Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Potty training Madison - Days 1-7

Here's the basic breakdown of how it went. 

Day 1- she had 8-10 accidents. Finished in the potty 3 times and started and finished in the potty once. Was dry from 8pm-1am(last time I checked her)

Day 2- She woke around 7:30am and had wet the bed. Thank goodness for bed potty pads! 5 accidents and finished in the potty 3 times. Bed at 8pm and around 1am, she had wet the bed.

Day 3- She woke around 8am and was dry(after 7 hours)!!! Started and finished in the potty twice! No accidents this day!She only peed twice this day but it shows she is gaining control of her bladder. At 10pm, she had wet the bed. I knew this would happen after only peeing twice this day. She seems to have very good control over her bladder at this point.

Day 4- She woke up dry at 7:45am (9 hours dry!) and in a very good mood! She hates sitting on the potty and will cry if she knows you are taking her in there. She screams on the potty but when she pees, she immediately smiles and says "yay, good job!" Or "insert someone/pets name) proud of you" She started and finished in the potty 5 times. She's only pooped twice- both on Friday and in her undies and I know she needs to go. She woke up from her nap DRY!  I caught her pushing around 6pm and she said " go poop!" so we ran to the bathroom. She had dirtied her undies but there was a bit in the potty when she stood up. She peed again around 7:30pm. When I checked on her around 11:30pm, she was wet. 9 hours dry and 5 times in the potty with only 1 poop accident is progress to me! 

Day 5- she woke up around 4am talking and I decided to see if she was dry. She was so I took her to sit on the potty. She sat there 10-15 minutes with no luck so I put her back to bed. She cried and laid back down after a few minutes. While whining she said "change pants, pants wet" so I checked on her and sure enough.. We cleaned her and her bed up and sat her back on the potty for a few minutes. Put her back to bed where she whined a bit. She was then up at 6am. I brought her in our bed(potty pad down!) she slept until 9am. I decided I would change my strategy a bit and instead of running her like crazy, let her try to tell me she needed to go. She had a few accidents today and lots of regression but she ended up going in the potty about 5 times. We even ventured out to the grocery store for a quick trip. She was dry until I last checked on her around 11pm.

Day 6 - She woke up wet around 7am. Alan swore he heard her get up around 4am but I didn't hear anything. She started and finished in the potty 4 times and had a poop accident.

Day 7- I kept dreaming about her going to the potty. I even patted Alan on the arm and said "good job" last night and woke him up. Around 2am I woke up and decided to check on her. She was dry and woke up when I was covering her back up. I took her in there and after a few minutes of having to wake up and asking where Daddy was, she peed! She went back to bed without a problem! She woke up around 7:30am DRY! I told her the night before that if she woke up dry, we would go to Target to get a slushie and popcorn, but she would have to pee before we left. After a couple of trips to the potty and a poop accident, she finally peed around 11:30am! We ran by the Fall Bazaar at our church, got a couple of goodies and then ran to Target. I told her she needed to potty before getting her slushie so we went to the restroom and she actually peed! This is huge! She did say "go potty" about 10 times after she actually went and I ran her back twice with no luck. That's the hard part. When she says she has to go, do you take her or chance an accident and not take her?   She pees before her nap but does wake up from her nap wet but I blame that blue slushie below :) she wakes up at 10pm crying and sits up. I take her potty and she pees and has lots of gas so we try to convince her to push with no hope. Hopefully soon!


If you are going diaper free, have roughly 20 pair of undies handy.

Have lots of juice and high fiber snacks/foods available at all times. We don't give her a lot of drinks other than water and milk but she drinks juice more, which means she needed to potty more. 

Have help available. Your spouse, significant other, in laws, a best friend.. Someone to help you. You will need it! They need to be there to help from the time the child gets up until they go to bed. At least to help you so you can leave the house or go potty or make a phone call.

Have lots of candy/treats ready. We would give her 1 skittle or m&am for staying dry every 30 minutes or so. 

Lots of praise, encouragement and don't get frustrated.

 The Dollar Tree and toy bins at Walmart or Target have great toys for prizes for going in the potty or waking up dry. 

We gave her a piece of candy or a few marshmallows and some kind of toy for going in the potty and for waking up dry after long periods of time. For waking up dry at naps, she got lots of praise. 

We learned around Day 3 that she wasn't emptying her whole bladder because when she started peeing, we would start praising her right away. Now, if I know she's trying to pee, I look away and wait until she's done until we start praising and she pees longer. I think the excitement made her stop.

Any questions you have about our experience?


  1. Oh my goodness, what a process! It sounds like it's getting better slowly but surely, though? Luckily I think I have a couple years still until I get to this phase with mine. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. It is such a process! She's getting better. We are on roughly Day 12 or so and she hasn't had a pee accident during the day since Day 2. She caught on quick with the peeing part. She still has accidents at night if I don't get her up in the middle of the night but I usually do so she wakes up dry. The pooping is the fun part. She is not having pooping in the potty.. Sigh


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