and even has electricity! She included a huge tote with accessories. You name it, it's in there! Most of them are wood and pretty delicate and I don't let the girls play with them. I'm hoping to buy plastic furniture that they can tear up if they want. If we ever give it back to the original owner, I want to give her back the furniture in one piece!

My plan is to:

-repaint the outside, including the trim and shutters. Sage green or gray with white or black shutters.

-replace damaged cedar shingles on the roof or completely replace them with asphalt shingles.

-possibly make new curtains for each room

-buy all new people/furniture/accessories

I will post some pictures as I go along..

Friday, August 19, 2016

Five on Friday

-Preschool starts less than a week away! This will be Madison's last year of preschool before big school next year! How is that possible?! It's been a great and fast Summer! The girls have played together so good. It seemed relatively easy. I'm loving this stage of their lives.

-Preparing for Madison's party. This one is low key! Renting a water slide inflatable, easy food/drink and decor! Finishing up getting everything this weekend hopefully! How is she almost 5, ya'll?!

-Alan and I had date night this past weekend to celebrate his and my birthdays combined. It was really nice to get away and I don't think there was a quiet moment the entire 4 hours we were gone. We even ordered sushi and liked it! :)

-made some freezer meals yesterday for this week. I forget how quick and easy they are! I used to do lots of freezer meals before the kids but after doing 6 meals in 30 minutes today, I think I may start adding some in every week! The recipes are HERE

-tackling these two at the salon later for hair cuts! Madison is in desperate need and I'm not sure what Riley will look like yet.. depends on my mood, I supposed :)

Back door painted!

After finishing up the landscaping rocks/mulch, we moved on to the next project - sanding, priming and painting the backdoor! Alan painted our front door black last summer or the summer before.. So we decided to paint the back door black to match!

all sanded and ready to be primed

all primed and white trim painted

all done! We wanted some white trim to match the window panes

The next couple of weeks we will be preparing and having Madison's 5th Birthday and party and then September holds our 10th anniversary which includes a weekend trip plus Alan is taking Madison on her first tent camping trip, so I'm not sure how many house projects will get done in September.. Maybe some small things. October is just as busy!  The Fall/winter we will focus on the inside and planting privacy trees and  fruit bushes/trees. Love getting projects done!