Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toddler bed transition

A couple weeks ago, M woke up crying-from a nightmare I suppose. Alan went in to get her and she had her leg thrown over the side of the crib, trying to climb out.  She had already been sleeping in our bed for about a month anyway since she would wake up crying around midnight every night.  We went to IKEA a few weeks ago, before the climbing incident, while on our anniversary getaway and spend probably an hour around the toddler bed area. We were thinking "Either buy Madison a toddler bed and pass her crib to Riley, or buy Riley a crib and then end up buying a toddler bed in a month or so." We didn't love any of the IKEA ones(we needed dark wood) but Madison had a ball climbing and going "night night" on them. We walked away empty handed. While Madison's crib does convert to a daybed for toddlers, we didn't like the look of those white toddler safety rails. When she tried climbing out, we kept looking around but had no luck finding the color we needed. We didn't want those plastic character beds and all of the wood  ones were white or light wood. I got online and found it! It was just what we were looking for! Ordered and it was here 2 days later! I got her rug and bedding set from Target.

The first night, she slept from 8pm-11pm and woke up crying and ended up in our bed. The second night, I attempted to put her down for a nap in it with no luck. She screamed for a minute and then stopped and I heard her in there reading and playing. When I went in there, everything from her bed was on her toy box and everything on her table was in the floor. We decided we needed a video monitor! On the hunt we go. The first one we get is The First Years. The monitor was tiny and VERY grainy. We could barely see her! We took it back and got a Summer and it was just as bad. The view range wasn't very good. We didn't want to hang it on the wall and all we could see from that camera was her bed. We need to see most of her room! Back that one went! I had gotten an email from Toys R Us Sunday about the monitor below. You get a $60 gift card with the purchase. It was more than we wanted to spend but it pans left to right and up and down. The parent panel is 3.5" and it has 2 cameras! We will be able to put the 2nd camera in Riley's room! So far we are really liking it! If it only had a voice activated system instead of hearing white noise constantly and if the camera came on with movement instead I'd be 100% happy. I haven't played with it much so it might have that but I haven't found it.

Motorola MBP43-2

 The second night she slept from 9pm-5am. The third day she napped 2 hours and slept from 8:30pm -5am and the fourth day she napped 2 hours and slept from 9pm-7:30 after reading in her bed for an hour! She did wake up when I went in to turn off her "aquarium" so I sat with her a few minutes and then walked out. We let her cry and she cried for 15 minutes and went back to sleep. Tuesday she had to be woke up at 8:10am without waking up in the middle of the night! It's amazing that she is having zero problem laying in her new bed! We are so impressed with how she's handled the transition! Also, watching her on the monitor is so funny.. She just sits on her bed and reads or she will grab her Mickey, Minnie or Bunny and just hug and talk to them. It's so cute!

This night she woke up and moved her head to the bottom of the bed.

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