Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy 25 months, Madison

Sorry I'm a day late! 

-weighs 28.7 lbs and is almost 35" tall. Size 5 diaper. Size 5 shoes. 3T tops and 2T pants. Bedtime is by 8pm and I usually have to wake her at 8am for school. The weekends she gets up earlier, around 7 or 7:30-go figure. She naps for 2 hours around 1 or 2pm.

-loves school, food packs, yogurt raisins, frozen Gogurts, books, stickers, her new magna-doodle(below), Tec the tractor, Barney, playing outside, "Daddy's song"(Mio Mao cartoon)

-dislikes anything except food packs, Gogurts and yogurt raisins, sitting on the potty, getting her teeth brushed

-She counts from 1-10! I can't seem to catch this one on video though.

-She can say the alphabet from A-Z!

-Moved to toddler bed

Taking Barney on a ride

At E's birthday party

At M's birthday party

No fear, this girl...

Fall picture day at school

E's birthday party.

Happy girl

Sick girl

 "One more time, Daddy"

This has been a crazy learning month. Between counting and learning the alphabet, she comes home from school singing songs and talking about things that they've done at school. She's such a sponge and everyone that knows her says that. She's so funny, too! If something she does makes you laugh, she will keep doing it over and over! Sometimes I'm able to walk up on her at school without her seeing me and she's almost always the center of attention! Always in the middle of everyone showing them something or talking about something. She doesn't meet a stranger! She is becoming more and more of a Daddy's girl(if that's possible!) She wakes up and the first thing she normally says is "Daddy coming?" or if it's the weekend, she runs into the living room or bedroom if I get her up and she only wants him to hold her and it's all about him. It's so sweet but he can't get anything done! :)

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