Friday, November 8, 2013

Busy November!

After our crazy October, I'm so relieved that our November includes a mini vacation! Our November calendar doesn't look much different than our October one. Here's what we have going on this month!

-buy Riley's dresser and clean out her closet
-birthday party
-Alan and his dad are going to an NFL game
-music classes and suppers at church
-31 week Dr appointment
-an entire weekend dedicated to potty training Madison(and lots of praying)
-2 church volunteer events
-Our dog, Micki's 10th birthday
-maternity pictures
-our Christmas tree trip
-Baby shower!

Add in a couple of birthdays, church, haircuts(including Madison!) and likely a mani/pedi for this mama(and maybe Daddy too!) before our trip and it's another crazy month.

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