Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coffee station

If you don't have a Keurig or some form of a single cup brewer, go get one! We got ours almost a year ago and it has paid for itself! We have the Keurig Elite and are very happy with it. 

Alan no longer stops every morning at the gas station for a coffee and I no longer have to make a half a pot for just me and then toss the rest of what I don't drink. 

Here is our setup:
Our maker, k-cup tower, creamer, sugar container, coffee mug and rag for messy spoons. We love the Aladdin brand travel mugs because they are about the only brand we've found in stores to be dishwasher safe. I have gotten a cup at Walmart and Target(Walmart's is $4 cheaper btw!)  The k-cup tower has made it easy to see what types of coffee we have. Since I drink mostly decaf, I have one whole side for just decaf. I buy what's on sale at the time so we have a vast assortment of brands :)

BzzAgent sent me this pretty awesome Bzzkit last week. It came with 12 K-cups and 20 50% off coupons for a Keurig. After posting on Instagram, a friend bought one and then posted on Facebook that she had gotten the code from me and I was able to give away every single coupon code! People were getting Keurig's for $63 shipped!! That's a great deal! Green Mountain Coffee is a Fair Trade brand which allows farmers to get a fair price for their beans, which leads to community development projects like new schools, improved roads, and safer drinking water. Plus the coffee tastes really good too!

If you want to get great free samples and coupons, email me by clicking the envelope on the right and I will send you a link!

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