Saturday, September 16, 2017

Apple farm fun!

 We took a trip to an Apple Farm in the mountains and then to an apple festival in the same town. It was HOT that day!! The girls had fun!

apple cider slushies

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Madison's 6th Birthday

 Her actual birthday...

Her birthday party

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Menu Sept 7-21

I am trying to do better about not planning for 14 individual meals. We have leftovers most of the time. Sometimes we just want a salad or a bowl of cereal.. I mean, we are 4 days into our new "plan" and I've only made the southwest pasta dish.  We grilled out chicken, pork, burgers and hot dogs the night of Madison's party so that has lasted us a couple of days. With dance and choir 3 days a week, I need to utilize my crock pot 2 or 3 of those days, or we will eat at church on choir night. Trying to get this schedule all figured out ;) 

I did not include the recipe links but a quick Pinterest search will give you many choices!

crock pot recipes;
taco soup
beef stroganoff
crock pot chicken queso
Lazy crock pot lasagna
chicken ranch tacos

non crock pot recipes;
black beans and rice casserole
mexican zucchini and beef
baked burrito casserole
Mexican Dorito casserole
Southwest pasta

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Lots of yard work

We've been super busy lately working in the yard..

For some reason, we thought this little jutted out spot was a good idea 🤷🏻‍♀️ I had a rose planted there, but on a whim, pulled the rose up and straightened the rocks out. Looks so much better and easier to mow the grass, too. 

We never did anything under the deck since that's where the dogs stayed. They liked the cool dirt and shade. 

Weed mat down, mulched and rock border added! 

Also finished up the border at the crawl space door. It had originally just connected to the fence.

Pulled up the dying tomato plants and planted 12 broccoli plants. I'm hoping it isn't too hot.. I've never planted them before.. half of them look really good still and it's been a week. 

We used to have a flower garden at the road here. We never put weed barrier mat down and just never maintained it, so we pulled it up a while back. I hate that cable box so I'd been toying with the idea of replanting stuff to hide it. The garden on the other side is our neighbors. 

A few hours later, weed mat down, some evergreen mini cypress and some ornamental perennial grasses. The cypresses will grow 3x6 or s, so hopefully that box will be hidden. Yes, I meant to plant the lower right one like that. Unfortunately, that cable wires are not 3' underground, but barely skim the surface of the grass 🙄😑

Alan pressure washed the sidewalk and gutters while I worked on the garden above. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Five on Friday -helllloooooooo

It's been a while. I really contemplated quitting blogging. I enjoy blogging and keeping our friends and family updated on our lives and our girls and house stuff and giving menu and blog ideas... but I get in a rut sometimes...nd then I get online this morning to catch up on blogs and just open my publisher to find that quite a few of our blogs have over 400 views!!! Holy moly! Here we go. I love comments and feedback so fire away ;)

(one) Madison started Kindergarten last week. They stagger start here, so she went Thursday and then was off until this past Wednesday. This allows the teacher a small group of kids so they can get to know the kids and get comfortable and it allows the kids to get used to the long day and schedule and to get to know the teacher. Madison did VERY well her first day-a little hesitation-but nothing major. Alan took her on Wednesday with no hesitation and I took her yesterday and today with none. She is exhausted when she gets home but really is enjoying it.

(two) Both girls had their first days of dance this week. Madison is taking Jazz/Poms/Tap and Riley is taking Ballet/Tumble/Tap. On different days of the week. They both had a really good time!

(three) We meet Riley's 3K teachers this morning. She has different teachers than Madison did but all of the teachers are so amazing there! She starts back next week. I'm ready for a new normal routine!

(four) Madison's 6th(!!!) party is in 2 weeks and I think we've gotten it all planned. She wanted the water slide again and that is such an easy and fun thing to do. She wanted Trolls themed so I've been planning snacks and favors around the theme. It's been fun for me :)

(five) We took down our fence after our last outside dog, Toby, passed away a few weeks ago. People ask "don't you want another dog" The answer is a big N-O. We still have our 17 year old indoor cat. Both myself and Alan has had pets as long as we can remember. We just want a break from pets. Cameron(our cat) is super easy, but after he passes on, we will be pet-less.  We like to travel and sometimes stay gone on a Saturday or Sunday all day and don't want to have to worry about someone hleping us take care of them. Plus the hair, litterbox, food, vet bills, claw marks everywhere etc etc etc. Anyway.. Our back yard now looks ginormous with the fence down.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Five on Friday

(one) Took Madison to a tumble class drop in to see how she liked it.. She seemed to really like it, so I signed both her and Riley up for dance starting in August. Madison will take Tap/Jazz/Poms and Riley will do Tap/Ballet/Tumble. 2 different nights a week plus choir in between. Busyness, here we come...

(two) Organized our VERY messy hall closet.

Real life, ya'll..
ahh, much better!

(three) Took the girls downtown to the local coffee shop this week for cupcakes, chocolate milk and coffee, for me..

Afterwards, Madison wanted to walk downtown to see the lightbulbs. Our town has installed a bunch of artsy lightbulbs and the girls love pointing them out when we ride through, but we've never walked around to see them..

While walking, Madison found her very first painted rock! We brought it home and she repainted it and hide it for someone else to find.

(four) Thursday was Free Smoothie Day to celebrate the anniversary of our Smoothie King..
..then to the mall to play for a bit since it's SO hot outside!

(five) Friday morning view- grocery list, updating my new planner and blogging while the girls are in the playroom.