Thursday, October 24, 2013

A peek into Riley's room

This is not the finished product, but a sneak peek into what we've been doing. Thankfully we finally found a trundle bed last weekend! They are really hard to find. We didn't buy the trundle but will at some point for extra sleeping room. The mattress is very comfortable! My plan is to sleep in this bed until Riley sleeps through the night. Since I'm breastfeeding her, it will make things much easier and I don't want her waking Madison up and Alan will be able to get more sleep. All of this will come in more helpful when Riley gets here. I will be sleeping when she sleeps and Alan will be on his own with Madison a good bit after he gets home from work. Everybody needs their rest! I found the comforter at a consignment sale for $3.50!! I got the bed skirt and sheets from Target. The glider was moved from Madison's room. Pink curtains came from Walmart. The "Live Love Laugh picture" the "R" and owl picture came from Hobby Lobby. We are on the lookout for a small table to fit between the glider and bed to hold any supplies I need while nursing and also a table to go between the right side of bed and the crib to hold glasses, a clock, sound machine, etc.

A closeup. Not sure where this will go. Likely above the right side of the daybed.

Things waiting to be hung. The bird cage came from Hobby Lobby, 3 white shelves and blackout liners for the curtains came from Target and the 4 birds came from Babies R Us and they will go on the shelves. The shelves will go in the space to the left of the closet(see pic below)

 Madison passed down her crib, Boppy and breathable bumper(in the crib) to Riley. I got the crib skirt at a consignment sale(it is Pottery Barn and still had the tags on it!) The 'sweet dreams' came from Hobby Lobby and is a decal that is taped up. The white will be gone once we stick it to the wall. I just hung it up to see what it looked like. Crib still waiting on a mattress.
Her closet is a mess! I need a dresser to organize stuff but basically all of her pjs and pants for the first year, along with sheets, blankets, nursing covers and Boppy covers are seperated in the cubbies. The cubby is from Target but I bought it from a girl online and saved a ton. Alan painted it and it looks brand new. The pink cubbies are from Target as well. The shoe organizer came from Walmart and holds her shoes, socks, hairbows and hats.

I will post an up to date picture once we get a dresser and get everything hung up!


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