Saturday, December 22, 2012

What to do with scrap wrapping paper

I saw this on Rachel Ray this week and thought it was a genius idea! I know I'm not the only one that saves those small, odd-shaped scraps of wrapping paper. I always think "I will be able to use that one something one day" then it eventually gets crumpled up at the bottom of your wrapping paper holder. So take all of your paper and cut it up, tape it together to make a one of a kind wrapping paper! I guess one could question what the point of saving paper is, only to waste a half a roll of tape. Cause it's fun, that's why :)

Take your leftover paper and cut it into shapes. You can do 2 papers or 12, coordinating or not. I did mainly triangles but some rectangles and whatever I decided to cut into. If the strip was pretty long, I cut it in half to be able to handle it better.

Then take your shapes and tape them together on the pattern side. You can try to make a square or rectangle shape for easy wrapping but it's nearly impossible without having to trim. 

I didn't finish making this and actually added some leftover white paper and I didn't have a present to wrap since I had already wrapped all of ours before seeing the show but I do have one more gift to get that very well may end up with this one of a kind paper!(depending on how big what I buy is)


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