Friday, October 4, 2013

October Mom challenge a day

I saw this on iMOM and thought it'd be something great to try :) This site has great printables and challenges that I will be using and printing and possibly blogging about! It's a tad hard to see so I've typed the daily challenges out below. I know it's only a 30 day challenge and October has 31 days so I added the last one. Who needs a daily reminder to do stuff for/with your child? A 6 month pregnant mom of a 2 year old that likes testing me, that's who :) Some of these are for older kids but we will improvise with something else. I will try to update on how it went in November. I know I'm posting this 4 days late, so if you want to join in, start on Day 4.

Day 1- Ask "What is one thing we can do together this month?"
Day 2- Go the whole day without yelling
Day 3- Hug your child three times today
Day 4-Kiss your children while they are asleep
Day 5- Say to yourself  "He's only ___ years old. He's still a child." Then treat him that way.
Day 6- Bake, make or buy them their favorite food.
Day 7- Leave a sweet note for them
Day 8- Calculate how many weekends are left until your child graduates from high school.
Day 9- Picture yourself at your child's age. Remember how you felt.
Day 10- Today's mom focus: Joy
Day 11- Tell your child "I'm so glad you are my son/daughter"
Day 12- Pray for wisdom
Day 13- Do not criticize your child today.
Day 14- Remember; being a mother is a gift
Day 15- Be firm when needed, but not harsh.
Day 16- Picture your child at age 25. Mother with that in mind today
Day 17- Laugh with your child today
Day 18- Who is a mom you admire? What quality of hers can you live out today?
Day 19- Teach your child one thing he can do on his own.
Day 20- Today's focus: Patience
Day 21- Forgive yourself when you mess up
Day 22- How do you want your child to remember you? Be that mom today.
Day 23- Replace sarcasm with kindness
Day 24- Do not interrupt your child when he/she is talking
Day 25- Ask for your child's opinoins
Day 26- Encourage your child today
Day 27- Do one thing that is good for your health. 
Day 28- Teach your child a new word
Day 29- Turn off your phone, computer or TV when your child is with you
Day 30- Today's focus: Love
Day 31- Go to lunch or some type of fun outing, just you two.


  1. This is neat!
    We should all learn from this.

    1. I'm glad I came up on it but to be honest, I thought people would think its silly..


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