Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Reading - Well. If you want to call reading 3 chapters in 2 weeks "reading".. Then I'm reading Me Before You. While it is good, I find myself wanting to do other things in my free time like sleep, watch mindless tv, play Sim City, check Facebook, Blogger or whatever. I need to dedicate 30 minutes a day to read...

Watching - On my own and currently on, I watch The Bachelor, New Girl, Shark Tank, The Profit, Pretty Little Liars and Nurse Jackie.. Alan and I just started watching Bloodline and we also are watching Hell's Kitchen and 11.22.63(the JFK flashback series with James Franco).

Eating - chips and salsa. I can not stop eating.

Loving - This weather. It's been 65-70 the past few days and it is SO nice! I have had the windows open, the girls are playing outside and we even had to turn on the a/c last night to cool the house down after having the windows open all day yesterday.

Looking forward to - April. 2 vacations? Yes please. Ready to escape to the mountains for a bit!