Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Madison had a huge day! Her school has a big carnival and her class got to watch the older kids walk in a costume parade and then they had a party at 11:30 with cupcakes, gold fish and fruit. I helped with the party and Alan came in. She was so happy to have us there! She ate her fruit and cupcake and then wanted to play in her class. I didn't dress her up for fear that she'd be uncomfortable and/or mess up her costume before being able to trick or treat. 

After school, I brought her home(Alan went back to work) and she was ready for bed! I usually keep her up a while and had planned on doing this on halloween because I knew she was going to be up past her bedtime but within 20 minutes of getting home, she crawled in her bed and said "night night!" So I put her down and she slept 2 hours. She got up, ate some snacks and wanted to rest on the couch and "watch tv" for a bit. That's always her sign that she's not ready to really get up and play. So we laid on the couch with the mess of the house surrounding us. I'm trying to treasure these Mommy and Madison moments before Riley gets here. 

Alan got home by 5 and we decided to take her to Chic-Fil-A for supper before trick or treating. They were giving free kids meals and she loves 'chick chick' from there so I knew she would eat it. We then stopped by Publix because they were having games and giving candy. We walked around the store and let her play. She had a lot of fun! Then we stopped by a family friends house to visit and then headed to Alan's moms neighborhood. We walked her to about 7 houses and her bucket was almost full! She hit a wall after about an hour but kept saying "One more".. She had a blast ringing the doorbell and saying thank you when they gave her candy. On the way home, the firefighters were out in front of the firehouse waving a candy bucket so we stopped. They filled her bucket up with suckers! She had a ball and was wiped out!

Cutest Minnie Mouse, ever!

Madison's Mickey pumpkin, her tiny pumpkin she just had to have and Riley's middle pumpkin. I had every intention of carving an "R" in Riley's pumpkin but I just never got around to it. At least she had a pumpkin though, right?

3 Halloweens. What a difference!
1.5 months, 13.5 months and 25.5 months.

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