Monday, November 28, 2011

Madi's first Christmas tree adventure

Every year we go to Linville, NC to a tree farm and pick out our Christmas tree. This year we were excited to start Madison's first tradition with her! It is very important for us to make lots of memories for her, even now, even though she won't remember. We decided to make it a day trip since we weren't too keen on taking Wilma in the car with Madison just yet, since Wilma's leg is still healing. We didn't want her taking a fall in the car since our attention would be split between her and Madison. We left around 10, stopped by our traditional place to get breakfast, got to Linville and found a new farm since our regular farm was pretty bare. We found our tree pretty quick and flagged someone to cut it and take it down. We picked out our wreath, paid and were on our way! We decided to go into Blowing Rock and walk downtown. After getting Wilma a new collar and toy, some fudge, cupcakes, candy apple and lemonade, we left and went and had lunch in Boone at this local Mexican place. We then headed back home! Here are the pictures throughout the day:

 Here we are putting our layers on before getting out of the car

 Here we are in front of our tree (the center one)

Hanging out

 Us before heading back down to wait on them to bring our tree.. It was windy!

  Alan and Madi in blowing Rock

Little cutie

Our tree during the day.

and at night..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for (in no specific order)

- Madison. She has been such a blessing to us and our families. She's such a sweet, funny, silly, beautiful little girl and I am so blessed to be her mommy! Having a baby changes your life in many ways and we couldn't imagine life without her! We love her so much!

- Alan. I knew I married the best guy possible and I knew he would be a great father without a doubt, and he has really proven this to be true! He is so attentive with Madison! I love watching them play and seeing her laugh at how silly he is! He's very hands on with her, always wanting to hold, feed or rock her. He "takes" over the night shift on the weekend so I can catch up on some sleep. The more I see him with her, the more I love him! He has also allowed me to stay home, which is the best thing ever! I can't thank him enough for allowing me to do this! I love you so much!

- Being married to my very best friend for 5 years! I can't imagine a day without Alan and aren't sure how I went 26 years without him. He's the best husband a girl could want! He's the most kind hearted, generous, loving person I have ever known. I love you babe!

- The ability to be able to stay at home with Madison. I do not take this for granted for a second! I love spending my days with her and being able to see her "firsts" firsthand!

- Wilma. We are so thankful to have Wilma alive, much less walking after her accident back in August. It has been a long 15 weeks but we couldn't have asked for a better outcome! We can't wait to let her swim and take her to the mountains and are upset we can't take her on our Christmas tree trip this year but she isn't healed enough to run around the tree farm, though we know she would love to!

-Friends and family. Madi is so lucky to have people that love her so much. Thanks to all of you that helped us with food after we brought her home(I didn't have to cook for 2 weeks!), babysitting, buying her things, doing things for us, being my therapist/counselor/advice giver(during pregnancy and after she was born) and just being there and loving our little girl! We love y'all so much!

-Micki, Toby, Wilma, Cameron and Sierra(and Dakota too) - Our animals have really taken a hit in the attention department. We love our animals so much and can't wait for Madi to be able to interact with them! She's going to have a good time with all our crazy pets!

-Our health, home, and job. We are so thankful for all three things!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We love you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Madi's first roll over!

We have been really working with Madison to roll over. To say she hates tummy time is an understatement. Yesterday I noticed her head was a lot higher and she didn't seem to hate it as much as normal and she was wiggling a good bit so I pulled out my phone and started recording! I'm glad I did! She has yet to do it again but at least she did it once! Everything new she does makes me cry! Our little girl is growing so fast!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

We are in big trouble!

Madison was in a really good mood this day. She is getting to where she is making more and more facial expressions and different noises. I was playing with her and she kept laughing and smiling so I got my phone out to take some pictures. Next thing I know, she made this face....
This makes me laugh everytime I see it. Madi was having a rough morning this morning, not wanting to sleep and being really fussy and Alan sent this picture about 3 times. Every time I see it, I laugh!

We are in big trouble when she realizes what she will be
able to get away with with that look!

And in about the same second, she made this one...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pictures of Madison

This was November 15 while my mom was babysitting her. So cute :)

Madi's first trip to a restaurant for lunch with her daddy! She did really good!

Happy baby!

This was so cute! You can see the 2 cats snuggled up behind her. Slumber party!

Wilma update!

Wilma had her 14 week checkup yesterday. A follow up from the last appointment where they took x-rays and the doctor wanted the actual doctor that did her surgery to look at it and make a decision. We were very surprised when the doctor said he was going to take off the whole fixture! After talking with the doctor and leaving Wilma since she had to be sedated, Alan and I were able to go on a breakfast date at this yummy local restaurant. We had expected to leave Wilma until 12 or 1(her appointment was at 8) but they called us at 10 and said she was ready. After a short trip to Carter's to find Madison a dress for her Christmas pictures this weekend, we went to pick Wilma up. She was so groggy from the sedation. We brought her home and she's been doing great! The pink bandage in the picture is from the IV. I went to take it off and she wouldn't let me! I guess she's like her daddy.. Get stuck with a needle and wear the bandage till it falls off. We are keeping her crated for at least 3-4 weeks and are increasing her activity very slowly. The doctor said we can start walking her to the mailbox now. We are so thankful she is alive and able to walk. We will never let her roam free again and encourage anyone that lets their dogs roam free, put them on a leash. It takes just a second, even if you think the dog is under voice command, which Wilma is, but she just got in that zone. Thank you for all of your prayers for Wilma and keep them coming! It's going to be a long rehab process for her to be able to play. She still has a slight limp so we are hoping that goes away over the next few weeks.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy 2 months, Madison!

Madison turned 2 months old yesterday! She changes daily! She has gotten a lot more vocal the past 2 weeks.. Crying a lot more when she's sleepy-which some of you have seen first hand! Crying more when she's hungry and God forbid you take the bottle out to wipe her mouth while she's eating.

It's amazing the joy this little girl has brought to mine and Alan's life over the past 2 months. She is gaining her little personality and is smiling and laughing more.

Her milestones this month were:

October 16- first outing other than the doctor. Birthday celebration for her Aunt Rachel at her Nimmie's house. She did great!

October 21- first time being babysat by her Nimmie- Alan's mom, so we could go on a much needed date! That same night, she rolled from her back to side and held it there for a while. After that, if we lay her flat, she would roll on that side to sleep. That's the night the bumper came out of her crib and her leg got stuck twice between the crib railing.. It hasn't happened since.

October 27- first shots were this day. She slept from 10am-7pm, woke up for 20 minutes, ate and fell asleep until 11pm then was up the rest of the night.

October 30- First trip to her Pepaw's house(Alans dad). It was also her first trip to the store. We went to Lowe's, Target and Dick's Sporting Goods. She fell asleep in the car and slept through us shopping in all 3 stores(about 2 hours!) She did okay at her Pepaw's. She had been a bit fussy since her shots and she started getting sleepy after we ate so she was fussy then too.

October 31- First Halloween! She dressed up as a cupcake. Since that was my pregnancy craving, I couldn't pass it up! We surprised her Nimmie by taking her over there.

She is now getting 3 baths per week. She really seems to enjoy bathtime now and has outgrown her newborn sling and now sits in the regular part of her tub.

She is getting really good at holding her head up, even though she's still pretty wobbly, she doesn't hesitate to hold it up and look around.

Her eyesight and focusing are so much better! If she is laying down and hears me or Alan, she will look around to find us.

Her typical routine is:

-Up for the day at 9am

-playtime for hour and half- usually includes story time, music & dancing, play mat and tummy time

-nap at 11am for hour

-playtime including sitting on porch and going on a walk if weather is nice, sitting in her Boppy pillow looking out the window and cuddles from mommy.

-Nap at 4pm for an hour

-daddy time when he gets home

-bath at 6:30 on bath nights

-more daddy time including playing, feeding, cuddling, rocking to sleep.

-bedtime story at 7:00

-bedtime at 7:30

-up at 10pm, 12am and 5am to eat 3-5 oz per feeding.

She is now eating between 3-7 oz per feeding and is wearing 3 months size clothes! Still in size 1 diapers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our little cupcake!

 Since my pregnancy craving was cupcakes, I couldn't pass up this costume when I saw it. 
Isn't she the cutest?

This is the first thing we ever bought for her. It was bought in January. Definitely the cutest in the patch!
Our little family :)
We surprised her Nimmie by bringing her by.