Saturday, November 9, 2013

In October, I did...

Happy November! Here's my October goal update! How did yours go?

-do a fall craft with Madison
I'm a horrible mom. The latter part of October wasn't so good in the pregnancy front. She did do a lot of Halloween crafting at school and we did pick up leaves and acorns. that counts, right?

-bake something with her that she will actually eat.
Done. Read about it here.

-decorate for Fall
I changed my mind about this one. I just ain't up to it! :)

-figure out Riley's middle name. We have agreed to one but in favoring another that Alan's not on board with.
Fail! We did talk about it but didn't agree to anything.

-get Riley a mattress and crib sheet and try to get her room figured out!
Done! I bought her some white sheets(and realized I already had 2 white sheets for her), got her mattress ordered and her room layout done!

haven't had time and when I have, I don't have the energy.

-Do some form of activity with our church. 
Well we did sign up to volunteer but the dates were told wrong(not the church's fault!). Long story. We have signed up to volunteer for the same event for November and Alan is volunteering for an event soon. We also tried out a Sunday School class, joined the church and had Madison baptized.

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