Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy 10 months, Riley! (a day late)

She had her 9 month checkup on October 9th. Her weight is 16 lbs(26%) and her height is 27"(25%)

-waves bye bye when she wants to..
-got her 2 bottom front teeth
-sits up from laying down
-getting better at holding herself standing up at a toy.
-has become a lot more attached to me.

-size 3 diapers and size 4 at night.
-9m and 12m clothes. 12-24m socks. Size 1 shoes(I think. She never wears them)

Her schedule is: wakes up between 7-8am. I usually wake her at 8 during the week but sometimes she stirs before that but I usually let her in lay there until 8 if she's not crying. She nurses when she wakes. She eats a snack(Puffs, fruit, breakfast bar) around 9:30 then naps 1-2 hours. Lunch around 12:30 and then naps 1-2 hours. Snack after nap and lays down around 5pm and naps an hour. Eats supper when she wakes up. Nurses and then bed at 7pm. She has been sleeping through the night since 2 months(with a few hiccups here and there) She has a bath every day or every other day at some point during the day. I have purposely dropped all but 2 nursing sessions to wean her off as much as I can. As with Madison, she will stop nursing at 1 year.

always eating..

full mouth

graham crackers... notice a pattern?

Halloween pumpkin

Pumpkin patch

Got Cameron by the collar...

She is becoming more of a mama's girl this month. She's usually been content with anyone holding her at anytime. Lately, shes been whining if anyone but me holds her and she clings on to me for dear life if someone goes to grab her. She is generally such a happy and content baby. If she's whining, she is tired or hungry(or someone has taken her from me!) She plays great on her own. Put her down with toys and she will crawl around and roll and play and chew on toys. She's a very silly girl who laughs at just about anything. She loves keeping her eyes on Madison. She's a petite little ladybug! We think she will be a short girl like me. She may surprise us though!

Monday, October 27, 2014


Pumpkin Patch

Riley's pumpkin

Madison's pumpkin

Friday, October 24, 2014

Play room sneak peak

Window nook painted and curtains hung

All of the other walls are a different color and we are currently working on the trim and ceiling. I am ready to have this room done!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Play room redo!

We finally bit the bullet and went to Ikea to buy some things for the play room. 
We will start painting this weekend. Here's what we have so far..

These curtains from Walmart..

This rug from Walmart..

We got 12 of these canvas bins from Ikea. We will leave the other 4 open
We got 2 of these from Ikea. We will put them on their sides and use the cubbies above for storage.

We got 4 of these cute chairs from Ikea! go with this table from Ikea
Tonight, we picked out this paint color and got a quart to test it out..

I'm excited to get started and already tired! I have a ton if ideas from Pinterest. I will keep you updated as we move along!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Madison and Riley's new rooms!

We decided to let Madison have the daybed we bought for Riley's room. We originally bought it for me to sleep in while Riley was getting up every few hours. She started sleeping through the night around 2 months and kept going back and forth between waking every few hours and sleeping all night. She's been back sleeping all night for quite some time now so we figured it was a good time to let Madison have it. We knew once I was done with it, we would pass it along to Madison for her first real bed.

Madison didn't do great with nap time that day in the new bed. She cried for a bit and I finally laid with her to go to sleep. She did great that night going to bed and has done great ever since. She's sleeping later in the mornings and napping longer. She's waking up in a better mood and loves laying on her bed when we are in her room. That daybed is so comfortable! I always slept so good in it when I used it.


 What her room looks like now
We took down the tree and spread out the flowers, hearts and birds above the bed.
The white chair is now behind her door where her toy box was.
We kept the comforter from Riley's room since it matched and Madison really likes it.

Riley's room before.

I don't have an after picture. We moved the glider to the corner, the toy box from Madison's room is on the left of the room beside her closet. I put all of her small toys in it. Moved her book shelf to the living room and her books are now in a tote beside her crib. I also put a table toy beside her glider.  Make sense? Ha! 

It opens up both of the girls rooms.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vacation to Edisto, SC

I am way past due on writing this blog... With crazy napping schedules and hectic days, there isn't much computer time lately.

We went to Edisto Island, SC  September 7-14. We left the day after Madison's birthday/party and were there during our 8 year wedding anniversary! Riley also turned 8 months while we were there. It was a good time frame to go.

Madison wasn't crazy about the beach and the sand. She did love the pool though! On the first day she wore a life jacket swim suit and felt very comfortable in it. She would just float around the pool all by herself(with us nearby, of course). So the next day, we just let her use swimmies and a regular swim suit and she did the same thing. She would jump off the side and go underwater. She only got water in her mouth a couple of times. She's a natural swimmer like her Daddy! We had a nice time!

Here are a ton of pics from our trip!

She was so independent! 

 Tram ride to the pool!

 Alan took Madison to the beach alone a few times so I spent some time resting with Riley.

The first day out at the beach in the tent.

On a walk and she had to splash in all the puddles