Monday, November 18, 2013

Potty Training tips

We bought a weekend training book. It did not work for us, however, so I will not promote it here. They claim to have a help desk, yet they wouldn't reply to our questions for 2 days and when they did reply, it was stuff we were already doing or a very 'canned' response. That makes potty training in a weekend a tad bit harder, dontchathink? Here's a breakdown of the basics. I will post a breakdown of day by day and more tips in a couple of days. This post will be all over the place and cover random things :) Sorry in advance!

We kept her out of school on Friday so we could start the training that morning. We made her throw away all of her diapers and her changing pad and made a big deal about it. We moved her wipes to the bathroom and made her changing table into a dresser. I put stuff on top of it that had nothing to do with changing her diapers. I made her a potty chart on foam board with 4 categories - Peed, pooped, told parents, stayed dry while asleep. She's had her potty in the bathroom for months so she was familiar with that but we talked to her about being a big girl and keeping her panties clean and dry and telling us when she needed to go. We showed her the chart and told her she would get to put a sticker on the board every time she did something on it.

We had bought her a bunch of toys from the Dollar Store along with some high fiber snacks(triscuits, prunes, berries, cereal) and lots of juices. She doesn't normally drink juice a lot but will drink the whole cup in one sitting if you give her some. She already had a ton of candy from Halloween and we would give her a skittle or M & M or another small item every 30-45 minutes for staying dry. We also decided to give her a toy the first couple of days for every time she went in the potty. After a couple of days, we switched from toys to candy. We are currently on Day 10 and she still gets a piece of candy each time she goes in the potty but not for staying dry. We will slow this down once she really gets it. 

Another great item to get is the Good Nights potty pads, found over by the pull ups or night time diapers. They have adhesive on one side and stick right on the sheet. This prevents her fitted sheet from getting wet, which is one less sheet you will be changing in the morning or middle of the night. She was hesitant to lay on it at first but I told her it was a 'new white sheet' and was for big girls.  You will also need roughly 15-20 pair of undies, extra sheets, blankets, pillowcases, extra clean pajamas and easily pulled down pants like pajama pants, leggings or elastic waisted pants.

We only put her in a shirt and panties for the first few days. We stayed at home, inside. You will want a wide open space with lots of toys and no carpet. We watched her signs like a hawk and kept reminding her to tell us if she needed to potty and kept making her check her panties to see if they were dry. If they were, she got a treat. The first couple of days, we ran her to the potty every time she showed a sign of having to go(crossing her legs, squirming, holding herself). Each day that passed, we would go longer and farther between and by the 9th day, we barely asked her at all and let her tell us she needed to potty. Before we leave to go anywhere or when we get home, we take her to potty. We didn't leave the house until Day 5 and then it was a quick 45 minute trip to the grocery store. The 10th training day was Sunday and we put her in nursery during church. She peed right before we left and I took her when we got there but she wouldn't even sit on it. After church, they said she had no accidents and wouldn't go potty but Alan took her and she peed. She does not having pooping in the potty down yet but she is holding it longer. She isn't just letting it go when she needs to go. Hopefully that's progress! It's tough knowing she has to go and won't. We are also waking her up 1-2 hours after she falls asleep at night and also in the middle of the night if we hear her moving around or if I happen to wake up myself. On the 9th night, we woke her up and took her around 10pm and she peed and we didn't get her up in the middle of the night and she was dry when she woke up at 8am. She also said "go potty" as soon as we walked in her room and she peed. This was huge for her. 10 hours dry and telling us she had to go and actually going.

I know this is all over the place and doesn't give specific directions but every child is different and every parent wants to do it their way. There is no one set way to train and I would find it very difficult to train in a weekend, but like I said, it depends on the child. If you have specific questions, let me know and I will try my best to answer!



  1. Thanks for the post. Reading the experiences of other parents as they go through potty training with their child is very beneficial.

    Lori Goodman

    1. Do not use any of my information for your site. Thanks for stopping by!


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