Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday, May I?

Monday May I...

First, last weeks goals...

-Manage my time better. With Madison, while she's at school, etc.
I feel like I got a lot accomplished this past week with a lot of things.

-Print some recipes from Pinterest and organize mine and Madison's recipe folder.
I got some printed, put in her recipe binder and pinned some more!

Fail. My back has really been hurting.

Now for this week's goals!
-Plant the flowers I bought 3 days ago.

-Work on cleaning Riley's closet out. It's quite a mess!

-Do a craft with Madison and play outside more.


  1. I realllyyyy need a recipe binder! I may add that for my list next week.


    1. It makes things so much easier! I have one for us, one for my daughter and a DIY one for copycat recipes, spices(taco,fajita) and things like that :) thanks for stopping by!


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