Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wish list

-a computer. My computer is so.old. It's bogged down with photos and now has a virus. It takes me for.eve.r to do anything on it so when I do boot up, I'm on it for like 3 or 4 hours trying to get something done. This will be at the top of the next thing to buy for me. It's so annoying! Any recommendations on a brand? It's a Gateway laptop and I've been happy with it.  I have never used a Mac so I'm not into getting one of those and an Ipad won't work for the things I do on my computer. 

-a hair dryer. Madison no longer likes her hair being towel dried so we've been using my hair dryer. We decided she needs her own. I've been wanting a new, updated one for a while so I figured I'd by myself one and pass down mine to her. I'm going to make an Ulta and Sally trip this week to look at them. I need some recommendations for a dryer that helps frizzy, thick hair dry really fast! I actually bought the BaByliss Ceramic dryer last Wednesday from. It had great reviews online and with my Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, I was able to save $12 on it. The cashier mentioned she had the same dryer and loved it(and her hair was gorgeous!) I have since used it for almost a week and I really like it! It has cut my drying time in half!

-Kitchenaid mixer. I hardly bake but I've always wanted one. I know I can use it for mixing other items as well. While I am in love with the hot pink one, it doesn't match our kitchen.. I will settle for this gorgeous blue one though.

-Fiesta dinnerware. I would love to mix and match all of the bold, bright colors that they have but I have always eyed this Peacock color.. I love it!

-an organized pantry! From all the clear containers for dry ingredients, to racks for my spices and canned good and hooks to hang aprons and all of that. This picture makes me swoon! I only wish our pantry was that big.

-Ninja blender. Most mornings, Madison eats a smoothie. I have started freezing different varieties of fruit combinations and kale cubes to throw in the blender with milk so it's good to go. She's not typically a morning person and doesn't like eating right away but she will drink a smoothie, usually.

-a big crock pot! I use ours about once a week and it now has a crack in it. It's still usable but I do need a new one, bad. I need a bigger one and wouldn't mind having this one!

-A new purse. Not necessarily this one, though I'd gladly take it! I've been a faithful Nine West carrier for quite some time and I keep rotating between 3 bags. It's time for an update. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm frugal. If I'm going to spend a couple hundred dollars on something, it won't be a purse. I'd rather do something for the kids or house or if I do spend it on me, I'd rather get a mani/pedi and massage.
 I could go on and on and on! What's on your wish list?


  1. I love it all! I love my kitchen aid mixer even though I don't use it as much as I used to. It's still pretty to look at LOL. We have a Vitamix blender. It was a HUGE splurge for us but Andrew would go through blenders like crazy with the amount of shakes he makes. We have had it maybe 4-5 years now and it still blends just as good as when we bought it. I also wish my pantry was like that one! I have an iMac and I prob don't know how to use it to its full potential LOL. I'm with you on purses. My sister has all the expensive ones and I have a couple that were gifts but if I had a choice of $300 on a purse or something for the house or trip I would choose the latter LOL. I love the dinnerware and crockpot too. That's a pretty blue!

    1. I would take a Vitamix blender! I ust don't know anything about a good blender. I use ours about everyday and it's a cheap one. Takes forever. I'm hoping to win Pioneer Woman's giveaway today. It's a blue mixer with painted flowers on it!


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