Thursday, November 21, 2013

This or That? - Fears

This or That Link Up

Heights or Deep Water? Probably deep water.. I've been in a plane and not afraid to look out the window. Sharks and critters are in deep water.. Yuck!

Snakes or Spiders? Snakes I guess.Though I don't love either one, I'd rather see a spider than a snake!

Losing All Your Teeth, Loosing All Your Hair? Teeth! I can easily get a wig or let my hair grow back out. After wearing a partial for 9 months, I'm ready to get rid of it!

No Voice, No Hearing? Hearing. I would be able to learn sign language but there's nothing like hearing things like your daughter say something silly or her tell you she loves you.

Eating a bug, eating intestines? a bug! Gross!

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