Saturday, April 30, 2011


We had a busy day! We met at Alan's mom's for taco soup lunch and dessert with his mom, her husband, Alan's grandma and Alan's youngest brother. We had a good time over there. Alan's mom made Madison her very first Easter basket. We then headed to my mom's house to have supper with her. My oldest sister, her fiancee, her daughter and her boyfriend were there. Mama went and got KFC chicken and sides and we ate outside on the picnic table. We hadn't seen them in a while so it was nice to go!
Here is it all laid out. 3 onesies, a baby lamb, 2 bibs and the pretty dress came from her. The $5 bill came from my stepdad. It's an old bill that she can keep for a really long time.

Closeup of the cute bibs!
The $5 bill..
I think this little girl is rotten already! Thanks Gammie and Downey!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

21 weeks - April 21-28, 2011

Madi is now the size of a banana! Her digestive system is busy producing meconium(a tarry black substance made of amniotic fluid, dead cells, and digestive secretion) which will welcome us in her first diaper change! Her womb now contains her lifetime supply of 6 million eggs but will drop to 1 million by birth. She now weighs 3/4 lb and is about 10 1/2 inches long! Her eyebrows and eyelids are now present.

As you all probably read, we found out on April 22 that our little miracle is a girl! It was such a relief to find out that all of her organs looked great and she got great remarks from the Ultrasound tech! I was so emotional all morning.. the anticipation of finding out if she was healthy and the curiosity of wondering if it was a boy or girl.

Another great milestone this week, Easter actually, was that Alan got to feel her kicking! She is so finicky.. Every time I feel her kick, I will put my hand on my belly and she stops. I've called Alan over 15 times when I feel her kicking so he can feel it but then she stops. She was moving around a lot on Easter and I called him over and he finally felt her move! I'm happy that he got to experience a little of what I feel all day every day.

My weight this week is 113.2 and belly is measuring 33".

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More of Madi's things...

For those of you that don't know yet, our daughter's name will be Madison. We haven't decided on a middle name yet. We will also call her Madi. This little girl already has a half full closet! We haven't even started working on her nursery yet but I figured I'd post about some of the things that are in her room and closet!

My best friend, Amanda, gave me this turtle bank a couple of weeks after I found out I was pregnant. It goes perfectly with her room, since her room is similar to the color of the shell! It's so stinkin' cute! She also gave me the book you see behind the turtle, a blanket, Winnie the Pooh towel and a Lil Peanut onesie. Madison is lucky to have an aunt that cares for her so much!

I found this plaque in Hallmark one day and had to have it! If you don't know already, it took us a year and 7 months to get pregnant which isn't long compared to some people we have met but when you want it as bad as we did, it seemed like a lifetime!
I went on another consignment shop venture today. Not the same store as yesterday. I got just as lucky though! I came across this burping blanket in a bag and noticed the M monogram! Had to have it! It still had tags on it and I got it for $5, which is a steal!

I also got all of this. Those hats are so adorable! I got all 4 hats for .75! The little things above the hats are headbands :) And the blue onesie has pink and purple flowers on it so no one thinks our little girl is a boy!

A closeup of the cutest little Panda socks!

I also got all of this! Alan loves the 2 little dresses!

And of course, he loves this too!

Closeup of purple dress.
Closeup of white dress
I got all of those clothes, hats and blanket today from the consignment shop for $19! Some people don't believe in shopping at consignment shops but I say why not? Babies grow so fast, I can't see spending $10 on one outfit when I can get 5-10 outfits for that much! And many of the things I buy are brand new with tags and if they don't have tags, they look brand new!

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a girl!!

We had our gender and anatomy ultrasound today! The tech looked at the heart chambers, brain, spine, kidneys, bladder, stomach, hands and feet. She said everything looked perfect! She now weighs 13 ounces and she was measuring September 4 for my due date. The 3rd was my original date. It was such a huge relief that our baby girl is so healthy! Thanks for all of your continued prayers! On to some pictures!

Here's our baby girl's first and hopefully only naked picture! For those of you that can't tell what's going on, that is an upward shot of her lady parts. That is her right thigh at the very bottom. The arrow is pointing to the 3 white lines that proves she's a girl! And above that is her left hip.

Here's our beautiful baby girl's profile picture! The little nose.. those lips! Oh help me!
Another profile picture and this time she's waving! You can also see a good shot of her left ear and her right hand is above her head(you can see her fingers)

And if this isn't the cutest thing, I don't know what is! She yawned twice back to back while on camera and luckily the tech was able to catch one of them! I think we woke her up with all that mashing of the ultrasound tool on my belly. The tech kept trying to get her to roll over by pressing my belly up and down quick. She was laying head down with her face toward my back. She eventually rolled over so we could see her pretty face. The ultrasound pic didn't come out great on that one though. It was very shadowy.
And the cutest little right foot ever!And the cutest left foot to match!
She is a very active little girl, like her daddy! She would hardly sit still for pictures! She was constantly moving her hands and leaning her head back! I made a comment to the tech about being worried about the umbilical cord being so close to her head. At that exact moment, she raised both of her hands and pushed it away from her face! At least she listens a little bit :) We are just elated that everything went so well today! We have decided on a first name but not a middle name and Alan wants to keep it between us and the people we've already told. Hopefully we will come up with a full name soon!

And this is what we did when we left the doctor's office! We had to buy some girly clothes! We got the dress and pajamas from Children's Place and the pink onesie from Gymboree. They were both having great sales! Alan fell in love with the dress and had to have it! We got it in a 6-9 months so hopefully she will be able to wear it this time next year! Maybe it will be her Easter dress!
We then went to a local seasonal consignment shop where everything was 50% off! I went a couple of weeks ago and noticed they had some great looking clothes! We got all of this for $25 and 3 of the outfits still have the store tags on them! The little flower on the white card at the bottom is a hair clip! Maybe our daughter will have a tiny strand we can attach it to!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 20! April 14-21, 2011

Halfway to full term! Baby is the size of a cantaloupe this week! He/She is about 10.5 ounces and about 6.5" from head to bottom and about 10" from head to heel. He/She gulps down several ounces of amniotic fluid now for nutrition and to practice swallowing and digesting. And his/her taste buds now work so that means baby will respond better to things that I've eaten while pregnant after he/she is born. So I guess that means he/she won't like mushrooms, seafood of any kind, or green peas. But will love popcorn, Doritos and cupcakes! Baby has also begun his/her sleep patterns and also has a favorite sleeping position! I don't feel our babe moving at all in the middle of the night so maybe that means we have a 12 hour sleeper like me! Yeah right...

I have been doing really well this week. I have been so blessed to have such a great pregnancy so far. I just knew that I'd be the one to stay sick for the entire 9 months or have crazy side effects but it's been perfect, really. Heartburn comes and goes but hasn't gotten annoying just yet. I've only taken TUMS once(last week) which is really good! My pants are getting tighter and tighter and I only have one pair that I can button. I am still looping a hair elastic through the hole right now to keep them together. My weight went down a little to 111.4 and my belly is now 33.5"!

Tomorrow is the big day that we find out what we are having! The nurse said this appointment will be a thorough ultrasound since they look at the heart, brain, and spine to make sure everything looks good. Then they will do the gender test. We meet with the ultrasound tech first and then meet with the doctor 50 minutes later. We have been discussing names this week and can't come to one that we are positive on. We have 2 girl names picked out with 2 middle names and we are floating a couple of boy names with Alan as the middle name. We were hoping to have a name by our appointment so we can start calling him/her by the name but I guess we'll just have to wait. Say a little prayer for us and our little angel that everything is okay and he/she is as healthy as can be!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

19 weeks - April 7-14, 2011

Baby is the size of a mango this week! About 6" and around 8.5 ounces. He/She is now covered in Vernix Caseosa, a greasy white substance that protects his/her skin against the amniotic fluid, so baby doesn't look like a tiny prune in September! Baby has been very active this week. I can feel him/her moving a lot more than this time last week. The most movement is usually between 10-3 during the day and then a little after 9 at night. It is now 11:11pm and I have been feeling it for a while now.

We had our checkup on the 8th and it showed that the baby's heartbeat was in the 150s. The Dr said everything looked great and that we go for our gender test on the 22nd.. That's next Friday people! Oh my! I am so excited and nervous at the same time to find out! Everyone that has shared their opinion on what they think it is, thinks it's a girl other than Alan's brother William, my friend at work and now Alan. Alan was very set on it being a girl up until here recently. I think he only thinks it's a boy now because everybody else thinks it's a girl. Obviously, we don't care one way or the other. We just want a healthy, happy baby overall.

Alan said this week is the biggest difference he's noticed in my belly. The picture above was taken after breakfast and juice and it's normally taken first thing after I wake up but it just didn't work out that way for that week. People are saying they are really noticing here recently that I have a little belly now. And to that, I say little?! :)

This week we also picked out the crib we want for the baby's room. After reading Baby Bargains, we decided to go with Graco Lauren. It had great ratings in the book and safety is obviously the most important. Plus I wanted something will really clean lines and very modern and this is the perfect combination! It does convert to a toddler bed(we will get the side rail to protect the baby from rolling off the bed), daybed and the back piece can be used as a Full headboard later in life. So you are basically getting 4 beds for the price of one! And this is the 3 drawer chest we will get to go with it. After reading that book, we decided not to get a changing table and just get a low chest and put a changing pad on the top. That way when our baby is out of diapers, he/she will still have a nice piece of furniture they can use when they are a big boy or girl! I tell ya, if you or someone you know is pregnant, get them Baby Bargains. It has been a lifesaver for me cause I don't have a clue when it comes to brands or safety or what is a waste of money and what's not. If I hadn't read this book, we would have spent $100 or more on a changing table that we would use for a year or so and then what can you do with it? With the chest, we can keep it for years and years, hopefully.All in all, 19 weeks was another great week. Getting the crib and chest picked out was huge. The glider/ottoman will be next so we can get all the furniture ordered that may take a couple of weeks to ship. Then we will focus on strollers, car seats, diaper bags, etc. My weight this week was 111.8 and my belly measures 33"! Getting closer and closer to my pre-pregnancy weight of 116!

Monday, April 11, 2011

18 weeks! March 31-April 7, 2011

Baby is now the size of a sweet potato! A sweet potato!? I can't believe our baby is growing so fast! He/she has become amazingly mobile passing the hours by hiccuping, yawning, swallowing, twisting, turning, kicking, and sucking.

I had really bad heartburn on the 5th. Took TUMS that night and it helped and I haven't had it since.

On the 6th, I realized those little gurgles in my belly were actually the baby moving and not gas, like I had been thinking. It was exciting to finally realize that that's what it was and I've been feeling it on and off every day since. Sometimes it will be right after I eat and sometimes it will be random with 5 hours in between each movement. You can't feel the movements from the outside yet though but it was sweet that Alan had his hand on my tummy that whole night trying to feel it. Weight this week is 111 and belly measures 32".

On a side note, we had a doctor's appointment this past Friday and everything went really well! We find out the gender on April 22(Good Friday) and we can't wait!

Friday, April 8, 2011

New paint!

So we finally, 3 years after moving in, painted the walls! Well, we hired someone to paint the walls. :) If you've been to our house, you know that every room in the house was builder beige except Alan's office which is a light blue/silvery color. I have all of the color swatches below each picture and the colors are listed in the details.. All colors are Sherwin Williams.

Our living room. Looking for a picture to hang to the left of our tv cabinet. This color is 6163 Grassland.

 The front door/living room. The weird shaped wall to the left and the wall leading up the stairs are a different shade than the rest of the living room. The weird shaped wall connects to the hall, which I wanted a different color. It's 2 shades lighter than the living room, but on the same swatch. It looks like a big difference in this picture but it doesn't really look this different in person. The color is 6169 Sedate Gray.

Laundry room. This is the original color I had picked for the baby's room but after we looked at some crib bedding, we decided to go with the color we finally chose. I liked this color so much, we painted the Laundry room that color! I have since added a vase with flowers and a picture to the shelf and the shoes and balls are now put away.. I hope to get some bins to organize better. I also hung the picture below from this post across from the washer. The color is 6679 Full Moon.

The Dining Room. I think this is my favorite room color in the house. I picked out this color early last year and decided to go with it and I'm glad I did. It makes the dining room so warm! Color is 6128 Blonde(the center swatch)

The Kitchen! After getting our tile backsplash last year, we couldn't decide which color we wanted. We had picked out a sage green before the backsplash and then when we got it, realized there isn't a spot of green in the tile. This color is growing on me and will look a lot better once we get artwork up. I think I will love it then. The color is 6247 Krypton.

 The baby's room! As said before, I had picked Full Moon(yellow) for this room since I was determined to have a hot pink and yellow room for a girl after seeing this room online. I do still love that nursery though! We obviously haven't done one thing in the babe's room since we are waiting to find out what we are having to start buying furniture and everything so it will stay this way for a few more weeks. It is actually closer to the color of the swatch below. The lighting was bad. Color is 6729 Lacewing.
The baby's/guest bathroom. I wanted this to be neutral since our guests' use this bathroom and I'm not huge into theme type bathrooms. Once we find out what we are having, we may lean toward that gender in the color selection but it won't be any themes. I do love this color though. 6086 Sand Dune.

Our bedroom. I am loving this color too. I had originally wanted to do our room a really light concrete gray and the bathroom this color but I'm glad we decided to do it the opposite. We are completely grayed out now! I will be on the look for new bedding and curtains(our current ones are really dark gray) but I still love these for now. I'm glad we decided to paint our tray ceiling too. And I'm trying to decide what artwork to hang over the bed. I'm thinking 3 11x20 frames with black and white pictures in them of us and then when baby gets here, switch them out for pictures of us with the babe. Color is 6276 Mystical Shade.

Our bathroom. For some reason the lighting made it look like we don't have a blind on our window, but there is a Roman Shade there.. not sure why it disappeared. Alan was real skeptical about having gray walls with brown tile but our tile and counters have gray swirls through them and I think it turned out good and will look even better when we get matching curtains and towels. The little room beside our tub is our toilet and it's the color of the bedroom. 6724 Destiny.
On a side note, we went to the doctor today and had a great report! Baby's heartbeat was in the 150's and we will find out April 22 the gender of our baby!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

17 weeks! March 24-31, 2011

Baby is now the size of an onion! Baby's skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it. His/her umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and those little fingers and toes now feature one-of-a-kind prints.

This is the week that some people start feeling their baby kick. I am not aware of feeling baby kick yet since I have no idea what it feels like. Stretching pains were real bad on Monday(28th) but went away by Tuesday morning. They were so bad that I had to call my best friend, Amanda to make sure it wasn't contractions! She is my 'doctor' after hours :) She confirmed that she had the same types of pains, so bad sometimes she could hardly walk. Whew! It's good to have someone that has a young child that I can call on for all my crazy questions! Bedtime is still 10-10:30, though I have been going to bed earlier than that, catching up from our Vermont trip. Belly is still 33" and weight is 110.4. 3 more pounds until I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight!