Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve!

Alan said he doesn't have any resolutions....

Here are mine in random order:

-Be a better mom and wife.
-Find a hobby. I'd love to learn to knit.
-Make more friends.
-Take more pictures with my camera
-Organize the pantry
-Start redoing Madison's playroom.
-Wear clothes that are outside my comfort zone.
-Grow my hair out.
-Workout better/longer/more often.
-Get more creative with Madison's activities.

What are your goals? Any plans for the night?

Madison has not been sleeping well the past week or so. She is crying when we lay her down for naps or bedtime, which is very unusual for her. Last night she went to bed at normal time and around 11:30 she woke up crying. I went to check on her and she was sitting up so I picked her up thinking she had had a nightmare. Rock her till she fell asleep, went to put her down and she screamed so I rocked her again. Same thing. So I let her cry. She kept crying her hard cry and not slowing down so we brought her in our bed, where she just wanted to play. Thinking she was hungry(we ate earlier than normal) we gave her some milk but she refused. Around 2:30 I finally took her to rock her so Alan could sleep since he worked today. She fell asleep by 3. I rocked her till she was limp and knocked out and went to put her down and she cried. So we set up fort on the couch. She fell back asleep and I promptly heard Alan snoring like a bear. I couldn't fall asleep and didn't want to wake M by getting up to tell him to roll over. Luckily the heat knocked on and drown him out. It was 4:30 by then. Around 6 Alan was up an we moved to the bed where she slept till 9. All that said, I'm likely going to bed early and he will stay up to watch the bowl game. We have no idea what'd going on with M. I noticed while holding her that she flails a lot . Twice she was sound asleep and would flail her entire body. One time she raised her head up. Maybe she's having nightmares or the teething is bothering her too much.. Maybe it's a growth spurt. Whatever it is, mommy and daddy need their 12-13 hour sleeper back!

Happy New Years Eve and Happy 2013!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taking a ride..

Madison has a love/hate relationship with her new Power Wheel. She wants to ride it but then doesn't want to once she's on it.

Today she actually did good. It was the first day she rode it outside.

She kept pushing it over and over and jerking herself. She wouldn't hold it down to go.

She still had fun.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Instagram Friday

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The resident deer, Junebug. She lives on the next road over from us and is very sweet.

Anything with the word Cupcake or Red Velvet are alright in my book. Though I'm not much of a wine drinker, it's actually not bad.

Our happy girl.

Starbucks and a pedicure. Yes, please.

Santa came!

Micki is super excited about her bone!

All pictures of her on Christmas are blurry. She was running around like crazy!

Why does she look so old here?

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A very Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas! We went to Alan's dad's Saturday afternoon, my mom's Monday lunch and Alan's mom's Tuesday afternoon.

Santa came soon after she went to bed. Someone was a really good girl this year. 

 She loves Grover, the remote car and throwing the magnets out of the holder on the easel and putting them back in. She also likes walking on her foam mats. She does not much care for her power wheel. The one thing we were so excited to get. The main thing I waited in line on Thanksgiving for an hour to get. She actually did ride it today and smiled. Waiting on her to get up from a nap to take it outside and ride. Here's hoping!

And Micki got this 3ft rawhide. Happy girl.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Advent Activities Days 22-25

If you receive email updates, this was sent out earlier. I made the mistake of scheduling it to post and I hadn't had a chance to update it. Day 24 had to be changed.

To view Days 1-5, go here
Days 6-10 here
Days 11-16 here 
Days 17-21 here

Day 22 - Breakfast out with parents
We went to a local French themed restaurant. It's so yummy!

Day 23- Make Gingerbread House

Day 24- Get 1 present early
Our original plan was to visit DSBG to see the lights, but it rained the entire day. Since you get out and walk around, that was impossible.
This is a bath toy that is supposed to be kid friendly. The red ball goes in the water and you push the blue star and water comes out of Elmo's mouth like a shower. Except the blue star is quite hard to push and impossible for Madison to push on her own. Wish I had read the reviews first. She does love that Elmo is in her bathtub though. Fail.

Day 25- Make hot chocolate

We had a good time doing different activities each day with Madison. I think we will continue this tradition.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Advent activities - Days 17-21

To view Days 1-5, go here
Days 6-10 here
Days 11-16 here
Day 17-Donate to needy
We decided to donate toys to local kids at our local Dollar General. They had some great toys on the clearance table for 50% off so we were able to buy more gifts than we'd planned!

Day 18-Make grandparent craft
Since not all of the grandparents have received theirs yet, I will keep what it is a secret :) I will post a picture after everyone has gotten theirs, which will be after Christmas.

Day 19-Finger paint
I made my own paint from water, corn starch and food coloring and we put her in the bathtub to save ourselves a mess.

Day 20-Donate to Salvation Army
I didn't take a picture but the volunteer was so very friendly. She was shaking everyone's hand, even if they weren't donating. 

Day 21-Read Bible story about Jesus' birth

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our latest addiction

 We finally bought a Keurig! We went to get one in 2010 for Christmas but I delayed it and then found out I was pregnant 2 days after Christmas and I knew I would be cutting my caffeine so we put off buying one. We didn't get one last Christmas, probably because we were too exhausted, having a 3 month old and all. I don't even really remember last Christmas.

We got the Elite. The difference between this and the next one up is the other one has another cup size and is programmable. This one doesn't quite fill up a travel mug or big coffee mug. The mug below is actually the bigger size and the smaller size(I used the same k-cup)

Dry milk, sugar and our K-cups. We may get one of those pull out drawer organizers to stack the K-cups since we have a variety of flavors.

I'm loving the Butter Toffee. Yum!

Our mugs on the shelf above. We also bought Cider. It's not 'southern' cider, as in it's missing something.. Some type of spice or something. I added cloves and nutmeg to my mug but it didn't help. I'd probably buy another kind if we buy more.

Do you have a Keurig? If so, what's your favorite K-cup? How do you keep them organized?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

What to do with scrap wrapping paper

I saw this on Rachel Ray this week and thought it was a genius idea! I know I'm not the only one that saves those small, odd-shaped scraps of wrapping paper. I always think "I will be able to use that one something one day" then it eventually gets crumpled up at the bottom of your wrapping paper holder. So take all of your paper and cut it up, tape it together to make a one of a kind wrapping paper! I guess one could question what the point of saving paper is, only to waste a half a roll of tape. Cause it's fun, that's why :)

Take your leftover paper and cut it into shapes. You can do 2 papers or 12, coordinating or not. I did mainly triangles but some rectangles and whatever I decided to cut into. If the strip was pretty long, I cut it in half to be able to handle it better.

Then take your shapes and tape them together on the pattern side. You can try to make a square or rectangle shape for easy wrapping but it's nearly impossible without having to trim. 

I didn't finish making this and actually added some leftover white paper and I didn't have a present to wrap since I had already wrapped all of ours before seeing the show but I do have one more gift to get that very well may end up with this one of a kind paper!(depending on how big what I buy is)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Instagram Friday

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I took a lot of pictures this past week.. Have fun peeking into my week :)

Got up before Madison this morning so I'm taking a chance to eat warm toast, drink hot coffee and find toys for her.

She spotted her book after getting up from her nap and wanted to hold it. I went to take it from her so she could drink her milk. She pitched a huge fit! So she drank her milk one handed. Crazy girl.

We are so 2012, finally.

First pair of Nike!

Wilma don't stand a chance with this little girl. She makes a good step ladder.

A little tree infatuation

Somebody had too much fun with the blackberries!

Rainy day view from the play room.

This is what happens when your daughter refuses the healthy food you fixed and you are out of ideas. PB and J it is. I hesitated with the jelly cause I knew this was going to happen. Fun.

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