Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo Friday..

I made some color and font changes to the blog last night. If you get email updates, make sure to visit the site to see the changes!

Like them? Easy to read? Let me know what you like or don't like!

Here's my Thursday in pictures..

liquid breakfast.

M's breakfast.

new outfit.

lunch with mom and stepdad

candle outlet loot

tired girl missed her 2nd nap

Baby with Nimmie means tackling cleaning...

..and decorating for Christmas

late lunch = brownie, milk and wine for supper. Yay for being an adult.

a movie while I 'eat' and Alan goes out with guys from work.

and throw in some blog drafts while I 'eat' and watch the movie. 

Got our lights on!

What Wilma did while we decorated

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fa la la la la

Got our house decorated.. Now if we can just decorate the tree.. those pics will come later.

I'm not one of these Southern Living or Martha Stewart decorators. Everything I use, I've used for years. Maybe one day I'll learn how to be all fancy smancy but for now it works and I'm content with it! I'm sure all decorations within reach of M will be moved up tomorrow.

The 4th stocking is for the pets.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas tree trip 2012

We left Saturday and came home Monday. We found a cabin right outside of Boone, NC and booked! We asked my mom and stepdad to go so we could spend time with them and they could spend some time with Madison. Plus they've stayed pretty busy these past couple of weeks. I didn't take pictures of the cabin but here they are from the VRBO listing.

and the view..

There were also horses on the property. They didn't care for Wilma much but they were really sweet and let you pet them.


Before we checked in on Saturday, we went to the Blowing Rock Christmas parade. Madison loved the bands and cloggers.

We also stopped by the Valle Crucis General Store and Santa was there. M wasn't having that though :(

We went to breakfast at a great local place Sunday morning and then a seafood place that night and brought food back. Monday morning we cleaned up, left the cabin, stopped by Hardees for a biscuit on the go and stopped by our tree farm to get our Christmas tree. Here we are in front of it.

and some random pics.

See the tiny tree planted on this huge trunk?