Saturday, October 12, 2013

27 week pregnancy comparison

27 weeks with Madison
119 lbs and 35" belly

27 weeks with Riley
121.8 lbs and 35" belly

I look so much rounder, even though my belly measures the same with Riley as it did with Madison. I was 117 pre pregnancy with Madison and lost down to 110. With Riley, I was 113 pre pregnancy and lost down to 108 with Riley. I have no idea why I weigh more this time when I weighed less pre pregnancy. Oh well! At 27 weeks with Madison, we were looking for a dresser/changing table and a glider. We still need a dresser, mattress and trundle bed for Riley. I will plan on sleeping in her room until she sleeps through the night so she won't wake Madison when she's waking up every 3 hours to eat. Plus we also need some room for guests in case someone wants to stay over.

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