Saturday, November 14, 2015

Menu/grocery list prep

While chatting with a group of friends last week, a couple of us talked about how we plan a menu and do a weekly or biweekly shopping trip. I thought this would be a good blog to write about to share how I do mine!

First thing I do every 2 weeks is clean out the fridge, freezer and pantry. While cleaning out, keep a tally of leftovers and meat count. I always buy 2 bulk protein products from Costco every two weeks. I rotate between fish, chicken, pork tenderloin and ground hamburger. I also like keeping bacon and kielbasa in the freezer. I bag up any leftovers from the fridge and put them in the freezer. I get a sheet of paper and  write down any leftovers. Any that are large enough for everyone to eat goes on the menu. Any small portions goes under the "lunch" section. You will see this below.. I usually write "freezer" beside it so I know it's a quick meal I don't have to cook.

While you are cleaning out, keep a list of any items that can be used as sides and make a "side" list. Your canned veggies, rice, pasta, etc. That way you aren't using any items that are planned for a meal. I used to be the worst at using my canned beans/corn and then going to make a recipe and my ingredients are gone! Also, write down any ingredients/spices you are low on. This is a good time to check your sugar, rice, and any other staples you like to keep.

Once I've cleaned out everything and wrote down my staples on my grocery list, I start making my menu. I go through my cookbooks and see what recipes I want and start writing them down. I have typed up and printed out recipes and put them in binders (one for regular recipes and one for crock pot) I pull out the recipes as I write them down on my menu. Any ingredients I need go on my grocery list. I only needed about 7 ingredients for these 21 meals. 
After I'm done with my menu and list, I put my menu, along with some pens and my recipes in a drawer in the kitchen. As I make the meal or use a side, I mark it off. As I have leftovers, I add them to the menu as a meal.

All of this took me about an hour without interruptions. Easy to do once you get in the groove!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

In November, I will..

(Madison, our 4 year old, colored that. Isn't it great?!)

.. continue to do 2 bootcamps per week and add in one other cardio day.

.. clean. I've printed a deep cleaning list. I need to cycle through it.

.. enjoy a vacation with Alan and the girls! We are headed to Dollywood! We will also see fireworks, hopefully eat at Paula Deen's new restaurant and enjoy the inside water slides at our hotel!  Our last extended trip was in April. It's been way.too.long!

.. put my phone down more.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

In October, I did.. on time management with the girls. More one on one time with each plus interacting with them more. I always need help with this but I have done better lately. 

..time management for myself! Figuring out a good time to clean, work out and take quiet time. Is it during preschool? Is it at night after the girls are asleep?  Is it in the morning before they get up? Also, my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings are full of Bible Study, meetings and appointments. Every week. I need to find balance and make sure I'm prioritizing what I need to do after those things and know when to skip something if I'm feeling overwhelmed. I have done much better. I have dropped a weekly morning commitment until other things are over with. I couldn't handle 3 days a week of not being able to come home after preschool drop off.  One of those things ends in 2 weeks and I may pick the one I dropped back up. We will see. I feel much less rushed and stressed. I still get up 15-30 minutes before Madison typically gets up. Sometimes I get ready for the day, sometimes I catch up on my phone. Sometimes, if I know Madison is pretty knocked out asleep, I will go make coffee and sit in silence. Riley wakes up later than Madison most days. on the girl's photobooks. I am horrible at working on this. nope.

..continue working out. Doing at least 1 boot camp per week, as schedule allows. I took a week off because my knee was killing me. I am doing two boot camps a week lately. I will add another day of walking or working out when things settle down some.

..continue working on cleaning up Pinterest by printing recipes and actually trying them. I've actually done great with this. I've printed and put them in my recipe binders. I've got some of the new recipes on the menu now. I feel accomplished :) 3 times, not including this one.  DONE

..have coffee with Alan after preschool drop off 2 times.  Well, once. It was before he left for a 3 day trip to New York. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Five on Friday

(one) pumpkins!
Madison's Elsa pumpkin. 

Riley's Minnie pumpkin

(two) Preschool pics!

(three) we helped rebuild a playground last night after a horrible miniature train tragedy happened 4 years ago. It felt really nice to be a part of something so good. Somewhere our girls will play and we can tell them "We helped build this"

(four) I've caught up with The Mindy Project, so now I'm watching week to week. #thestruggleisreal  I've now started Switched at Birth, Scandal and we are watching Longmire together.

A recently widowed sheriff buries his pain behind his dedication to his job and community. 

Families try to cope after learning their two teenage girls were switched at birth.  

 A former media relations consultant to the president opens her own firm. 

(five)  This girl gave me a real scare at her 4 year old well check this week. She got her finger pricked for an iron check and nearly passed out. Same thing after her shots.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pumpkin Farm fun

Madison's preschool class took a trip to the pumpkin patch today. She had a really good time! She even let me take her pictures without fussing!

I am in love with this picture. Those blueberry eyes. Those glasses. Those freckles.

She even fed the cows!

I told her to squat by the pumpkins.... ;)

She loved the pile of tires.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Madison's Apple Farm field trip

This was her very first preschool field trip! My mom and stepdad made the trip to be with her! 

Waiting on the hay ride

The best thing ever! She bounced forever!

 Excited about the 'hay' ride