Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

There's a challenge on Instagram and Facebook during November where everyday you say what you are thankful for. I will do 2 weeks at a time so it's no so overwhelming. Here are mine so far in very random order(except the first two)!

Day 1-Madison
 Today and everyday I'm thankful God blessed us with an amazing daughter! After years of trying and questioning why, now I know His timing is perfect. She's healthy, smart, happy, hilarious and beautiful! We are so blessed!

Day 2-Alan
 Thankful for my handsome husband, best friend and perfect father to M. We have the perfect marriage and I don't know how I made it so long without him.

Day 3-Coffee
On a day like this, thankful for coffee

Day 4-Family and friends
 The people we lean on and trust, outside of each other.

Day 5-
 Thankful my daughter LOVES to read! Ever since she was born, we read a book at every nap and bedtime. Now she loves flipping through books and talking.
"If you want your child to be intelligent, read them fairy tales" ~ Einstein 

Day 6-
Thankful for the freedom to vote, these tiny stickers that shows I voted and the lady that gave M one :)

Day 7-Blessed to be a stay at home mom
 It does get very repetitive and I get stir crazy about every other day but I wouldn't want to have it any other way! I love spending my day with this girl and our crazy animals!

Day 8-Sunglasses
After making an out of town trip this cloudless day and leaving my sunglasses at home, I appreciate them a lot more now!

Day 9 - DVR
If not for this great invention, I'd never catch any good tv and Madison would never watch Play with me Sesame since it comes on at times she's either asleep or not eating.(she only watches tv when she's eating)

Day 10-massages
I've been getting massages at least once a month for the past 13 years! I can't imagine not getting them on a normal basis.

Day 11-Veterans
 thankful for all the veterans and their families who fought and are currently fighting for our freedom. They sacrifice so much! 

 Day 12-Pinterest
 As weird as it may be to be thankful, I've gotten lots of recipes, fitness tips, decorating tips and I planned Madison's first birthday entirely from it. I also have a lot of ideas just waiting to be done too.

Day 13-A daughter that plays well on her own.

Day 14-My car
Even with the rattles, dings and scratches, she's very loyal and gets me where I need to go and I feel very safe in it.

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