Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We met Alan in Asheville on Sunday. He camped out at a men's retreat at Montreat that weekend with the last day being Sunday, so it just made sense.  He checked out and headed to Asheville. He found a laundry mat to wash his clothes that he had with him while he waited on us to get there. We met him there and hung out while his clothes finished up. We then left and headed to grab lunch since it was still too early to check in. We had lunch at Papa's and Beer. A very yummy Mexican place.

After lunch, we went to check in the hotel and unpack.  We went to the mall and let the girls play on the playground at the food court for a while. (not the exact layout but similar)

We then left and rode back into Montreat to walk around and let the girls play on the playgrounds.

Monday- We got to Mountain Play Lodge around 10am. It's an amazing indoor playground for toddlers and big kids. The girls played for a couple of hours and we left to eat lunch at Rocky's Chicken Shack which is right down the road. After we ate, we came back and the girls played a couple more hours.

Alan wanted to stop and get ice cream.. and this happened.  This never happens anymore.

We decided to wake them up and get ice cream at Marble Slab. We stopped by fast food and took supper back to the room and ate. After that, we all got in the indoor pool for a bit.

Tuesday- We went to Hands On! Hendersonville. It's a pretty small children's museum. The girls played an hour or so and then we left to eat lunch at Mike's on Main.

After lunch, we walked down to the Mast General Store to let the girls pick out candy.

Then we left and rode into Lake Lure/Chimney Rock. We decided to take a pontoon tour. It was really cold and windy and the girls were a bit squirmy but it was a nice ride overall.

Wednesday- Riley just woke up here but Madison insisted on taking a picture with her. After breakfast, we head home and are home by lunchtime!

Thursday-  A friend invited us to the library for story time and about 6 friends with their kiddos ended up showing up! The kids played and then we checked books out and then went to Costco!

Friday- The other library had a puppet show with craft time afterward so I took them to that.  They were engaged in the puppet show and made monsters and played games afterward.

Saturday- When the 4 year old forgets to close the craft bin before the 2 year old decides to pick it up...

Sunday- Trying a new daily schedule for the girls in preparation for Summer! Part of that schedule is some type of daily craft. Today's craft was a snail!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter 2016

Saturday, we went to the egg hunt at the local State Park

Madison found an egg with a number inside and won that big treat basket

We put food coloring in shaving cream and Riley rolled her eggs around

Madison didn't want to dye her eggs that way, so she just painted hers!

the girls planted jellybeans..

..that grew into suckers overnight

Reading the Easter story

 Sunday, we went to church, which included a butterfly release. A friend let Riley hold her butterfly and her hubby was able to snap this picture.

After church, we had lunch with family. Since it was raining, we had an egg hunt inside.

Easter party at school

Madison's class party was at a friend's house

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Reading - Well. If you want to call reading 3 chapters in 2 weeks "reading".. Then I'm reading Me Before You. While it is good, I find myself wanting to do other things in my free time like sleep, watch mindless tv, play Sim City, check Facebook, Blogger or whatever. I need to dedicate 30 minutes a day to read...

Watching - On my own and currently on, I watch The Bachelor, New Girl, Shark Tank, The Profit, Pretty Little Liars and Nurse Jackie.. Alan and I just started watching Bloodline and we also are watching Hell's Kitchen and 11.22.63(the JFK flashback series with James Franco).

Eating - chips and salsa. I can not stop eating.

Loving - This weather. It's been 65-70 the past few days and it is SO nice! I have had the windows open, the girls are playing outside and we even had to turn on the a/c last night to cool the house down after having the windows open all day yesterday.

Looking forward to - April. 2 vacations? Yes please. Ready to escape to the mountains for a bit!


Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday

I'm linking up for 5 of Friday this week. I haven't linked up in quite some time.. This one is kind of long and I've had parts of it typed up as a draft for a while.
(1) We have planned out our entire year for vacations! Alan is going to a men's retreat in April for a weekend.. We will meet him up there the last day and take part of Spring Break to enjoy Hands On Hendersonville and Mountain Play Lodge(and the mountains for us). Our church has a weekend retreat a week after Spring Break ends that we will go to for the first time. A 4 day trip in June to Pigeon Forge to visit Dollywood and Splash Country. Just me and Alan are taking a 2 night trip to Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC in September to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and then an 8 night trip back to Pigeon Forge in November. We will visit Dollywood that week a couple of times,I'm sure(we have season passes). Pretty excited to have things to look forward to every 2-3 months.

(2) I am getting into Summer mode with the girls. We will be potty training Riley in May/June when school lets out. I am also looking to have a loose day schedule so none of us go insane. I feel like we need designated times for play, learning, cleaning, etc. That one summer, we did the daily ideas like Make It Monday where we made something fun or Thinking Thursday where we went to the library etc. that isn't going to be enough structure with 2 busy kiddos. I'm going to be scouring Pintrest this weekend for ideas. I would love some ideas or blogs or board to follow.

(3) I have a really long to do list that I wrote roughly a week ago and I have only done one thing. It's things like update my pregnancy books(from the girls-NOT pregnant). Madison's baby book is for 5 years and poor Riley's.. I'm not sure I even updated my whole pregnancy. Thank goodness I blogged about it. Also on the list is put pictures in albums, work on their photo books.. Those kind of things. I did get some pictures printed, finally!

(4) The wind here has been crazy the past 3 days! It was 75 degrees 2 days ago then 50 yesterday and today. It's too cold with the wind for me to take the girls out with nothing stopping the wind in our open lot. Thankfully their playgrounds at school are surrounded by bushes and part of the building, so they are able to get energy out there. I'm over the wind....

(5) Posting another Day in the Life next week.. Hope ya'll enjoy reading about my crazy days. ;) Happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Life updates

We were able to go on a date night Saturday for Valentines. We went to The Melting Pot and then went and had coffee afterward. It was a really nice night and much needed! Hoping to go on a date once a month at least, from here on out.

Sunday, we took the girls to get donuts for a Valentine's treat.

Madison is working her name and doing well. She filled out all of her Valentine's cards on her own, other than me telling her what letter came next.

...and then yesterday, she went to the playroom to play for a while and came down with this.. Now to work on the double O and the sizing of her letters. This is great for her. I love that she even drew a line to write it on.

Riley had her checkup at the dentist. It cracks me up that she just lays there and lets them do whatever.

It seems the sibling rivalry has subsided a lot lately. They may be at the age where they want to play and get along versus arguing. Madison has taken an interest in 'reading' Riley stories before nap/bedtime, fixing Riley's toothbrush and just helping in general.

They were playing in Riley's room this day and I was watching them on the monitor. Madison was asking Riley to point things out in the book while Riley sat in the book tote.

Anyone that knows me, knows I just can't sit and read a book. I'm hoping to change that because the idea of reading sounds nice ;) I'm putting it out there to hold myself accountable. I just got this book.